MP3 Download Workshop: 12 Keys to Creating Transformational Workshops


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 MP3 Audio Download Workshop: 12 Keys to Creating Transformational Workshops
MP3 Download version of the 2 CD Audio Training Program

What makes a workshop powerful, transformational, and life-changing?  The secret lies in having masterful material that people need, dynamic presentation, and in creating space for participants to have an incredible experience.  How do you do that?

Join master facilitator Alan Seale for an in-depth look at his 12 keys to creating and leading transformational workshops.  The keys are organized into four principal areas:  intention and preparation, the workshop itself, marketing and writing brochure copy, and follow-up.

Intention and Preparation

  • Be clear about your intention
  • Create an experience!!!
  • Have a well-designed script

The Workshop Itself

  • Incorporate dynamic introductions and opening exercises
  • Be authentic and transparent as the facilitator
  • Engage the participants
  • Ride the energy of the group
  • Share the learning, not the story
  • Lock in the learning

Marketing and Brochures

  • Honor truth in marketing
  • Create dynamic marketing materials


  • Have an efficient registration and follow-up process

Through this audio training program, you learn to develop your personal method for transformational workshop creation, development, and delivery.  Alan helps you clarify what you want to accomplish in your workshop, what kinds of experiences you want to create space for, and then shows you how to design the workshop to allow that to happen.

Alan has long been recognized an extraordinary workshop facilitator.  In this MP3 Download version of the 2-CD set, he expands greatly on the 12 keys, sharing his secrets and experience after 20 years of teaching.  This is an invaluable tool for anyone who is just beginning to teach workshops as well as the seasoned presenter who is looking for a new perspective.

MP3 Download version of the 2 CD set

What people have said about this workshop:

Excellent, excellent.  A “MUST HAVE” program for those that are starting out with workshops, and a great tool to improve and review the way you work for those that are more seasoned.  Thorough and professional, organized and encouraging.
—Runa Bouius, consultant and trainer

The structure you gave us to work from and the insights on working with individuals from a transformational perspective were very helpful.  The content and context together were dynamite.
—Annette Anderson, coach

An amazing amount of really helpful information in just a few hours.  It’s like condensed soup—really powerful and tightly packed—double the nutrition in half the space!
—Beverly Johnston, owner, holistic learning center