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Jun 17 2022

Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

(Pre-requisite: participation in the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching Foundation Course or the Transformational Presence Leadership in Action program)

Friday – Sunday, June 17-19, 2022
Kapellerput Conference Center
Heeze, The Netherlands

A New Beginning: Transformational Presence in a New Era

Registration Fee: € 375,00 per person including VAT
(For non-EU citizens, approximately $340-$375 USD without VAT, depending on the exchange rate at the time of payment.) This fee does NOT include meals or housing accommodations

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In many ways, the world is now slowly moving into a post-pandemic era. This invites us to reconfigure our ways of connecting in both personal and business situations.

We are discovering that there are still many questions about how the world will look in this coming period. Rather than seeking answers to the questions, the Core Committee is listening to the deeper invitation that they are asking us to explore in our 3 days together.

We have been shown that the Gathering experience will include discovering ways in which Transformational Presence wants to move forward into the new era. There is a sense of energy wanting to expand through the community and through each of us as individuals with our own unique gifts. All of this to be of value and in service to the bigger mass consciousness. If you are a TPLC or TPLA graduate, we invite you to join us in this exploration!

Registration / Information

The event is finished.