Audio CD: Total Self: Life Mastery in the New Co-Creation


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Total Self: Life Mastery in the New Co-Creation Audio CD
A Practical Program For Living In Expanded Awareness

 In these early years of the 21st century, Life Mastery is no longer about having control over your world, but rather about becoming a master at consciously creating the world in which you live.  This requires a new understanding of who you are and why you are here — an expanded awareness of your full being, body and soul.  In Total Self: Life Mastery in the New Co-Creation, Alan Seale teaches you how to access all of the knowledge, gifts, and resources you have to offer, as well as how to expand beyond the limits of your physical being to access the greater consciousness available through your soul.  As you learn how to live in the awareness of Total Self, you are able to fully engage in a newly emerging process of co-creation and the intricately beautiful enlightened dance between soul and ego.  Total Self: Life Mastery in the New Co-Creation features ground-breaking concepts presented in a format that is as approachable as it is passionate.  The numerous exercises and guided visualizations provide an easy expansion to your full magnificence, access to the Greater Consciousness, and the practical tools for living it in daily life.

78 minutes

What people have said about this program:

I have worked with Alan for almost a year with remarkable transformational results.  Although I have practiced in the intuitive world as a psychotherapist for years, I can truly say my development in this area has taken a quantum leap through Alan’s work.
Now Alan has succeeded in offering the experiential mastery of his workshops on his Total Self CD.  When I practice the meditations on Total Self I feel expanded, heart centered, and grounded simultaneously.  This state of consciousness is an invaluable resource for personal inquiry, development of an expanded world view and spiritual connection.  It is not unlike taking a workshop with Alan.  If you want a more authentic life, to be more intuitively aware, and are seeking both the expanded and grounded aspects of transformation, Total Self will support and facilitate you in your journey.

—Janet Wing, psychotherapist

I recently attended a workshop given by Alan Seale where he taught some of the meditations from the Total Self CD. My experience with one particular meditation was so powerful that for days afterwards I felt a heightened sense of awareness. I don’t know how Alan comes up with these meditations, but they must be divinely guided. I decided I needed to purchase the CD. I was very curious how I would respond a second time. I found that being in my own meditation space added incredible power to the experience. What is especially important is that Alan makes certain that you are well grounded before he takes you on these amazing journeys of self-discovery. For so many years, I have felt disconnected from the physical life. I always felt that I was floating just above the earth, never a part of it. The meditations offered on this CD allowed me to feel that divine connection to “home” yet also feel a part of this planet. I could easily visualize how I fit into the universe. I felt on solid ground…both here and there. This CD is a powerful tool to guide you to your fullest, magnificent potential. It will bring greater understanding, expanded awareness and joy to your life. Truly remarkable.
—Reinette Fournier, graphic designer, yoga instructor


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