Digital Audio: Find Your Right Work



Digital Audio: Find Your Right Work

4 sessions—$97

Course Overview

– Have you felt lost about what kind of work is right for you?
– Have you been frustrated with traditional career counseling or coaching, feeling like it doesn’t align with your soul?
– Do you long for work that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning?

For more than 20 years, author and transformation coach Alan Seale has been helping people find clarity about who they are and why they are here, and then find the work or career path that brings them joy and fulfillment. Through his unique and amazing way of getting to the essence of things, he helps you recognize your life purpose or soul mission, identify your greatest talents and gifts, and match those up with what the world around you needs. In short, he helps you identify the kind of work that will make your heart sing, make you a good living, and serve a need in the world.

Alan now offers the “Find Your Right Work” program as a 4-session course bringing together powerful material from three of his books, Soul Mission * Life Vision, The Manifestation Wheel, and Create A World That Works. Through these four sessions, you will discover what your right work is—the work that lets your spirit thrive and gives you the great feeling that you are making a difference in the world.

If it’s time to find out what your right work is, give yourself the gift of this illuminating and clarifying 4-session class working directly with Alan and let your work life start to feed your spirit.

Who Should Attend?

If you are unemployed and know it’s time for a change, this course can help you know what your new path needs to be.

If the work you do is just a “job” to pay the bills and it drains you of energy, this course can help you find out what your right work is.

If you are just entering the job market and you aren’t sure where to begin, this course can point you in the right direction.

Or if the work you do now is ok but not really inspiring, this course can help you discover what kind of work your soul is asking to do.

What You’ll Learn Each Session

Session 1—Unleash and Focus, Part I

  • what it means to unleash the power of your heart, focus your intellect, and align your life all at the same time
  • how to fully engage both “being” and “doing” as partners to reach your greatest potential
  • what deep inner beliefs are currently creating your reality, which are serving you, and which are getting in your way

Session 2—Unleash and Focus, Part II

  • an overview of how life works as energy in motion
  • the essence of your soul mission or life purpose
  • the underlying factors of life that feed you energy as well as the ones that drain you, and what that tells you about your right work
  • learn to work with your very wise future self

Session 3—Focus and Align

  • get clear about who it is important for you to be, what it is important for you to do, and what is important for you to have
  • identify your right work

Session 4—Align

  • the commitments you must make to yourself in order to create your right work in the world
  • how to align your life with your essence in order to bring your right work into reality


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