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Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching:

Evolutionary Awareness, Enlightened Action

   72 Coach Specific Training Hours approved by the ICF   Evolutionary Awareness—understanding that everything is energy in motion or a process unfolding; that we can co-create with ideas, potential, people, and Read More ...

Transformational Presence Coaching

We specialize in coaching individuals and organizations who are committed to making a significant difference in the world. Making a difference begins with paying attention to how you "show up" to your life and leadership every day, and with understanding Read More ...

Training and Workshop Programs

Here at the Center for Transformational Presence, we offer both professional trainings and personal development workshops. All of our programs are interactive and experiential in nature and filled with practical tools and skills for immediate application to your daily life Read More ...

Book: Create A World That Works


Create A World That Works: Tools for Personal and Global Transformation


by Alan Seale

Foreword by Cheryl Dorsey, President, Echoing Green    
We're pleased to share the news that the Dutch edition of Alan's latest book, Create A World That Works, Read More ...

Book & MP3 Audio Book: The Power of Your Presence

Presence—how an individual or organization “shows up” in the world, the energetic space that their “being” creates, and the attitude, perspective, and energy that they bring as they meet challenges, opportunities, dreams, and visions. Today, perhaps more than any other time Read More ...

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Welcome to our Online Store at The Center for Transformational Presence! You can shop here by product type, such as books, audios, or workshops, or you can explore by topic, such as "Transform Your Life, Transform Read More ...

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Please join us in our new Facebook Community. You will find a beautiful page waiting to welcome you. Facebook has become the "go to" place for networking and connecting in community on the internet. So now the Center for Read More ...

Meet Alan Seale

Alan Seale, PCC, CTPC, MSC

Founder, Director, and Principal Coach

Thank you for visiting the Center for Transformational Presence and for your interest in our work. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to create the Center as a Read More ...


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Do you have a dream that won't let go of you?
Do you want to make a difference in the world?
We can help you start manifesting that dream today.
We can help you make a difference.
The world can't afford for you to wait any longer.

These are challenging times, yet they can also be transformational times. Every day, more people step forward to ask, "How can I make a difference?" Making a difference begins with personal presence—how you "show up" to life, leadership, relationships, and community.   

Welcome! I'm Alan Seale, the director of The Center for Transformational Presence. We help you do the inside work necessary to be able to achieve your dreams and visions on the outside—in other words, we help you become who you need to be in order to make the difference you feel called to make. Transformation is not something that you make happen. Rather, it is a result of shifts in perception and thinking which then inform how you "show up" to life and leadership each day. Societal transformation is not about changing what people think, but rather about changing how people think. 

Our vision is to create new ways of thinking, being, and doing at every level of society—to invite new approaches to life and work, to help intuitive thinking become mainstream, and for a potential-based approach to become the norm in society, business, education, and government. While we are certainly not the only people helping to bring about this new way of being, we aspire to make a significant contribution to the shifting of mass consciousness.

Through our programs you will learn tools, skills, structures, and language to take your clarity, creativity, service, and action to the next level. You will find your own transformational presence.


What is Transformational Presence?

Transformational Presence is a way of showing up to life that calls forth greatness in others, empowers breakthroughs, and supports major shifts in understanding, perception, and action. It is grounded in an understanding of life as energy in motion and provides skills and tools to work with that energy to create profound results. It arises from a deep state of inner and outer alignment—alignment within self as well as with the emerging potential of the moment and the Greater Consciousness. When we show up in this way, we can greatly accelerate the forward evolution of society and of the world.

How we can serve you

Through coaching and personal and professional development programs, we offer:

  • practical tools, skills, knowledge, and understanding to help you develop a personal presence that is transformational
  • new ways of intuitive thinking, new ways of seeing and understanding
  • simple language and structures to help you put your knowledge and understanding into powerful and effective action
  • the discovery of your greatest potential along with the understanding of how to live into that potential so that you may both lead and serve in the most authentically powerful ways
  • understanding about how to do the same for those you serve

Who we serve

Participants in our programs are social and spiritual visionaries, coaches, leaders, social entrepreneurs, executives, managers, government leaders, educators, spiritual teachers, healers, and anyone who is ready to hold themselves and/or their organizations accountable for the future.

You have found your way to this site for a reason.

Maybe you feel called to make a significant difference in your community, organization, country, or even in the world. Maybe it's time for big changes in your life or career. Maybe you are ready to live more authentically. Or maybe something is stirring inside that you don't understand, yet it won't go away.

Whatever it is, there is something that is calling you to be here. So where do you begin?

If you are a coach or a leader, you might explore our coaching services or the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching program to support you in catapulting your work to a new level. Our books and audio programs are also a great way to begin.

If your desire right now is deeper personal exploration or support in accomplishing goals and manifesting visions, you might begin with a book or audio program and register for one of the personal development workshops or teleclasses. If you are seeking a personal coach, then request a free sample coaching session.

Regardless of where you are at this point, you will find interesting articles in the blog, stimulating audio and video clips in the Media Center, and books, e-books, and audio programs in our Store to help you take your next steps.

Please be our guest on this site. Explore the links in the banner above, sign up for our email list, and become a member of our Transformational Presence Community. Contact us and let us help you get started in your next steps.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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Global Summit

"Vision 2020: Sharing the Transformational Presence Global Summit" Video by Mark Vandeneijnde and Vanessa Jane Smith

Transformational Presence Quote

Don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.
Franz Kafka



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Alan Seale is a truly a man of deep insight who is living his mission.  He bridges the mundane with the mystical---and does so in totally simple and precise language.  This is a particular gift of his.  The depth of care Alan shows to all with whom he works is truly exemplary of the loving-kindness and service that is the hallmark of his teaching style.

Richard Albert, USA


Alan takes coaching to a whole different level.  This experience has been invaluable.  It has brought an entirely different awareness of possibilities into the coaching realm.  His ability to teach and inspire is tremendous, and I am very grateful that I have had the good fortune to be a part of the Transformational Presence Coach training.
—JoAnne Hilliard, Life Coach, USA


The Soul Mission retreat simplifies what to many people seems so complicated. Alan has such a beautiful way of embracing what is. He is a powerful facilitator who walks his talk. He takes you on a journey of discovery of what is most important—an investment in love and joy for a lifetime.
—Helle Noerlev, NLP coach, Denmark


Transformational Presence Coaching is a powerful process that takes your presence as a skilled coach to being extraordinary and transformational!  This is the next step for all coaches who want to inspire greater consciousness in themselves and in our world. Alan is masterful at making the intangible tangible and easily accessible through clear explanation and powerful tools that can be applied in almost any situation.  He also has a gift in making a teleclass as effective as a live classroom—the best I have experienced.
—Stephanie Marisca, PCC, coach and trainer, USA


I first met Alan as my instructor at the International Coach Academy. As soon as I met him, my life was turned upside down and I began to discover the true nature of my work. Alan blew the door open and that began a powerful and profound journey. Alan works with high integrity and focus. The joy he has for life is infectious and his ability to break down very complex ideas into simple tasks will help anyone reach their goals.

—Michelle Lords, Life Design Coach, USA


Doing the Transformational Presence Coaching program with Alan has meant a lot to me. It has introduced me to an exciting, completely different way of coaching. This course has given me a method to be much more intuitive, not only in my coaching, but also in my life.
—Rob Hermans, Coach, Windesheim University, The Netherlands


Alan transformed our organization by transforming our people.  We've been around for over 100 years, but this development was the most significant and singular in our history.  Alan will take you on a journey back to your spirit and intuition where you will find renewed purpose, passion, and practical guidance to produce the real world results that once eluded you.  Our own 'soul workers' and skeptics, veterans and 'newbies' alike found personal and professional substance and guidance with Alan that has driven, and continues to drive, a complete restructuring and delivery of our not-for-profit business model.  The early results are astounding!
—Steve Brockwell, Vice-President for Marketing, Loyal Christian Benefit Association, USA


Alan masterfully teaches how to synthesize spirituality with reality so that there is no longer a perceived distinction between the two. Coaching with Alan has been an amazing journey of self-discovery, growth, enlightenment, and freedom. Alan is genuine, enthusiastic, and exceptionally wise. When he tells you that his soul mission is “to liberate and empower,” believe it, because he truly does!
—Lisa Hanlon Wilhelm, pharmacist, USA


A simply incredible coaching course, I'm now 5 months through Alan Seale's 7- month teleclass 'Transformational Presence Coach’ training.  Over the last 5 months Alan has taken our cohort on an amazing journey into the world of energy and intuition.  Do not be fooled by these two words though!  This is a highly practical approach to coaching.  I'd recommend this course to any coach who is looking to go on a really meaningful personal journey so they can support their clients in turn on their meaningful journeys.
Chris Monk, Founder and Director, Values in Business Ltd, United Kingdom


I have not yet met anyone who could both teach this material and also coach others to live it.  The combination of skills Alan has—teacher, mentor, leader, spiritual guide, facilitator and coach, to name a few—are rare. I deeply appreciated Alan’s willingness to balance so many different roles and to help each of us move forward in our personal journeys.  Alan’s compassion and insight benefited us all and are a gift to anyone who crosses his path.
—Melissa Nuwaysir, Step Into Your Life Coaching, LLC, USA


This workshop is a great way of integrating the "real" world with the energy world we are all made of. Alan truly lives what he talks about. The workshop was so much more and so much deeper than I expected.
—ViviAnn Labba, life coach, Sweden


To be coached by Alan Seale is to be guided by my own strength and potential, both in my personal life and in my profession as a coach. Through his coaching, my curiosity and courage have been revealed so that I am able to use them in the best way ever. I can now walk my own path in freedom and love.
—Anna-Lena Smith, coach, Sweden


This is a training that not only teaches you to rely on intuition in your coaching, but also teaches you HOW to do that and HOW to take your client to a greater reliance on themselves and their intuition. Alan has a very practical approach to let everyone easily tap into the wisdom of the universe.  The classes are a good mix of theory and practice and also helped me to focus more clearly on my own life and work.
—Jos Rovers, leadership coach, The Netherlands


The coaching profession reaches a new standard with Transformational Presence Coaching.  This is the most impactful coaching approach I have ever come across and that I expect to come across in the next decade. The (business) world is in critical need of new leadership and new types of organization characterized by compassion, love and positive relationships. For all you magnificent coaches out there, Transformational Presence Coaching is the way we help them get there.
—Alice Larsen, President, New Day Company, Switzerland


Alan has encouraged me to find and follow my path in such a clear and natural way. After each session I have felt such a shift of energy that is nothing less than miraculous. I am prone to “thinking too much", and not listening to the inner big picture, and he has such a natural way of bringing me to a higher level.
—Clare Mooney, real estate developer, USA


Never has a workshop gone so deep in my experience. The Soul Mission retreat touched and moved me forward beyond expectations. Alan created such warmth and freedom in the space. I never felt pushed to take a step, yet I took so many steps in what seemed like such a natural way.
—Bercedeh Stark, cross-cultural coach, Switzerland


The sacred space created was unbelievably helpful to me—a space in which people could feel free to face and reveal their inner selves without fear of judgment.
—Lance Solaroli, design consultant, USA


Alan coached me for more than a year and brought powerful tools to the table. He told me of his soul mission: “I liberate and empower,” and helped me to craft my own. I continue to use this lesson in narrowing down what I really want, down deep, and it helps me cut away the unnecessaries. This has made me more creative and more prosperous. Working with Alan brought more than increased peace of mind, it brought clarity as to how I want to spend my days and, by natural extension, financial benefits. My work with Alan paid for itself. ?He has done the work himself he will ask of you. He understands the challenges involved and will meet you with a combination of compassion and rigor that will help you achieve your deep purpose.
—John W, art dealer and philanthropist, Japan


If you would like to experience coaching in a way that you have never experienced before, that is based upon a completely different paradigm than has ever been taught elsewhere, then Transformational Presence Coaching is the course for you.  You will embark on a journey within yourself that perhaps you will not expect.  Be ready for a great ride. If you incorporate all that you learn into your own life and into your coaching practice, you cannot help but to become a Magnificent Coach.
—Krista Bleich, business owner / coach, USA


I want to tell you once more how much Transformational Presence Coaching is affecting my life and work and purpose.  I am going through the whole program once more, and every time it becomes richer and deeper. I am immensely grateful to you for being able to integrate and deliver such rich material in such a clear and simple way.  I feel that there is so much potential in this training Alan, I am in awe and at the risk of repeating myself, thank you!
—Claire Molinard, CPCP, France


Alan Seale is a gifted, masterful coach and teacher that one so rarely finds in this world today. It has been an honor to work with him. He has helped me to appreciate and experience the limitless power of working with energy and one's own divine guidance. Through my work with Alan my life has expanded and transformed in ways I only dreamed possible. His intelligence, keen intuition, spiritual awareness and knowledge of working with energy creates a space for limitless possibilites to be manifested in one's life. I am so grateful our paths have crossed.
—Diane Petrella, MSW, CPCC, Psychotherapist/Life Coach, USA

When I first met Alan, I instantly knew he would be my coach. What I didn’t know was how influential he would be. Initially as a spiritual coach, helping me clarify my intentions, and then as a mentor coach guiding me through coach certification, Alan demonstrated incredible sensitivity. As a guide on my personal journey, Alan has taken me higher than I could ever have imagined.
—Paul G Ward, life coach and hot air balloon pilot, USA


I am completely overwhelmed in the most wonderful way. These four days have helped me to take quantum steps in my personal and spiritual development. This was all thanks to Alan's incredible skills of sharing his great wisdom in such a pedagogically "simple" way and his ability to set both a sacred and secure space. I had very high expectations for this workshop and they were all fulfilled.
—Agneta Jonsson, executive coach, Sweden


I joked about the name of this workshop—Soul Mission, Life Vision—because it seemed so grand. But it is grand! Thank you for the respect, the space, the caring, that helped the journey to be effortless.
—Kira Charles, attorney, USA


Alan is egoless in front of the room. He truly liberates and empowers. There is no dogma. He allows participants to make the work their own. And through that empowerment, we all soar.
—Paul Sherman, Executive and Corporate Coach, USA


I was very impressed with the reverence and humility that Alan brings after having led this workshop so many times. Every second was timeless and profound. I met my soul face-to-face. I am in awe. I know who I am for the first time in 56 years. Alan IS the work. When he speaks, you know that he has been everywhere he is asking you to go. He breathes the work and it is as if he is breathing it into each of us.
—Tami Marquardt, teacher, counselor, USA


This workshop took my learning to a whole new level—so much deeper and more profound. It is amazing how Alan guided us through the "layers" of ourselves. His knowledge is very deep. I am so grateful for having had this learning experience.
—Eva Lindstedt, life coach, Sweden


If there is such a thing as a Live Corporate Angel, Alan is such a partner.  He speaks to my highest truth and my deepest concerns, thus helping me grow both my business and my leadership on the global scene.
—Tine Gaihede, Director, European Leadership, Denmark


Having Alan Seale as my mentor coach made all the difference to me and my coaching practice. My coaching became more organic which allowed me to create deeper, truly meaningful connections with my clients much more quickly. He holds such a special coaching space that it is easy to learn and grow personally and professionally. His mentor coaching is instantly accessible and yet keeps unfolding as time goes on. It is not an overstatement to say that working with Alan transformed who I am as a coach and has impacted me for life. Heartfelt thanks to you, Alan.
—Ellie Jacques-Capon, Coach, USA


Transformational Presence Coach training is an extraordinary experience.  It is a quantum leap deeper and more effective than traditional coach training. It has robust content yet is not prescriptive.  Alan is astoundingly clear.  The energy field that he holds for us all is powerful and transformative. The links of class to texts and practice is well orchestrated. The learning and interaction among peers is deep and also transformative, inspiring, and practical. Participating in this class each week is a way to regularly access divine inspiration for yourself and your work in the world.  I loved it, grieved when it was over, and miss the rhythm of it in my week.
—Virginia Lee, Coastal Resource Management Coach, USA


This is the most powerful and important work I have ever done. The Manifestation Wheel opened and revealed so many truths about my journey in this life. Alan's selfless approach to the work and his unique abilities to channel and bring forth energy open the flow of the Universe. Amazing, amazing, wonderful work.
—Tom from Rhode Island, entrepreneur, USA


Brilliant . . . the Soul Mission workshop shines with brilliance! Alan is a master at working with group energy. He is truly one of the masterful teachers on the planet. His transparency and trust in Spirit is exquisite and shines throughout his work. I experienced being seamlessly facilitated into my greatness."
—Janet Wing, therapist, USA


Alan created a beautiful safe space to work in and guided us with a sure and steady hand. He used those intuitive gifts of his to create just the right situation at any given moment. I would sit and marvel at how perfectly things fell into place as he navigated through the two days. I felt in highly competent hands and trust him completely.
—Reinette Fournier, yoga instructor, USA


On many levels, my work with Alan over the past few years has given me the clarity of vision and strength of conviction necessary to do my best work possible.  His incredible insight and sensitivity has helped me both to uncover my place in the world and to live my best life possible.
—Daniel Karslake, award-winning documentary filmmaker, USA


Alan Seale is an incredibly talented teacher/facilitator. I have coordinated hundreds of workshops and met and heard hundreds of speakers. What comes through so clearly is his love of all, his gentle grace and deep wisdom, and his profound ability to call forth magnificence from others.

— Pat Katisch, marketing consultant, USA

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