Transformational Presence for Leaders and Coaches Webinar

Alan Seale is an award winning author, inspirational speaker, transformation catalyst and master teacher to many leaders and coaches in USA and Europe.

With graduates from 32 countries, TPLC offers a fresh and leading edge approach to life, leadership and business.

Grounded in ancient wisdom traditions, quantum science, and consciousness studies, Transformational Presence for Leaders and Coaches (TPLC) offers practical yet powerful tools, skills, language, and approaches that expand your capacities for Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness. Transformational Presence is an essential skill set for effective and impactful transformational coaching and leadership in today’s rapidly changing and unpredictable world.

What is Transformational Presence?
Transformational Presence is about the level of consciousness in which we live. How we live is how we will lead, coach, and serve. Transformational Presence is about creating a culture or environment that can best support the greatest potential to emerge. It calls us into alignment with who we essentially are and with the purpose of our lives. Transformational Presence connects us with our larger awareness and the potential of the moment. And it calls forward the greatest in the people around you.

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