Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering


Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

The 2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering was an extraordinary four days together in June. Forty participants came from 6 countries to be a part of the experience. You can read more in the toggle boxes below.

We have set the intention for the next Global Gathering to be held in Costa Rica in January 2019! More details below!

(Pre-requisite: participation in the Transformational Presence: Leadership and Coach Training Foundation Course or the Transformational Presence Leadership in Action program)

About the Global Leadership Gathering
The 2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

The 2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

In 2013, Alan created the first Transformational Presence Global Summit, a four-day event where graduates of the TPLC and TPLA programs from around the world could come together, continue to learn from him and from each other, and continue evolving Transformational Presence work in the world.

For 2017, the name of the event was changed from “Global Summit” to the Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering. The Gathering is led by Alan and members of the Transformational Presence Community. It’s a time and place to:

  • reconnect to the energy of Transformational Presence
  • deepen your own personal presence
  • rejuvenate your spirit
  • learn new tools and approaches
  • deepen your leadership and coaching awareness and skills
  • clarify your next steps as a Transformational Presence leader and coach
  • connect to and co-create for collaborative projects with Transformational Presence colleagues from around the world

*This event is open to graduates of the Transformational Presence: Leadership and Coach Training Program and graduates of the Transformational Presence: Leadership in Action program.

Reflections on the 2017 Global Gathering

Transformational Presence: Shift Happens
Reflections on the 2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering
by Alan Seale

Forty Transformational Presence graduates from six countries in the Americas and Europe came together June 21 – 24 in Chester, Connecticut, USA for our 2017 Global Leadership Gathering. Some came out of curiosity – they had heard about this event from their colleagues and wanted to experience it themselves. Others came longing for a sense of community and connection as they navigate this uncertain world. Still others came because they had attended this event in previous years and couldn’t wait to be in the physical presence of this community again.

On the first day, one participant said to me, “I can’t not be here.” Another said, “Not coming was not an option.” And another commented, “I’ve been waiting for this day ever since we left here last year.” Previously called the Transformational Presence Global Summit, this was the fifth year for this event – three years in the Netherlands and the last two years in the U.S.

Many were curious about our theme: Leading From Fierce Gentleness and Ferocious Love. We talked a lot about the Great Breaking Open and the new skills and capacities that are essential for effective leadership in today’s rapidly changing world.

The 2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

The 2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

Through experiential exercises, we explored the meaning of “fierce gentleness” and “ferocious love” within the context of today’s challenges and opportunities. We practiced embodying Transformational Presence in action as it related to our own projects and visions. We looked at the different “edges” we are facing, both individually and collectively, as we live into who we are called to be and what we are called to do. We took steps forward in crossing those edges. And we grew in our understanding that crossing edges is a process, not necessarily a one-time thing.

We faced fears, challenged assumptions, embraced uncertainty, stepped into potential, and took steps forward. By the end of our three and a half days together, we had all expanded our collaboration networks. Everyone had begun significant conversations and established potent heart and soul connections with colleagues that will continue in the months ahead. And on the last day, everyone asked at least three of their colleagues to support them in specific ways between now and our next Global Gathering.

I am always impressed by the presence and dynamic engagement within this community. Yet this time, the engagement seemed even deeper. Many people commented on the generosity of spirit, the profound presence of many of the participants, the openness we experienced with one another, the relaxed atmosphere, and the tangible support available to all. It was a space where everyone felt safe to learn and grow. There was a focus on the care of the whole group, while at the same time, caring for the whole of the individuals. Just being there and fully participating was already transformative.

Early morning labyrinth walk - a gently powerful way to start the day

Early morning labyrinth walk – a gently powerful way to start the day

Through our Global Summits and now the Global Gathering, both the Transformational Presence community and the event itself continues to evolve in such an organic way. My original intention for these gatherings was to create a time and place for Transformational Presence graduates to learn from one another, to grow together, to deepen friendships and connections, to inspire and ignite collaborative projects across country borders, and to evolve the work of Transformational Presence in the world. This is what is happening. It is humbling and incredibly gratifying to witness. I am blessed; we are blessed.

Through the 2017 Global Gathering, it became even clearer to me that, at the most fundamental level, our work in Transformational Presence is about lifting up of the human spirit. The ongoing Great Breaking Open all over the world at every level of society is fueled by the breaking open of the human spirit. As the human spirit breaks open, we witness the full range of human emotion – from rage, anger, fear, and despair, to profound hope, courage, compassion, and love. We witness acts of violence and terror as well as acts of service and heroism. It’s a very messy time, yet the human spirit is breaking out of its shell. And it needs every one of us to nurture it, care for it, support it, and lift it up to the light.

There were many, many joyful moments that brought a big smile to my face and occasionally tears to my eyes. However, on the last morning during a discussion about the essential elements of Transformational Presence work, graduate Tom Ellis summed up the power of this approach: Shift happens. That gave us all a great laugh! And yet there it is. That’s what this work is all about. And so, our new slogan:

Transformational Presence: Shift Happens

Thank you to all who were with us for the 2017 Global Gathering as well as to all who are an active part of this community. Together, we are helping to create a world that works. 

Committees for the Global Gathering

Three primary groups of graduates form the planning and logistics team for the Global Gatherings: the Core Program Committee, the Summit Stewards, and the Logistics Committee. If you wish to serve in one of these groups for the next Global Gathering, please email Kim.

The Core Program Committee: This group of 6 people, along with Alan and Kim, co-create and plan the programming aspects of the Gathering. Of the three groups, this group requires the largest commitment of time and energy. They meet via conference call every 2 – 3 weeks as well as in smaller planning groups in between calls. The request to them is that they commit to being fully engaged in the planning process and to attend the Gathering.

The Gathering planning is done very much through a Potential-Based process and uses many tools and concepts of Transformational Presence. Serving on this committee has proven to be a rich and rewarding experience with great learning and growth for all committee members. Each year  if there are more than 6 volunteers, then selection preference is given to those who have attended at least one previous Gathering or Summit and/or those who have been actively engaged in the Transformational Presence community.

Stewards for the Gathering: This group of 5-10 people plays a vital role in supporting the work of the Core Program Committee through the planning process as well as holding space and energy at the Gathering. They meet via conference call 3 – 4 times during the 6 – 8 months leading up to the Gathering. While we certainly hope that all of the Stewards will attend the Gathering, attendance is not required. Being a Steward for the Gathering is a great opportunity to provide feedforward on the program as it develops and to play a key role in keeping a pulse on the energy during the Gathering itself.

Logistics Committee: This group of 2-3 people assists Kim with logistical tasks during the Gathering. These tasks include helping with the check-in process and seeing that everyone has a name tag, distributing programs, setting up the coffee break snacks, assisting the Discovery Session presenters with set up and handout distribution, assisting with room set up between events when necessary, and generally being available to help out as needed.



Registration for the January 2019 Global Leadership Gathering will be open as soon as logistical details are finalized. Dates will be announced soon.

The 2019 Global Leadership Gathering registration fee will include:

  • Registration and full participation in the 3-day Leadership Gathering
  • 3 mid-day buffets and 3 light evening suppers
  • morning and afternoon coffee breaks

We are currently negotiating a hotel package. Participants will be responsible for their own hotel reservations and payments.

Registration fees are set based on anticipated costs at Kantara and administration. We design the budget to cover all costs and have enough left over to cover the necessary deposits for the following year’s Global Gathering. This allows us to keep the registration fee as low as possible in hopes that all who wish to join us are able to do so.

Check back soon for all details.




As soon as details are in place, we will provide travel information for Kantara. For your advance planning, the closest and largest airport is the San José International Airport. From there, the taxi ride to Kantara and nearby hotels is approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic.




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Coming Up in 2017

See the Calendar page for the full schedule of events.

Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training (TPLC) in The Netherlands (September) and Poland (November)

Soul Mission * Life Vision 4-day workshop in The Netherlands (October)

Transformational Presence Leadership in Action 3-day workshop (TPLA) in Connecticut, USA (November)

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We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.

— The Buddha

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