Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering


2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering
“Leading With Fierce Gentleness and Ferocious Love”

June 21 – 24, 2017
The Guest House Retreat and Conference Center
Chester, Connecticut, USA

(Pre-requisite: participation in the Transformational Presence: Leadership and Coach Training Foundation Course or the Transformational Presence: Leadership in Action program)

About the Global Leadership Gathering
2016 Transformational Presence Global Summit Participants

2016 Transformational Presence Global Summit Participants

In 2013, Alan created the first Transformational Presence Global Summit, a four-day event for graduates of the TPLC program from around the world to come together, continue to learn from Alan and from each other, and to continue evolving Transformational Presence work in the world.

There was also some discussion at the end of the 2016 Summit about whether or not the term “Summit” was still the best name for this event. In the first meeting of the 2017 Core Program Committee, they began by listening and sensing the energy of the 2017 event, asking what it wanted to be called. The message was very clear! The event wanted to be called the Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering. And what has been the Summit from 2013 – 2016 now has a new name!

The 2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering will be held June 21 – 24 at The Guest House Retreat and Conference Center in Chester, Connecticut (USA). The theme of the 2017 Gathering is “Fierce Gentleness and Ferocious Love” and activities during our 3.5 day program will reflect this theme. The Gathering will be led by Alan and members of the Transformational Presence Community. The Gathering is a time and place to:

  • reconnect to the energy of Transformational Presence
  • deepen the vertical alignment within yourself
  • rejuvenate your spirit
  • learn new tools and approaches
  • deepen your leadership and coaching awareness and skills
  • clarify your next steps as a Transformational Presence leader and coach
  • connect to and co-create for collaborative projects with Transformational Presence colleagues from around the world.

*This event is open to graduates of the Transformational Presence: Leadership and Coach Training Program and graduates of the Transformational Presence: Leadership in Action program.

2017 Gathering Program and Daily Schedule

The 2017 Global Gathering theme, Leading With Fierce Gentleness and Ferocious Love, seems to become more relevant with each passing week. Rapid change and uncertainty continue on many levels of society. In our Core Planning sessions, our most recent focus has been on finding a structure that creates grounding for our time together, while at the same time, is flexible enough to respond to what is happening in the world at that time. Our intention is to provide a Gathering structure that will allow us to flow with the moment as we continue to learn together how we can best support those we serve through Transformational Presence.

In that spirit, we share with you an overview of our 3 ½ days together in June. While there will no doubt be a few further refinements, this overview will give you a sense of what you might expect as a participant in the Global Leadership Gathering.

Day 1 – Wednesday Afternoon

The Gathering officially begins with check-in between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm on Wednesday afternoon, June 21st. Dinner will be served at 6:00 pm and the opening ceremony begins at 7:00 pm. In our first evening, we will explore the topic, “What are fierce gentleness and ferocious love?” as we dive into our Gathering theme. Jo Boniszewski (Netherlands) and Alan (USA), co-chairs of the Core Planning Committee, will lead the opening session.

Day 2 Thursday

The morning of our first full day together is devoted to a Masterclass with Alan: Leading From the Edge. For this session, Alan is defining “edge” as a jumping-off place. Alan will introduce leadership and coaching frameworks through which we can explore:

  • What is your current edge in leadership, coaching, or living into your calling?
  • What is the current edge for the people you serve?
  • What do you need to be able and willing to go to these edges, to stay with them, to walk along them, and ultimately cross over?

Starting Thursday afternoon, the sessions will be facilitated by members of our community. One aspect of the emerging conscious leadership paradigm is having great capacity for shifting between various roles within a project or organization. In our Gathering, that means many of us will be shifting between roles of participant to facilitator to supporter to observer to space holder, just to name a few.

The Thursday afternoon sessions will focus on the themes of Fierce Listening – learning to listen beyond your context and understanding – and Holding Space for Others During Uncertain and Complex Times. What does it mean to hold space and what does it require from us? Session facilitators this afternoon include Kim Adams (USA), Raquel Ark (Germany/USA), Carrie Doubts (USA), Gabriella van Rooij (Netherlands), and Joanna Zawada-Kubik (Poland),

In the evening there will be an optional special event.

Day 3 – Friday

The opening session of Day 3 focuses on The Great Breaking Open as a Manifestation of Ferocious Love facilitated by Rebecca Johns (USA) and Alan. The Great Breaking Open is revealing the full spectrum of human experience, from the most challenging to the most inspiring. The question of the morning is: Who are we, and what is our action when we approach the Great Breaking Open from fierce gentleness and ferocious love?

Later in the morning, we explore Staying in the Hard Place Because, Somewhere Inside, You Know That There is Something Important to Find. This session will be facilitated by Jonathan Anderson (USA), Sue Hiser (USA), and Trace Hobson (Canada).

After lunch, we dive into the topic of Fierce Healing – an exploration of coming into wholeness through the lens of masculine and feminine energies, how they are playing out in the world today, and what the most dynamic partnership could look like. Jo Boniszewski and Sander van Eekelen (Netherlands) will facilitate this session.

The day ends with a session on The Powerful Heart as the Center of Your Being facilitated by Sherrill Curtis (USA), Stephanie Marisca (USA), and Charlotte Rekko (Netherlands). An optional evening event and celebration time together will draw our day to a close.

Day 4 – Saturday

We begin our last day exploring The Spiritual Warrior as a Model for Fierce Gentleness and Ferocious Love. The question: What can this Spiritual Warrior energy teach us about taking the restraints off of fierce gentleness and ferocious love to allow their greatest potency, and then harnessing that unrestrained energy to achieve the greatest transformative impact? Denise Dryden (USA) and Bevin Niemann (USA) will facilitate this session.

After lunch, we will be with Fierce Listening again to reflect on our days together and the insights, shifts, and learning that have emerged. Participants will clarify their own next steps for the coming months and establish support connections within the community as they move out into action in the world. The Closing Ceremony will conclude by 4:00 pm.

We are incredibly excited about what is unfolding within our community. If the Gathering is calling out to you, we hope you will join us!


Committees for the Global Gathering

Planning and support for the 2017 Global Gathering is underway. There are three primary groups for planning and support: the Core Program Committee, the Summit Stewards, and the Logistics Committee.

The Core Program Committee: This group of 8 are co-creating and planning the programming aspects of the Gathering. Of the three groups, this group requires the largest commitment of time and energy. They meet via conference call every 2 – 3 weeks as well as in smaller group planning work in between calls. The request to them is that they commit to being fully engaged in the planning process and to attend the Gathering.

The Gathering planning is done very much through a Potential-Based process and uses many tools and concepts of Transformational Presence. Serving on this committee has proven to be a rich and rewarding experience with great learning and growth for all committee members. Each year  if there are more than 7 volunteers, then selection preference is given in to those who have attended at least one previous Gathering or Summit and/or those who have been actively engaged in the Transformational Presence community.

The 2017 Core Program Committee is being co-led by Alan Seale (USA) and Jo Boniszewski (Netherlands). The committee members are: Jonathan Anderson (USA), Trace Hobson, (Canada), Rebecca Johns (USA), Peggy MacArthur (USA), and Joanna Zawada-Kubik (Poland). Kim Adams (USA) provides administrative support.

Stewards for the Gathering: This group of 5-10 people plays a vital role in supporting the work of the Core Program Committee through the planning process as well as holding space and energy at the Gathering. They meet via conference call 3 – 4 times through the autumn and spring. While we certainly hope that the Stewards will all attend the Gathering, attendance is not required. Being a Steward for the Gathering is a great opportunity to provide feedforward on the program as it develops and to play a key role in keeping a pulse on the energy during the Gathering itself.

The Stewards for the 2017 Global Gathering are: Sander van Eekelen (Netherlands), Tom Ellis (USA), Jayne Garrett (USA), Charlotte Rekko (Netherlands), Gabriella van Rooij (Netherlands), and Judy Schnitger (Netherlands).

Logistics Committee: This group of 2-3 people assists Kim with logistical tasks during the Gathering. These tasks include helping with the check-in process and seeing that everyone has a name tag, distributing programs, setting up the coffee break snacks, assisting the Discovery Session presenters with set up and handout distribution, assisting with room set up between events when necessary, and generally being available to help out as needed.

The 2017 Logistics Committee will be formed in the spring before the Gathering.


Registration for the 2017 Global Leadership Gathering is open! The program begins with dinner on Wednesday, June 21st followed by the opening ceremony. This allows us to have the full days of Thursday and Friday as well as part of Saturday for programming. The Gathering will end by mid-afternoon on Saturday the 24th. We hope you will join us!

The 2017 Global Leadership Gathering registration fee is all-inclusive:

  • Registration and full participation in the 3 1/2-day Leadership Gathering
  • sleeping room with private bath for 3 nights—single and shared rooms available
  • 9 meals – 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners
  • morning and afternoon coffee breaks

Registration fees are set based on anticipated costs at the Guest House, meals and coffee breaks, supplies, and basic administration. We design the budget to cover all costs and have enough left over to cover the necessary deposits for the following year’s Global Gathering. This allows us to keep the all-inclusive registration fee as low as possible in hopes that all who wish to join us are able to do so.

Click here for the Registration Form

Early-bird Pricing Until January 31, 2017:

  • $799 US all-inclusive for private room
  • $660 US all-inclusive for shared room with one other person

February 1, 2017 – March 1, 2017:

  • $899 US all-inclusive for private room
  • $760 US all-inclusive for shared room with one other person

After March 1, 2017:

  • $999 US all-inclusive for private room
  • $860 US all-inclusive for shared room with one other person

Cancellation Fee:
Cancellation before January 15, 2017 – full refund less 10%
Cancellation before March 1, 2017 – full refund less 40%
Cancellation after March 1, 2017 – no refund

We look forward to seeing you there!

Travel to the Guest House

The Guest House

The Guest House is in a rural setting surrounded by woods and a nearby lake. There are walking paths in the woods and longer walking trails in a state park just ½ mile down the road. The Guest House feels cozy and warm. It is simple yet welcoming. And Marianne, our hostess at The Guest House is very excited about our visit there. The lodging costs at The Guest House are also quite reasonable – important to us as we are aiming to make the Summit as affordable to everyone as possible.

Chester, Connecticut is a charming little New England village filled with small shops and restaurants. It is located about three hours northeast of New York City and just over two hours southwest of Boston.

For those flying from within North America, the closest major airport is Hartford, Connecticut, an hour north of Chester. Car services and taxis are available to Guest House from there.

For those flying from outside of North America, you can fly into New York (JFK) or Boston and then take the Amtrak train to the Old Saybrook station in Connecticut. From there it is just a short taxi ride to the Guest House. We might suggest flying to the US a few days early and spending some time in New York or Boston or some other place you’ve been eager to visit. From there, it will be easy to take the train or drive to Chester for the Gathering.

For those who will come by car, Chester is easy to access from Interstates 84, 91, and 95.



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Coming Up in 2017

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Soul Mission * Life Vision 4-day workshop in The Netherlands (October)

Transformational Presence Leadership in Action 3-day workshop (TPLA) in Connecticut, USA (November)

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