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Oct 15 2021

Global Spark Session for TPLC and/or TPLA Graduates

 Global Spark Session:  Slowing Down to the Speed of Truth

Friday, October 15, 2021
14:30-17:00 CET / 8:30-11:00 am EDT
via Zoom

Register for the Spark Session!

If you wish to participate (must be a TPLC and/or TPLA graduate), we kindly ask you for a donation of €10 or $10 USD which will go towards continuing to support the Transformational Presence work around the world through the Seale Foundation.

So much is happening in our world and it often feels like things are speeding up. In this third Spark, co-led by Katarina Cars (Sweden) and Caroline Veerman (The Netherlands), we will take time to slow down and to tap into presence and authentic life energy. We will enter into a place of trust and healing from where we can tap into and hear truth. Something magical and transformational happens when we show up in the fullness of who we are and the truth of our being and understanding.

Register for the Spark Session!

The event is finished.


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