Book: Transformational Presence: The Tools, Skills, and Frameworks


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“Alan Seale provides hope and a big vision for a world that feels overwhelmingly divided and unjust. Drawing on ancient wisdom traditions, quantum physics, and complexity theory, Alan disrupts traditional leadership paradigms with a set of new and powerful tools that have the potential to bring us all closer together and give us the results we need in times of uncertainty and complexity.”

Kathrin O’Sullivan
Executive Coach & Consultant
Former Head of Executive Development at Google

About the Book:

Transformational Presence is an essential guide for:

  • Visionaries who want to move beyond their vision into action
  • Leaders who are navigating the unknown and pioneering new territory
  • Individuals and Organizations committed to living into their greatest potential
  • Coaches, Mentors, and Educators supporting the greatest potential in others
  • Public servants committed to making a difference
  • Anyone who wants to help create a world that works

“A book that makes my heart sing: full of practical wisdom for all those who want to express their soul purpose and make a difference in the world. Highly recommended.”

Richard Barrett (UK)
Chairman of the Barrett Values Centre
Founder of the Academy for the Advancement of Human Values

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