The Center for Transformational Presence

The Center for Transformational Presence, based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is a discovery, learning, development, and transformation environment supporting leaders and coaches in navigating today’s complex and rapidly changing world.



Why Transformational Presence? Why Now?
A powerful conscious living and leadership movement is now emerging in many parts of the world. It’s a movement built on the conviction that, in any initiative, all stakeholders can be served, all people and the environment can be honored and respected, and economic models can serve something greater than our individual selves.

Within this movement, there is also widespread agreement that, in order to lead the world forward in the most effective, impactful, and transformative ways, new skills and tools, as well as broader capacities for awareness and perception, will be required. These new skills and capacities require us to stretch far beyond the familiar, analytical, knowledge-based approaches found in traditional learning environments into more creative, discovery-based, transformational approaches.

Going forward, we need leaders who know how to be present with “what is” – to feel, sense, and listen to the energy and discover what wants to happen next. We need leaders who can be comfortable in not knowing the answers – and maybe not even knowing yet which questions to ask. We need curious, imaginative leaders who are willing to explore without knowing what they will find, yet trust that clues for next steps will appear. And leaders who, when they sense these next steps, are not afraid to take action.

We need leaders who are “at home in their own skin” – who are comfortable with who they are, and who fully embrace their own talents, skills, and gifts. At the same time, they thrive on continued learning through their leadership experience. They constantly seek to broaden their horizons of understanding and awareness. As they continue to learn and grow, they also create the best possible conditions for others to thrive and develop to their greatest potential – to experience their own breakthroughs in understanding, awareness, perception, and action.

We need leaders who recognize that everything is connected to everything else – who embody the understanding that the world is built on a matrix of relationships, and that everything that happens is a part of a larger flow. Nothing exists in isolation. Everything exists within a larger context. And at the most fundamental level, everything is energy in motion. When we approach circumstances, situations, visions, and dreams as energy, forward movement is greatly accelerated.

This is the leadership that will transform our world. And this is what Transformational Presence is all about.


What We Offer You
We offer the foundational skills and tools necessary for the new kind of leaders that are now being called for. You will learn fundamental, simple, practical, effective skills, tools, models and structures that help you develop your capacities for Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness approaches that are essential for dynamic and effective leadership in today’s rapidly changing world.

Our work together begins with helping you and/or the people of your organization develop a skill set for being a Transformational Presence, for shaping a transformational culture, and for leading transformational initiatives. We begin with a set of tools, models, and structures that together form the Transformational Presence approach. As we put those skills and models into practice, they begin to build and expand your capacities for awareness, compassion, understanding, and effective and sustainable action.

More specifically, the Transformational Presence approach can help you learn and develop:

  • A greater ability to navigate complexity in our rapidly changing world
  • Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness skills that support a much greater ability to identify and connect the many moving pieces within emerging patterns and circumstances, even when the pieces are not so easily identifiable
  • Models and structures for supporting others in developing effective, productive, and sustainable approaches and actions
  • Tools for deep listening and awareness—for hearing beneath the words and observing beneath the surface of complex circumstances and situations
  • Skills and tools for:
    • finding clarity within confusion
    • inspiring creativity and innovation within stuck or mired situations
    • discovering the next action steps for forward movement
    • reducing stress and increasing resilience in the face of uncertainty, hardship, and challenge

Transformational Presence is the embodiment of Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness. It’s the foundational skill set needed for the emerging conscious leadership movement. As individuals, organizations, and societies develop and refine this skill set, they begin to shape a transformational culture around them. As the culture transforms, people are more supported and encouraged to introduce transformational initiatives. And step-by-step, we begin to create a world that works for all.


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Center for Transformational Presence
Transformence INC

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Soul Mission * Life Vision Program in Netherlands (October 1-4)

Manifestation Wheel Program in Netherlands (March 26-29).

Transformational Presence Quotes

Try pausing right before and right after undertaking a new action, even something simple like putting a key in a lock to open a door. Such pauses take a brief moment, yet they have the effect of decompressing time and centering you.

— A life practice from Br. David Steindl-Rast

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