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Oct 19 2022


8:00 am - 11:00 am

Alan Seale Zoom Masterclass – The Waiting Space: When the Past is Over and the Future Hasn’t Shown Up Yet

Live Zoom Masterclass
Organized and hosted by MEDIV: Mediation Instituut Vlaanderen in Belgium

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Navigating life in such unsettling times can be challenging. So much is happening, both inside us and all around us. How do we find our way? How do we move forward when times are so uncertain? It seems like often we’re waiting for something to happen so we know where to go next, yet that can create a powerless feeling. It’s a passive approach. What if there was an effective proactive approach?

Spanish poet Antonio Machado wrote:

Wanderer, there is no path;
the path is made by walking.

What if we can only find our way forward by engaging with what is right here, right now? Even if it feels like nothing is happening. By walking with the present moment and circumstance, by sitting down in it, and being willing to be fully present with what is (or isn’t) happening, we transform a “waiting” space into a dynamic “liminal” space—a transition space, a threshold, or a “crossing over” space. We discover that something is trying to get our attention. Something wants to happen. The space in between what was and what will be begins to come alive. It may not look like what we expected, yet nevertheless something starts to move. We discover “liminal” space as proactive space—a space where invitations are waiting for us to say “Yes.”

Join Alan Seale, international author, teacher, and founder of the Center for Transformational Presence, for this practical and experiential Zoom Masterclass exploring the “waiting space” as a dynamic and transformative “liminal space.” Come with an open heart and mind, ready to learn, experiment, and discover. Bring your current challenges and opportunities and let’s find out together what possibilities and invitations are waiting right here, right now, and find your next step forward.

€ 200 (excl. btw) / € 242 (incl. btw)

Information and Registration

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