In a recent morning meditation, I was shown the following vision. Although the man in the vision was me, it feels like this vision could be message for us all. So I share it with you.

I saw a man walking down the center of a road. Although I was watching from behind him, it was clear that this man was me. It wasn’t a particularly big road or a small one; it wasn’t remarkable in any way; yet there was a sense of significance about the person and the road. He walked with confidence and purpose, looking straight ahead. He was relaxed yet fully engaged and aware of all of his surroundings. As he walked, from the side of the road life handed him things—books, ideas, pieces of clothing, roles, responsibilities, relationships—sometimes in quick succession, and other times in a more relaxed way. He would carry these things or engage with them for a time, and then when their time was past, he would set them down. Some things he carried with him for a long time; others he set down almost as soon as they were handed to him. He never changed his pace, even when reaching out to receive something or to set something down. His attire changed frequently as he added a hat; or took off a coat; or put on a suit; or changed into jeans, sweater, and leather jacket. Opportunities came and went—he accepted some of them and let others go. Challenges appeared, and he engaged with them long enough to find their gifts and then let them go. Sometimes he was surrounded by many people, while at other times he was completely alone. When there were people, sometimes he was following them, yet more often they were following him. Sometimes he was aware that they were following and that he was leading; at other times, he had no idea that anyone was following. However, his demeanor and presence didn’t change much either way. He was just walking his path, doing what he was called to do, and being who he knew he had to be. And through the entire vision, regardless of how much was happening, he never stopped walking forward.  He never lost his sense of center within; he never had any hesitation about who he was or the road that was his to walk. He just kept on moving forward and allowing life to come and go. He kept moving on no matter what.

This perpetual vision offers no sense of location in time or space. Instead, it feels like an invitation to a way of being in the world now. It’s an invitation to remember that I am very clear about who I am, and that if I remain centered in who I know myself to be, the rest will take care of itself. Opportunities, responsibilities, roles, friends, will come and go. My job is to stay in the center of the road and keep walking forward. My job is to be who I am called to be and do what I am called to do to the best of my abilities, and invite life to meet me there.

What if the person in the vision was you?

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