Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

Participants in the 2019 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering in Costa Rica.

2020 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

Game On: Surf to Serve!

Friday-Sunday, June 19-21, 2020
Kapellerput Conference Center
Heeze, The Netherlands

Hosted by the Seale Foundation 

The 2020 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering will be held Friday-Sunday, June 19-21 at Kapellerput Conference Center in Heeze, The Netherlands. Kapellerput has been the home of our TPLC and TPLA courses in the Netherlands for the last few years. It is a perfect setting for our 2020 Gathering with ample outdoor spaces for walking in the forest or in open spaces around the ponds and small lakes. We look forward to welcoming you there!

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What is the Global Leadership Gathering?
The 2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

The 2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

In 2013, Alan created the first Transformational Presence Global Summit, a four-day event where graduates of the TPLC and TPLA programs from around the world could come together, continue to learn from him and from each other, and continue evolving Transformational Presence work in the world.

For 2017, the name of the event was changed from “Global Summit” to the Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering. Until this year, Alan has continued to take the lead in the planning and organizing of the Gatherings. However, his original vision was that the Gathering would ultimately be an event organized and led by the community for the community.

For the 2020 Gathering, the Core Planning Committee is being led by Joanna Zawada Kubik, CTPC, MCC (Poland) and Sander van Eekelen, CTPC (Netherlands). Alan is still serving on the Core Committee helping to bridge this event to full community leadership. The 2020 Gathering will be hosted by Gabriella van Rooij (Netherlands) and the Seale Foundation.

The Global Leadership Gathering is a time and place to:

  • reconnect to the energy of Transformational Presence
  • deepen your own personal presence
  • rejuvenate your spirit
  • learn from your Transformational Presence colleagues and from Alan
  • deepen your leadership and coaching awareness and skills
  • clarify your next steps as a Transformational Presence leader and coach
  • connect to and co-create for collaborative projects with Transformational Presence colleagues from around the world

*This event is open to graduates of the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training (TPLC) and graduates of the Transformational Presence Leadership in Action course (TPLA).

The 2020 Global Leadership Gathering in the Netherlands Has Been Postponed Until 2021

Game On: Surf to Serve!

A Message from Joanna Zawada-Kubik and Sander van Eekelen, co-chairs of the 2021 Core Planning Committee

Daily Program Overview 

From the beginning of our Core Committee process, the 2021 Global Gathering gave us glimpses of the theme and somewhat vague directions about what these days would offer. The process gave us lots of opportunity to trust the process and our intuition. With each call, more details revealed themselves, creating a shape that we still could not quite grasp. We could only trust it with our heart and gut.

And then we sensed a shift. The Hermetic Principle of Gestation tells us that things can only show up in their own time – that each process needs its specific time-space to inhabit. Indeed, the time arrived when the pieces suddenly started to connect. Rather quickly, the full picture was there. A three-day program. While refinements will continue over the next couple of months, it’s all coming together now. With the postponement of the Gathering to 2021, the Core Committee will continue to listen deeply to what the Gathering is asking for.

And so for now, we invite you to join us for an introduction walk through the flow of our now 2021 Gathering. Take a deep breath and step out of your current time and space location. Join us now at Kapellerput on Friday morning 18 June.

Perhaps you have just arrived this morning. Or maybe you arrived yesterday and had time to settle in here at the hotel. Perhaps you had a walk in the forest and started getting acquainted with our beautiful natural surroundings. Maybe you enjoyed a drink with your Transformational Presence community mates.

And now, as you walk towards our large meeting room, you are curious about what we will do here. What is this Gathering about?

We all come to this Life with a Purpose – our own unique Game that only we can play. Along the way we catch our waves and choose the roads that take us closer to our Game or away from it. What is your unique Purpose or Game in Life? What is the Game you feel called to invite others to join you in? What is the wave that you need to surf in order to serve in the way that feels most important to you?

In The House of Belonging, poet David Whyte wrote:

…There is only one life
you can call your own
and a thousand others
you can call by any name you want.

Hold to the truth you make
every day with your own body,
don’t turn your face away.

So, pay attention. Look for the signals. Breathe into Day 1.

On Day 1, through plenary discovery sessions, connection, and dialogue you will have a chance to clarify and/or refresh your Game or Purpose, to embrace it, and to take your next step into it with all your heart. You may even already sense the wave you are to surf. Are you ready?

Welcome to Day 2. Breathe.

On Day 2, you are invited to participate in several different workshops of your choosing, all prepared and led by your colleagues from the Transformational Presence community. All of these workshops are designed to relate in some way to our Gathering theme, to deepen your own exploration, and to support you as you continue discovering more about your Game and the wave that is yours to surf. Day 2 offers a feast of diversity, passion, people, and topics.

What do you need to take a next step in your Game? What spark, what experience will make you ready to move forward? Which piece of the puzzle is waiting for you to complete the picture that makes sense? There may be many inspirations or possible pathways – which one is yours? What can you learn from your colleagues? What can you learn from what is around you? Let yourself be open and receptive.

Your findings and reflections will prepare you for stepping into…

Day 3. Breathe.

Day 3 is all about living your Game and Surfing to Serve. By the time we reach Day 3, you have collected different experiences and insights. Now it is time to match them with your journey. What shall you take with you? What is not yours to carry or do anymore – what is it time to leave behind?

The invitation is here to stand on the surfboard of the life you can call your own. How do you feel called to contribute to the bigger Game that is going on all around you? What is the broader picture that you find yourself a part of? What are the concrete actions that are yours to take – actions that will make a change or make an impact for the people that you are serving – maybe even for the world? Who can support you? Who might need your support? Are you ready to give and receive? Are you ready to risk yourself in total commitment to find the unique set of skills and talents allowing you to flourish beyond the limitations of your ego?

Again, words of David Whyte, this time from What to Remember When Waking:

What urgency calls you to your one love?
What shape waits in the seed of you
to grow and spread its branches
against a future sky?

Transformational Presence Gathering 2021.
Tune in. Prepare your suitcase. Get ready for the journey.
Get ready to up your Game and Surf to Serve.
We’ll be waiting to welcome you!



Committees for the Global Gathering

Two primary committees form the planning and logistics team for the Global Gatherings: the Core Planning Committee and the Gathering Stewards.

The Core Planning CommitteeThis group of 8 people, led by Joanna Zawada-Kubik, CTPC, MCC (Poland) and Sander van Eekelen, CTPC (Netherlands), co-create and plan the programming aspects of the Gathering. Of the two groups, this group requires the greatest commitment of time and energy. The Core Committee meets via Zoom every few weeks throughout the year prior to the event. In addition, there are sometimes smaller group planning meetings in between the full group calls.

Core Committee members are asked to commit to being fully engaged in the planning process and to attend the Gathering in June 2020.

The Gathering planning is done through a Potential-Based process using many tools and concepts of Transformational Presence. Serving on this committee has proven to be a rich and rewarding experience with great learning and growth for all committee members.

If there are more than 7 volunteers, selection preference is given to those who have attended at least one previous Gathering or Summit and/or those who have been actively engaged in the Transformational Presence community.

The 2020 Core Planning Committee members are:
Sander van Eekelen (Netherlands), Sascha Krijger (Netherlands), Charlotte Rekko (Netherlands), Gabriella van Rooij (Netherlands), Vincent Sark (Netherlands), Alan Seale (USA), Gabriela Tichelea (Romania), and Joanna Zawada-Kubik (Poland)

Global Gathering StewardsThis group of 5-20 people plays a vital role in supporting the work of the Core Planning Committee through the planning process as well as holding space and energy at the Gathering. They meet via conference call 3 – 4 times during the 8 – 10 months leading up to the Gathering. While we certainly hope that all of the Stewards will attend the Gathering, attendance is not required. Being a Steward for the Gathering is a great opportunity to provide feedforward on the program as it develops and to play a key role in keeping a pulse on the energy during the Gathering itself.

The 2020 Gathering Stewards, listed by country are:

José Hendrikx
Inge Huygen

Vesna Nestorovic

Elina Akola

Geert Hofman

Josephine van den Bogard
Donja de Groot
Barbara Kerstens
Lobke Mentrop
Judy Schnitgers
Gwen van Valkengoed
Vivian Vleeshouwers

Anna Lewecka-Olech
Kasia Tyszko

United Kingdom
Scott Cordrey

United States
Mary Ehrgood
Jayne Garrett




The 2020 Gathering has been postponed until June 2021! Registration will open in Autumn 2020.

 Game On: Surf to Serve!

2021 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering
Kapellerput Conference Center, Heeze, The Netherlands
June 18-20, 2021

Registration and more details will be available in Autumn 2020


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