The Transformational Presence Business Mentoring Program

The Transformational Presence
Company Development Program

with Trace Hobson


Program Description

Hello, I’m Trace Hobson. As a member of the Transformational Presence community, you no doubt feel a strong commitment to helping create a world that works. Part of my mission here at the Center is to help you—our members—create thriving companies that serve that greater good.

Many coaches, workshop leaders, executive directors, and thought leaders struggle with how to carry out their mission in the world through a sustainable company model. They are challenged with finding the right language and structure to translate transformational work into corporate language. And many of them feel alone. They feel like they have no one to walk beside them and support them.

In addition, many people who are drawn to this work are creative and caring. The in-the-moment work with their clients or those they serve is where they are at their best. Things like marketing, operations, administration, and systems may not come easily. However, since their companies are not yet well established, they can’t afford to hire someone else to take care of those things for them.

If any of this resonates with your own experience, you are not alone. When we talk with people in our community about what they need and how we can support them, these are the challenges and frustrations that we hear the most. And we’d like to help.

We know that there are lots of options out there on the marketplace to “help” you build your business. And we know that most of them are very expensive. They also tend to be formula-based, which just doesn’t fit with the Transformational Presence approach to coaching, leadership, and service. Furthermore, it’s difficult to know up front whether or not those programs will actually help you. When Alan and I talked about the need for a support system to address these needs, both within the general coaching community as well as within our own Transformational Presence community, one thing was very certain: the last thing that either of us wanted to create was one more program that was big on promise and small on results.

We also noticed that most programs are focused on building a “business.” As we listened to the potential of this program and let it show us how it wanted to unfold, we realized that this program is about “company” building, not “business” building. The word “business” is rooted in the word “busy,” which, in the old English language, also had associations with the word “anxiety.” This is not the energy we want to support! The last thing we want is for your busyness and anxiety to increase.

The word “company” comes from the old French compagnie, which means society, friendship, intimacy. The Late Latin companio means companion. This program is about building, developing, and growing companies. We ask: Who do you want to “keep company” with? What company of people do you want to serve? What will it mean for you to build a company that walks along beside people and organizations as their co-creative partner, supporting them to make the particular difference in the world that they feel called to make?

Our intention is to support you—to walk beside you in Transformational Presence—through a coaching and mentoring program focused on energy awareness and real-world results. While there is a loose structure to the program, every step will be customized for you and your needs for building and sustaining a thriving coaching, leadership,  and/or service company.


Program Format

The Transformational Presence Company Development Program is structured in five stages. It includes 24 – 26 weekly or bi-weekly one-to-one personal coaching sessions with me, Trace Hobson, as well as monthly group coaching sessions. I will also lead the monthly group coaching calls and Alan will join us on these monthly calls when he is not traveling.

Our work in each stage will include exercises, practical tools and frameworks, as well as access to mp3, video, and pdf content as is needed. At the end of each session, you will have a homework assignment to be completed before our next session. Our work during each session will tell us what those assignments will be.

Stage 1—Foundation building and exploring the core. This stage includes “inside out” self-development and leadership work, leading to the development of your own company and personal practice. We will explore your “why” and why anyone should listen.

Stage 2—Continue building your foundation and moving into the “How”

Stage 3—Continue building your foundation as we move into the “What”

Stage 4—Convergence. In this fourth stage we pull the pieces and the energy together.

Stage 5—Translating Transformational Presence concepts and principles for organizations and for your particular audience, and launching your company. Stage 5 includes mentoring, coaching, reinventing, learning as we go, and continually creating what wants to unfold as we listen to and follow the guidance of your mission and your company. I will walk beside you each step of the way.

Because the program is tailored specifically for each participant so that we can create the space for whatever is needed, the exact duration of our work together is somewhat flexible. Perhaps our work will be completed in 15 sessions; maybe it will take 24 or 26 sessions; or maybe you will need a little longer. It’s all OK. I’ll be here to see you through.


Program Cost

The cost for this program for TPLC graduates only is $1550 USD if paid in full at the beginning. For those who prefer a payment plan option, we offer the alternative of seven monthly payments of $250 each, for a total of $1750 USD. Payment in full may be made through credit card, bank wire transfer, or personal check on a US bank account. For the payment plan option, payment is by credit card only.

The program cost includes:

  • 24 – 26 personalized, custom tailored Transformational Presence Company Development sessions with me via Skype or telephone
  • Mentoring and coaching that creates clarity, congruence, challenge, and camaraderie while you create, launch, manage, and grow your business
  • Mentoring and coaching in the functional areas of business from a transformational perspective, including operations, company development, sales, strategy, online/offline company building, mission building and launching, and working with Boards of Directors. All in all, this program offers a completely practical, “get-it-done” approach that is rooted in the Transformational Presence philosophy and approach.
  • 6 monthly group community coaching calls with me. Alan will join the calls when he is not traveling.
  • Specifically tailored strategic planning for program and service development in the sectors and/or industries that you feel called to serve
  • Strategic planning for your company—starting with concept and following through to implementing your launch sequence and beyond
  • Industry-specific training and templates for company development with scripting and support that we create together: you watch me; you do it with me; I watch you; and finally, you do it on your own.
  • Access to a private online membership area that has all of the content and support material that we worked with during our coaching and mentoring so that you can revisit it whenever you need it


Limited Number of Participants

Acceptance in this program is by application. Because of the highly customized nature of this development program and the personal attention given to each participant, the program is limited to 20 participants at this time and at this price.


When can I start?

The program will launch in late global-summit-globe-on-table-400x400October 2016. To secure your place in this program, fill out the online application form. Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive a link to a secure payment form where you may choose your payment terms. If you wish to pay by bank wire transfer or personal check from a U.S. bank, you may request an invoice.

If you feel drawn to this program yet still aren’t sure if this is right for you, let’s schedule a short call to get to know each other a bit and see how it would feel to work together in this Transformational Presence Company Development Program.


Bonuses for paying in full upon acceptance

Bonus 1—Ongoing “immediate need” support for one year for strategic sales calls, operational issues, interpersonal issues, and anything that comes up unexpectedly for your company for which you may want help, support, and/or coaching. We’re not going anywhere. We’re here to help you.

Bonus 2—One year of ongoing support with industry-specific presentations where you may need resources and/or coaching.


Cancellation policy

Full refund of fees paid within the first 30 days from your initial mentoriglobal-summit-alan-hug-300x360ng session. After 30 days, there is no refund.


Working in partnership with you

Your partnership in our mission means everything to us here at the Center for Transformational Presence. Therefore, all of the proceeds of this program will go toward building and serving our community and expanding Transformational Presence work in the world. While you participate in this program and experience this support, the fee that you pay will also be supporting the overall mission of the Center for Transformational Presence: To create a world that works.


About me, Trace Hobson

Trace Hobson, Chief OAM, Center for Transformational PresenceI have lived, worked, and ultimately succeeded through the same challenges and frustrations that this program is designed to address. Over the past 30 years, I have worked as a consultant, a small company owner, a non-profit fundraising manager, and an entrepreneur. For the last 10 years, I have worked in the corporate world building companies and projects. I have taken them all the way from start-up to becoming multi-million dollar enterprises. It’s not always been an easy ride. However, through my own experience, I’ve learned that working with coaches, mentors, trainers, and teammates creates accelerated results and the feeling of belonging and connection. What we cannot do alone, we can do together.

I’m grateful for the convergence that has happened in the last ten years between everything that I have learned over my entire business career. I’ve learned how to create real-world financial and teamwork results. And I’ve learned how to create from the energy of the potential that continues to reveal itself moment by moment. This convergence has led to a skill set and an art form that I love to share with others.

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