Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

Participants in the 2019 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering in Costa Rica.

2020 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

Game On: Surf to Serve!

Friday-Sunday, June 19-21, 2020
Kapellerput Conference Center
Heeze, The Netherlands

Hosted by the Seale Foundation 

The 2020 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering will be held Friday-Sunday, June 19-21 at Kapellerput Conference Center in Heeze, The Netherlands. Kapellerput has been the home of our TPLC and TPLA courses in the Netherlands for the last few years. It is a perfect setting for our 2020 Gathering with ample outdoor spaces for walking in the forest or in open spaces around the ponds and small lakes. We look forward to welcoming you there!

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What is the Global Leadership Gathering?
The 2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

The 2017 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

In 2013, Alan created the first Transformational Presence Global Summit, a four-day event where graduates of the TPLC and TPLA programs from around the world could come together, continue to learn from him and from each other, and continue evolving Transformational Presence work in the world.

For 2017, the name of the event was changed from “Global Summit” to the Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering. Until this year, Alan has continued to take the lead in the planning and organizing of the Gatherings. However, his original vision was that the Gathering would ultimately be an event organized and led by the community for the community.

For the 2020 Gathering, the Core Planning Committee is being led by Joanna Zawada Kubik, CTPC, MCC (Poland) and Sander van Eekelen, CTPC (Netherlands). Alan is still serving on the Core Committee helping to bridge this event to full community leadership. The 2020 Gathering will be hosted by Gabriella van Rooij (Netherlands) and the Seale Foundation.

The Global Leadership Gathering is a time and place to:

  • reconnect to the energy of Transformational Presence
  • deepen your own personal presence
  • rejuvenate your spirit
  • learn from your Transformational Presence colleagues and from Alan
  • deepen your leadership and coaching awareness and skills
  • clarify your next steps as a Transformational Presence leader and coach
  • connect to and co-create for collaborative projects with Transformational Presence colleagues from around the world

*This event is open to graduates of the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training (TPLC) and graduates of the Transformational Presence Leadership in Action course (TPLA).

2020 Global Leadership Gathering in the Netherlands

Game On: Surf to Serve!

A Message from Joanna Zawada-Kubik, co-chair of the 2020 Core Planning Committee

With each Global Gathering, the preparation process of the Core Planning Committee is getting more and more advanced. Sander van Eekelen (Netherlands), my co-chair of the Core Planning Committee, and I have had the honor of participating in the planning process for two previous Global Gatherings. Each time, we have experienced what felt like a series of miracles – how out of a few scratches of ideas and hunches, a full three-day program emerges. Without effort, every part of the agenda comes into place, it becomes clear who the program leaders are to be, and everyone seems to know what to do.

And so now Sander and I are privileged to lead this process for the first time. We’ve had two meetings so far, and the energy from both the Core Committee and the Gathering Stewards is high! Yet still, once in a while, we faced this little moment of hesitation when community members ask, “So what is the theme of the 2020 Gathering?”

Up until very recently, our quiet response could only be, “It is emerging.” To which the community member might ask, “And when will you know?” And once again, we could only say, “It will come in its own time.” We are, after all, committed to letting the Gathering show us what it wants to be! We’ve been listening. Listening to the place (Kapellerput), to the community, and to our own hearts, as well as listening to the necessities and needs of today’s world – a world in which we are all living and working.

As we listened, we also observed the evolution of the Transformational Presence community over the last few years. In particular, we observed that at the 2017 Gathering in Connecticut, USA, our focus was mostly on us individually and on the ways in which we use Transformational Presence in our work. Then in 2019 at Kantara, the focus was more on how Transformational Presence infuses who we are and every activity of our lives on many levels.

Through the Gathering preparation process, we have noticed how the community is evolving, just as the people who make up the community are evolving. Individual and collective impact each other. As our ability to listen evolves, we are able, as a community, to go to deeper layers inside. We understand what is present inside of us and outside of us on new levels.

Back in January 2019, Kantara invited us into a visceral, expressive connection with the Earth. Our experience there rooted us deeper, individually and collectively, giving us deeper grounding. That experience prepared us for greater growth.

This was our starting point towards the 2020 Gathering. Through the collective emergence process with the Core Committee and the Stewards, we all felt that something is shifting – that the energy within the Transformational Presence community is coalescing on a new level. There is a greater density; another level of maturity is emerging; individually and collectively, we are more ready to give, to share, and to serve. We sense that a new direction is calling us into a landscape that combines playfulness, courage, presence, transcendence, practicality, and action.

There was a powerful energy of call to action. And there was a sense of playfulness. The metaphor of the surfer kept coming up, as it does in Transformational Presence – becoming masterful at riding the waves of potential – of “what wants to happen.” And trusting that if we pay attention, the wave will tell us everything we need to know.

Yet the question remained: How do we knit this energy and direction into a theme?

We committed to trusting the process. We have learned through our previous Gathering planning experiences that it is not up us to “create” or ‘make” the theme. We are just a channel. The theme comes through us, on its own terms, unnoticed – until suddenly we see it and recognize it.

Then suddenly the theme revealed itself to us in a quite unexpected way!

By synchronicity, all of the members of the Core Committee were present at Alan’s October 1st Masterclass in the Netherlands. We had just a few minutes together of light conversation before the Masterclass began. Coffee and tea was accompanied by bursts of laughter and discoveries.

And then suddenly the energy shifted. The temperature of the conversation went up, and literally within seconds, there it was. It came through our hearts. We all felt something in our guts. Smiles came to our faces. And as we looked around at one another, we knew that it was there. The theme had just made itself known!

And so, the Theme for the 2020 Global Gathering is

Game On: Surf to Serve!

What does it mean? Here’s what we know so far.

Game On – It’s the call to action, the challenge to step up and step out, and to bring your best to the world.

Surf to Serve – Refine your abilities to ride the waves of potential emerging at every level of society, and to serve a greater good. Your service might be through your own individual work, and it might be in collaboration and co-creation with others. The key is to let the wave carry you and say “Yes” to what you recognize is yours to do.

For now, what is ours to do as the Core Committee is to keep breathing into that theme and letting it begin to show us details!

Game On: Surf to Serve! If the 2020 Gathering calls out to you, we hope you will join us.




Committees for the Global Gathering

Two primary committees form the planning and logistics team for the Global Gatherings: the Core Planning Committee and the Gathering Stewards.

The Core Planning CommitteeThis group of 8 people, led by Joanna Zawada-Kubik, CTPC, MCC (Poland) and Sander van Eekelen, CTPC (Netherlands), co-create and plan the programming aspects of the Gathering. Of the two groups, this group requires the greatest commitment of time and energy. The Core Committee meets via Zoom every few weeks throughout the year prior to the event. In addition, there are sometimes smaller group planning meetings in between the full group calls.

Core Committee members are asked to commit to being fully engaged in the planning process and to attend the Gathering in June 2020.

The Gathering planning is done through a Potential-Based process using many tools and concepts of Transformational Presence. Serving on this committee has proven to be a rich and rewarding experience with great learning and growth for all committee members.

If there are more than 7 volunteers, selection preference is given to those who have attended at least one previous Gathering or Summit and/or those who have been actively engaged in the Transformational Presence community.

The 2020 Core Planning Committee members are:
Sander van Eekelen (Netherlands), Sascha Krijger (Netherlands), Charlotte Rekko (Netherlands), Gabriella van Rooij (Netherlands), Vincent Sark (Netherlands), Alan Seale (USA), Gabriela Tichelea (Romania), and Joanna Zawada-Kubik (Poland)

Global Gathering StewardsThis group of 5-20 people plays a vital role in supporting the work of the Core Planning Committee through the planning process as well as holding space and energy at the Gathering. They meet via conference call 3 – 4 times during the 8 – 10 months leading up to the Gathering. While we certainly hope that all of the Stewards will attend the Gathering, attendance is not required. Being a Steward for the Gathering is a great opportunity to provide feedforward on the program as it develops and to play a key role in keeping a pulse on the energy during the Gathering itself.

The 2020 Gathering Stewards, listed by country are:

José Hendrikx
Inge Huygen

Vesna Nestorovic

Elina Akola

Geert Hofman

Josephine van den Bogard
Donja de Groot
Barbara Kerstens
Lobke Mentrop
Judy Schnitgers
Gwen van Valkengoed
Vivian Vleeshouwers

Anna Lewecka-Olech
Kasia Tyszko

United Kingdom
Scott Cordrey

United States
Mary Ehrgood
Jayne Garrett




Registration is now open for the 2020 Gathering!

 Game On: Surf to Serve!

2020 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering
Kapellerput Conference Center, Heeze, The Netherlands
June 19-21, 2020

Gathering Registration Fee:
Before January 31, 2020 – € 495 (including 21% VAT)
After February 1, 2020 – € 595 (including 21% VAT)

Kapellerput Hotel Lodging and Meal Package – € 425 (includes 9% VAT)

EU Citizens—Download the EU Citizen Registration form now. 
Non-EU Citizens—Download the Non-EU Citizen Registration form now.


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