Book: The Manifestation Wheel



The Manifestation Wheel is also available in Dutch.  You may purchase copies from Heart Media.

About the Book:

“The Manifestation Wheel is a powerful system that can be used by individuals or organizations for turning ideas into results, dreams into reality. It is a practical, step-by-step model for shifting global consciousness one person and one organization at a time.”
—Alan Seale, The Manifestation Wheel

“In this groundbreaking book, Alan provides even the most ‘left brain’ of thinkers with the means to infuse their work with ‘soul’ and ‘spirit.’  The net effect of his approach: superior business or personal results achieved with less stress and strain.   Finally, a ‘how to’ guide to turn the concept of manifestation into something real and actionable.  Skeptics, this is the real deal.”
—Paul Sherman, CEO, Team Coaching International

Drawing on his deep and profound knowledge of ancient wisdom traditions, how life works, quantum physics, and our increasing understanding of energy fields, not to mention his work with thousands of people who want to bring change into their lives and the world, Alan Seale has written a book that gives you a clear and practical system to do just that.

For many years, Alan used the Lakota Medicine Wheel and its concepts to powerful effect in the building of his life, career, and relationships. Recognizing that the language of the Medicine Wheel was a bit arcane for today’s world, he adapted the Medicine Wheel to create the Manifestation Wheel, a tool that is accessible, practical, and immediately productive for individuals, businesses, and organizations in the 21st century. Now Alan has written the guidebook to the Manifestation Wheel, making this simple yet profound process available to everyone.

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