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Alan touching heartThank you for visiting the Media Center.  Here you will find short videos as well as more extended audio interviews, all related to various aspects of Transformational Presence. Take your time here and enjoy these programs.


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Coming Up in 2018

See the Calendar page for the full schedule of events.

Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training (TPLC) in the Netherlands (September), England (November), and Belgium (December)

Transformational Presence Leadership in Action 3-day workshop (TPLA) in Poland (September), and Connecticut, USA (November).

Transformational Presence Quotes

Your soul is the life-giving force within you, the part of you that is one with the greater Consciousness, the source of your wisdom, creativity, intuition, and innovation. Your soul is a huge and expansive energy that wants to experience its greatness all the time. It will not invest in anything less. It thrives on learning, growth, and transformation.

— Alan Seale (The Manifestation Wheel)

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