Videos: Discovery Dialogues

Discovery Dialogues with Alan and Dr. Marilyn Mitchell, Integrative Physician and Energy Healer, Hosted by Joel Mitchell

Host Joel Mitchell and his guests, Alan Seale and Dr. Marilyn Mitchell, created an intimate virtual Discovery Dialogues series from December 2016 until May 2017. The one-hour dialogues are all available free for your listening below.

Together, Joel, Marilyn, and Alan explored mindfulness, well being, and purposeful living. In Joel’s words, “These dialogues are not intended to be interviews, lectures, or classes, but rather inquiries and explorations. The topics of the six dialogues were: Discovery, Listening, Acceptance, Wholeness, Trust, and Integration.

Alan Seale is an author, speaker, transformation catalyst, and founder of the Center for Transformational Presence. Marilyn Mitchell, MD, Integrative Physician and Energy Healer, educator, speaker, and health visionary, is the founder of HealingSpace. Joel Mitchell is a connector and community builder and active in the Transformational Presence community. Part of his mission in the world is to bring people together in intimate virtual settings for dialogues that invite discovery, connection, and deeper understanding.

The Discovery Dialogues are a co-production of the Center for Transformational Presence, and HealingSpace, and Joel Mitchell.

Discovery Dialogues – December 2016


Discovery Dialogues – January 2017


Discovery Dialogues – February 2017


Discovery Dialogues – March 2017


Discovery Dialogues – April 2017


Discovery Dialogues – May 2017


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