We have just completed the third 5-day Transformational Presence Coach Training here in The Netherlands. There were 20 of us representing 9 countries. And what an incredible 5 days. Today I celebrate the continued evolution of this program and the impact it is having around the world.

We gathered on Wednesday and began by exploring how we engage and interact with the world–the assumptions we make, the realities we create, and the unconscious paradigms from which we operate. We worked with the Four Levels of Engagement that I write about in Create a World That Works as well as understanding the relationship between being and action. It was a great start to our week, and many discoveries and “ahas” were happening already. The understanding that life is energy in motion and that everything is about relationship–relationship between people, between people and ideas, between parts of self, between people and situations–and that those relationships are also energy in motion–helped us move forward quickly. While this was not necessarily new information for people, there was definitely new understanding of what it means in our life and leadership and how to apply these concepts in daily life and work. The simplicity and practicality of it all made a huge impression on the participants.

Day 2 was filled with tools and exercises for developing the intuitive mind and learning to think intuitively. The tools we used brought many new insights from all of the participants about their own projects, goals, and work, and they began listening and coaching on an entirely new level. In Day 3 we explored the relationship between soul and ego, intuition and intellect, wisdom self and practical self, creative self and results self. This opened new understanding for inner conflicts and blocks and how to work through them and move beyond them.

One of the organizers of the training referred to Day 4 as “university day!” We spent a good bit of the day learning about the human energy system as it applies to leadership and coaching, and then discussing the Hermetic Principles and principles of quantum physics and how they apply to leadership and coaching. We wrapped up the day by introducing the Potential-Based Approach. The Potential-Based Approach invites us into an entirely different paradigm of how we are taught to work and accomplish goals. The participants found it liberating and exciting to work in this new way, and observed with each other how the process of achieving goals and accomplishing projects could be greatly accelerated if you focus on the potential and let it lead you rather than focus on solving problems.

In the last day we spent the morning working with tools for staying on track and keeping energy and momentum moving forward for clients and those we serve. The afternoon was about wrap-up and sharing the learning from the 5 days. It was an incredibly moving couple of hours as the participants honored each other for the huge personal shifts that had occurred as well as honored the energy of Transformational Presence itself for its power for change.

Today I once again reflect on how blessed I feel to be doing this work. Twenty years ago I would never have imagined I would be doing what I am doing now. Yet here I am. And today 19 more people are relating to their families and doing their work from a different perspective and approach. They each have new understanding about how to make a difference in the world. And they each have new levels of commitment to do their part to create a world that works.

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