When the moment for breakthrough arrives,
step into the power of that moment and follow the energy.
Trust that you will be guided, and you will.
You may not know what the next step will be until the instant that you take it,
yet in that moment, you will know.
Listen to your soul, and respond.

The moment for breakthrough comes when you realize that in order to go forward, you have to face a fear, work through a resistance, or change a habit, pattern, or practice, once and for all. Sometimes those breakthroughs come at a time when you can pause, breathe into where you are and the step you are about to take, and then, with full awareness, step across into the new. However, in these rapidly changing times, the moments of breakthrough can also come unexpectedly. In that moment, all you have is your intuition and whatever knowledge you might have of the situation or circumstance. You have to “think on your feet” – to make a decision to step into the breakthrough and keep moving, or turn around and go back. And most of the time, if you are true to yourself, turning back is not an option.

“Thinking on your feet” is mostly intuitive. Certainly intuition is influenced by whatever you may know already, yet intuition usually reveals something more or puts the pieces together in ways you had never imagined before. You get the insight you need for the moment, and instantly move into action. There isn’t time to process and analyze. You just have to trust that you will be guided, that signs will appear along the way, and that somehow you will know what to do next after you’ve taken the breakthrough step.

One breakthrough followed by another and another leads to transformation. Who we are, how we show up, how we engage in a practice, is transformed. We discover new ways to live and work, new ways to be in relationship. We evolve. We keep realigning our lives with who we feel called to be and what we feel called to do. All of that is possible because we said “yes” to the breakthrough moments.

People often ask me how I made the transition from being a singer and voice teacher of opera and Broadway singers in New York to being a coach. They ask how I built the Center for Transformational Presence, how I ended up speaking and teaching throughout North America and Europe, and soon South America.  Sometimes it feels like they’re looking for the “secret” that they haven’t found yet.

The secret is this – stay true to yourself and who you are called to be. Do what you do the best you possibly can. Say “yes” to the ever-evolving potential within you. Say “yes” to where your gifts overlap with what the world needs. And say “yes” to each breakthrough opportunity as it comes.

Throughout my life, there have been many breakthrough moments. In the early years, I didn’t always recognize them. Looking back, I wonder what might have been different had I said “yes” way back then. No regrets – just curiosity. Yet starting in my early thirties, each time a breakthrough moment appeared, I recognized that I had a choice. Either I could step into the power of that moment and follow the potential, or I could turn around and go back to something familiar and predictable.

Until a few years ago, I had the luxury of sitting with choices and decisions for days or weeks and waiting until what felt like the right moment to act. However, more recently, as everything in my life and work seems to be happening faster, there has been less and less time to ponder. Having less time has brought the realization that, more often than not, I can actually sense what wants to happen or the step I need to take right away. I’ve learned to trust insight and intuition and keep moving forward, even when I have no idea what the next step after that will be. This trust makes saying “yes” to the breakthrough moments easier.

Becoming comfortable with not knowing, and trusting that the next sign will appear just when it is needed, takes practice. However, the more you practice, the more you are able to just go for it and see where it takes you. In my experience, most of the time it leads to something more wonderful than I could have imagined. And occasionally, I also acknowledge, some not-always-comfortable learning along the way!

The moment for breakthrough is powerful. For just a brief time, a portal opens through which you can step into a new level of being and doing. You may have to learn how to sense the guidance, but it will be there. And if no guidance seems to be present, then there is probably something else to discover or work out before you can move on. When you have done your work, the next step will become clear.


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