Certified Transformational Presence Coaches

CERTIFIED-COACH-BANNERWe are proud to introduce our Certified Transformational Presence Coaches. They have completed the full training and mentoring programs and have successfully completed their oral examinations. They have each made the principles of Transformational Presence Coaching their own and are doing significant service in the world. To be in touch with any of these coaches to discuss their services, see the contact information at the end of their profile. Watch for the profiles of our newest Certified Coaches to be posted as they complete their requirements and provide us with their profile. To learn more about our certification program, visit the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training page.

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Elina Akola, CTPC (Finland)
Website: www.elina.akola.fi
LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/elinaakola
Raquel Ark, CTPC (Germany/USA)

Profile coming soon!

Carina Benninga, CTPC (Netherlands)

“I have been coaching people in their careers for over thirty years. That was always there. I learned the basics from top hockey. How should you go from A to B and everything needed for that. That has always been my strength. I used to facilitate teams for most of the time. Now I’m more in the coaching of individuals. It is my passion to help people further to discover and develop into their full potential. From four conversations to a trajectory of one and a half years. The essence of my work is often around the topic of meaning: what is it that allows me to be here in this phase of my life, and what is the next step? How do people get more in balance with themselves and how do they gain self-leadership?”

Carina’s soul mission is: deep stillness

As a top athlete, Carina achieved the highest achievable results with the Dutch women’s hockey team: twice world champion (1983, 1990) and three times participant in the Olympic Games, with as highlight Olympic Gold (1984). As a leader, she faced issues especially related to leadership, collaboration, communication, motivation and acceptance. The lessons she learned from that time, have been given a solid theoretical foundation in the following years. In 1994 Carina founded her own company Bureau Benninga. Since then she has been working as an independent coach for teams and individuals. First on the hockey field, then in business. Career-Coaching, Leadership -and Executive coaching became her new route.

Carina believes that you always have to keep moving in order to grow and thrive. She trained herself in all different areas of personal growth, adding the quality of deep listening to her doer energy. She has obtained certificates and diplomas in among others The Work from Byron Katie, Hoffman Institute, Positive Psychology, Systemic Coaching, NLP Master, Intuitive Development, Mindfulness, the Almaaz / Ridhwan School, Art of Living, and Vortex healing. The Transformational Presence Leadership Coaching brings it all together for her. This work gives tools to clients to explore what wants to happen, what are the opportunities that are available and what are the choices that are there to make. Transformation presence let the high performing energy is transformed to a more silent energy and it gives the client the space to connect what wants to unfold.

Carina holds a law degree from the University of Amsterdam, the city that she loves and where she now lives with her partner and two kids. She did an undergraduate study at Old Dominion University in Virginia and at the University of Pennsylvania.

Contact Carina via email at carina@bureaubenninga.nl, Skype at carina.benninga, or phone +31 654 37 00 73

Thea Bombeek, PCC, CTPC (Belgium)

Profile Coming soon!

Jo Boniszweski, CTPC (Netherlands)

Jo Boniszewski is the founder of Barefoot Training & Coaching. She is an experienced transformational leadership coach and facilitator working primarily with organizations, leadership teams, executives and entrepreneurs. She enables those she works with to take bold steps in realizing their full potential and to be the leaders they want to be.

Starting from a base of trust and openness, she cuts quickly to the essence, enabling shifts in perspective and understanding, which then lead to transformed action and significant, sustainable growth.

Jo has worked closely with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence during the last five years. She is currently being mentored by Alan to be a program leader for the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training and the Transformational Presence Leadership in Action programs, both open-enrollment and in-company forms.

In Jo’s words: To witness people and teams taking steps to becoming the best version of themselves and achieving great results inspires me. And the more I coach and lead, the more I experience its reciprocity. I also continually learn and take steps in my own development, achieving greater results, fuelled by the people I work with!

Contact Jo through her email: jo@barefoortraining.nl or website: www.barefoottraining.nl

Mark Braber, MSc., CTPC (Netherlands)

Mark-Braber-240“My deep search for fulfillment for the second half of my life and the ground-breaking insights that I had during that search have convinced me that I really want to serve others in enabling them to experience what it is to live and work from who they are at their essence. That is my motivation for founding Quinter, the Academy of Leadership.”

Mark’s soul mission is to trust and open.

He believes that his soul mission leads to an awakening of awareness in people and organisations. He is called to be the bridge which enables people and organizations to reach their greatest potential. In the end this will lead to wholeness and unconditional love.

By creating a space of trust and openness, Mark is able to come straight to the essence of ‘what is’. The starting point hereby is always the client’s goal. He helps to create a space where the real personal and business potential can unfold. As a result, people and organisations come into flow.

Mark founded Quinter in 2012. The name Quinter is derived from ‘La Quinta Essentia’ which, according to Aristotle, means the fifth binding element. It also represents the creative ability of human beings.

The mission of the Quinter Academy of Leadership is to inspire people to live and work from their heart. Accordingly, Quinter develops and executes leadership programmes for organisations on all levels using the newest insights from science and from ancient wisdoms.

The unique competence of Quinter is that the company develops training and coaching programmes in a co-creative way with clients. These are always spot on, due to a sheer will to listen deeply to what is.

Mark studied business economics at the Rotterdam Erasmus University Business School and is a Certified Transformational Presence Coach (CTPC). He is founder, director and leadership coach at the Quinter Academy of Leadership. www.quinter.nu. Helping to transform leadership issues at organisational, team and individual level are his core activities.

He has over 20 years of experience, functioning at operational, tactical and strategic management levels. Particularly focused in the areas of general and account management.

Until 2010 Mark was managing partner and co-owner of Vitae, one of the leading recruitment and staffing organisations in the Netherlands. During this period, Vitae won the ‘Great Place to Work Institute’ gold medal as best employer for five successive years.

Mark lives near Rotterdam in the Netherlands with his wife and their two children.

You may contact Mark through email.

Darcy (Sean) Clarke, MA, LPCC, LADAC, CTPC (USA)


San Francisco, CA USA

Darcy (Sean) Clarke is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC) in the state of New Mexico. He now adds to his practice his credential as a Transformational Presence Coach. In his practice, Sean assists his clients in identifying and working through the impact of past conditioning upon their current functioning and manifestation process. He specializes in helping people align their human self with their soul. His work integrates insights, gifts, and lessons gained from many years of clinical, spiritual, and personal growth trainings and experiences. Sean offers a heart centered, intuitive, collaborative, experiential approach. He is here to facilitate your transformational process in a manner which is respectful and honors you and your journey. Sessions are designed to meet your individual needs and concerns as well as being fun, practical, and grounding. He currently offers telephone/skype sessions. For more information and/or to schedule a session, call Sean at +1 415.738.8859 or reach him at www.liaprogram.com.

Marjanke de Cock, CTPC (Netherlands)

Profile coming soon!

Francine Derks, CTPC (Netherlands)

Francine Derks

Francine started her career as a designer and developed herself to become a manager of a business group of an international chain store. She worked for many years in that field. From that experience, Francine knows what is going on in organisations and what kind of challenges they face.

Francine’s approach is characterized by personal attention and is result oriented in a practical and accessible way. She is able to address complex issues simply and concisely. Her focus is on transformation because that is sustainable in the long run and is always fitting to what wants to happen in your life and what is good for you.

It is her desire to help understand how we are creating our own reality and results. She guides you to go within to remove obstacles, find answers and to connect with your true self. A shift in perception in thinking and doing at every level is needed to find new behavior which is fitting to your values and competences.

Francine is a highly trained and skilled intuitive coach, who facilitates you resolute through the change process. You find more information about her on www.axia-trainingen.nl and contact her directly through info@axia-trainingen.nl.

Lilia Dicu, PCC, CTPC (Romania)

Lilia DicuHaving worked for more than 10 years in management – as the head of HR in different multinational companies, I learned that people are the most powerful asset an organisation has. Without them – even though having resources, plans and strategies – companies might not have people who believe in the company’s mission and vision and who would do anything to accomplish things they stand for.

From being one of the executives, I soon became one of the professionals who serves leaders to step into their full power, envision who they really are, and make a change in the organisation and thus transform the world. So I became an executive coach. I am honored to currently hold a PCC accreditation from the International Coach Federation and the CTPC certification from the Center for Transformational Presence.

Being passionate about who we are and what we consist of, I sharpened my coaching abilities with trainings and specialties such as systemic approach, ontological coaching, NLP and many others. To complete these, everything I was looking for was encompassed in Transformational Presence coaching concepts.

My biggest passion is to discover the higher potential locked in people and serve them to unleash their power in order to achieve their greatest dreams. I am excited to see how the world is transforming and how people are drifting away from fear, control, and competitiveness toward creativity, compassion, kindness, and love.

With everything I do, my desire is to be an active contributor to the transformation and awakening of this world.

+40 722 564 976

Claartje Driessen, CTPC (Netherlands)

Profile coming soon!

Samantha Dye, CTPC (USA)

Profile coming soon!

Sitara Edward, CTPC (Netherlands)

Profile coming soon!

Mieke Elekan, MSc, RCP, CTPC (Netherlands)

Mieke-ElekanMieke lives in Amsterdam, the city that inspires her with its buzz, architecture, music and people. However, she is also very often in the great outdoors, acting as a nature guide or simply enjoying her love of the mountains

Her motto in life and work is “lifting up high and bringing clarity down to earth.” The compliment she appreciates most is, “Thank you, from now on I will always look at things differently.” A win-win situation. New perspectives make both clients and Mieke smile.

Starting her career as an Urban planner, later on applying her knowledge and skills in consultancy for multinationals, and practising coaching for 17 years now, Mieke continuously furthered her personal development by an eclectic education in coaching and guiding.

Her businesscard now says: Mieke Elekan, Facilitation, Coaching, Training. Themes: Decisionmaking, Nature in business, Transforming personal leadership, and Looking into the future.

Clients come to Mieke for conflict resolution, management strategies, career counselling and start-ups, and life coaching.  What they seem to have in common is “being temporarily in the dark, not knowing how or what or why to move.”

Mieke facilitates mind expansion and practical clarity so that individuals or groups can draw their own conclusions and can move into well-focused action again.

Transformational Presence work, and working with Soul Mission and the Manifestation Wheel fit her own style and expertise as a glove.

Mieke is self employed in close cooperation with a flexible core of individual soul mates including Blik-Opener.nl for young professionals. You can reach her viaLinkedin.com and directly via email.

Eleonore Fleur-Karimoen, CTPC (Netherlands)

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Peter Heinrichs, CTPC (USA)


Peter Heinrichs is a coach and consultant working with individuals and non-profit organizations especially in the areas of leadership, organizational transformation and fundraising. His focus is the transformation of scarcity thinking into abundance commitment. He believes that strategic planning as traditionally practiced can only repeat the patterns and fears behind current behavior. In a rapidly changing world, only a potential-based approach can offer practical steps and creative resources that move a mission forward. He lives along the abundantly flowing Saco River in southern Maine, USA, with his wife Susan Lewis, a life coach and spiritual teacher. You can reach Peter via email.

Rob Hermans, MA, CTPC (Netherlands)


Rob Hermans helps people discover and develop their full potential. He is an inspirator with an unconditional belief in people, seeing the perfect masterpiece that is hidden within all of us. He facilitates the unfolding of this masterpiece using a playful and imaginative method based on Transformational Presence Coaching. Rob specializes in career development as well as balance and burnout coaching.

Rob has his own coaching practice Wat bezielt je? together with his partner Lidy van Koppen (also trained in Transformational Presence Coaching). He combines this with his work as a tutor and coach at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands). There he coaches and trains both students and staff. As a certified FranklinCovey trainer he regularly gives “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” trainings.

Rob studied English language and literature at Oxford and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (The Netherlands), from which he graduated in 1982. He started his professional career as an English teacher, first at high school, soon moving on to higher education. Since 1994 he has specialized in coaching. He has been a pioneer in implementing personal professional development in the higher education curriculum. His own training as a coach ranges from NLP to career coaching.

When Rob came into contact with Alan Seale’s work in 2008, he knew that this was what he had been waiting for: a methodology that goes straight to the heart; coaching that is spiritual, intuitive and practical. Rob soon followed both the Soul Mission and Manifestation Wheel workshops and, together with Lidy, was part of the first cohort of Transformational Presence Coach Training in 2009.

Rob’s soul mission: I inspire and unfold. He brings into his coaching his wisdom and love gained through his life experience and his study and practice of the science of yoga. Rob is married to Lidy and the father of two beautiful children.

Sue Hiser, CTPC (USA)

Profile coming soon!

Trace Hobson, CTPC (Canada)

Trace Hobson is an intuitive and multi-dimensional leader. Over the last thirty years, he has worked globally in technical and non-technical industries coaching executives, managers, leaders, teams, and organizations on expansion, leadership, and transformation.

When he was just 15 years old, Trace began working with his entrepreneur father. From there, he worked his way up to executive-level positions in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. HIs broad professional experience, his passion and deep commitment to the principles of conscious leadership, and his personal soul mission have now come together in his work as a Transformational Presence Coach and an active leader in our global Transformational Presence community. He offers support to our community and beyond through leadership, coaching, company development, partnership management, program expansion, succession planning, and content creation.

Using the cutting-edge frameworks, tools, skills, and programs of Transformational Presence, Trace helps executives, leaders, coaches, and organizations find their way through our current turbulent and uncertain times. One of his gifts is his ability to translate and integrate Transformational Presence concepts and approaches into the areas of leadership, management, organizational development, and the very practical areas of business. As one client recently said, “He has the ability to make Transformational Presence real and accessible for people.”

As a coach, Trace specializes in:

  • Executive Director and C-Level Coaching
  • Industry-specific translation of Transformational Presence concepts, frameworks and approaches
  • Promotional campaign development

Contact Trace

Rebecca Johns, CPCC, CTPC (USA)

Rebecca-Johns-200 I began my professional journey as an educator teaching special education in public schools in 1972. Along the way, I enjoyed opportunities to teach in several western states as well as Tasmania, Australia. My adventurous spirit led me to northwest Montana in 1980 and I knew I had found my place, living on the edge of 5 million acres of wilderness. I continued teaching while becoming a trainer for Educators for Social Responsibility teaching Peacemaking in the schools. I moved on to consulting nationally for two universities training teachers. I discovered coaching and was trained and certified by The Coaches Training Institute. I have continually pursued learning and am also affiliated with the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality & Healing as a Charter Member of the Purpose Project. I am also certified by Deep Change, Inc. to coach to an assessment of 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence. When I discovered Alan’s work I knew again, I had found my place. As a Certified Transformational Presence Leadership coach, I provide personal and professional development to clients internationally. My soul mission is connecting people to their true selves, to each other, and to the potential waiting to unfold in their lives and work. I offer retreats, coaching intensives, and workshops along with my individual coaching with clients. I lead many of these events in sacred places including Glacier National Park in Montana along with other state and national parks in the USA. I work with corporate leadership as well as non-profits and small businesses. My approach offers a deeper look at personal development as an evolutionary path and the skill development necessary to have the impact my clients’ desire. I utilize leading edge resources and techniques helping clients create the kind of positive change they want to make in their own lives, organizations, communities, and the world. It is an honor, a privilege, and really fun. To contact Rebecca for upcoming workshops, retreats, or individual coaching, call 406-837-2029; email rjohns@aboutmontana.net; visit www.RebeccaJohnsCoaching.com

Keith H. Jorgensen, Internal Coach, ACC, CTPC, IKEA Certified Coach (USA)

Keith-JorgensenAs a successful leader in the field of logistics and distribution operations for over 25 years, Keith has always followed his intuition when leading others. He has developed his Coach/Mentor style by working to develop others in various business working environments including Retail, Services, Production, Manufacturing and Corporate structures. His success in leading others presented an opportunity to become an internal leadership and development coach trained under the guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF). After completing his training with Coachutbildning AB in Sweden, Keith achieved his ACC with the ICF in February 2013.

It was during that training that one of his instructors noticed that his intuitive style was similar to the approach that Alan talks about in his book, Create A World That Works. Keith completed Alan’s Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching program in October 2013 and became a Certified Transformational Presence Coach in June of 2014.

Keith works with developing leaders at IKEA, helping them understand how being present in the moment leads to a greater awareness of who they are as leaders and how that awareness can create incredibly powerful energy connections with others. He works with his clients to find their path to greater self-awareness of how a potential-based approach to business can lead to more successes versus a traditional problem-solving approach. He believes strongly that remaining in the energy of Discovery creates a much more creative and positive working atmosphere for the leaders he serves and for those that they lead. Keith blazes this path by living in the present moment. By doing so he is gifted with the opportunity to engage life from a place of choice and opportunity which results in better decision making, higher productivity, greater self satisfaction, and stronger business results.

Keith also works with others outside of IKEA through his coach business, Presence to Action, LLC. There he adds the dimension of spiritual and chakra energy awareness to his coaching approach. By including these he offers his clients a safe opportunity to explore what wants to happen for them or what a given situation is asking them to become.

Email Keith

Ann Kellheim, PCC, Coach Supervisor & CTPC (Sweden)

Ann-Kellheim-200Ann Kellheim is a dedicated Transformational Presence Coach and an experienced Coach Supervisor, the second to be credentialed in Sweden and Scandinavia. She is also a coach trainer and holds the Associate Certified Coach credential for the International Coach Federation. She has more than 1300 coaching hours and is currently in the application process to be a Professional Certified Coach through the ICF.

Ann has delivered coach training to hundreds of coaches, managers and leaders, and has created a training program in Coaching Supervision in Sweden that has now trained over 30 skilled supervisors – coaches, leaders, managers, and HR professional. Ann co-founded and runs CoachWalk Academy in Sweden together with a creative team of committed coaches, supervisors and Transformational Presence coaches. CoachWalk Academy partners with The Center For Transformational Presence for presenting its programs in Scandinavia.

Earlier in her professional life, Ann spent 17 years working in Human Resources and 11 years as a psycosynthesis therapist. Her motivation has always been to help people grow and use their potential.

Ann’s soul mission is “I inspire.” She inspires people through her book about finding your true self, Hitta Ditt Sanna Jag, and from her work with helping people to listen to their true selves and live authentically. She works with both individuals and groups.

One of Ann’s mottos is “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”, lyrics from a Whitney Houston song. Ann is using her energetic intelligence and ability to sense energies in whatever work she does. She has learned to trust her abilities, herself, and now teaches others to do the same.

Currently Ann is co-writing the first Swedish book about Coaching Supervision. It is due for publication in early 2013. She is eager to spread the gift of Transformational Presence Coaching and Coaching Supervision into the world, to help people live their highest potential, and evolve in consciousness.

Email: ann.kellheim@coachwalk.se

Phil Knapp, CTPC (Canada)

Phil_KnappPhil Knapp has quickly become a successful coach supporting many people in creating a dynamic life for themselves that they simply love. Early on in his own life, Phil Knapp uncovered his deep desire to encourage others – to help them stretch and grow and to live a life of no regrets. He has furthered his natural Life Coaching qualities by becoming certified as a Transformational Presence Coach through the Center for Transformational Presence in Boston, USA.

In addition to his private coaching practice, Phil was invited to create a new coaching division for Point 8 Training and Development Inc., and is now the head of that division.

When Phil is not empowering his clients to live their best life, he is busy living his, enjoying the love of his life Danielle, exercising daily, playing sports and cheering on the Vancouver Canucks.

Phil Knapp continues today to impact as many people as possible so they too can live a life they love!

Contact Information:
Phil Knapp

Sascha Krijger, CTPC (Netherlands)

Sascha Krijger’s soul mission is two sided: to touch and to get touched, and being a catalyst for growth.

Sascha has her own consulting and coaching firm and is an experienced, enthusiastic and energetic people manager in the not for profit sector, as well as a Transformational Presence coach. Sascha has a strong track record in the expansion and transformation of organizations (in the role of head of an HR- and Strategy department, interim manager, program manager, and management consultant). Combining her work experience with the philosophy and frameworks of Transformational Presence as well as other programs for personal growth with a focus on systemic work.

In her coaching the positive effects of energy, movement en reflection in and in relationship to nature are used. The senses open up and there is space for reflection, associations and imagination. Sascha offers a special program -named the Elephant program-  in and around Kruger National Park in South Africa. An unforgettable inner safari with coaching in nature for individuals and small groups, providing guidance for personal and/or professional growth. Using simple, practical, and impactful approaches and tools that can serve the clients no matter what the question, project or challenge may be. Her love of nature and fascination with wildlife and animal behavior has also fueled her passion for flora and fauna photography. More than willing to share knowledge, yet also understanding that photography can provide unlimited opportunities to work with in coaching.

Sascha understands, respects and uses differences in individuals to accomplish shared goals and targets and has the ability to motivate people, create team spirit and facilitate leaders to realize their full potential. Sascha holds space for inclusion (of all sorts) in a team and is passionate to tap into the full potential that is available in individuals and teams.

Contact Sascha via email s.krijger@planet.nl , see the professional profile on https://www.linkedin.com/in/sascha-krijger-19195157/ and see for the Elephant program  https://www.bedandbeast.nl/en/the-elephant-program/

Ian van Lidth de Jeude, CTPC (Netherlands)

IanIan studied Clinical and Developmental Psychology in The Netherlands and England. Since 1983 he has worked both in management and consultancy, and started his coaching and training practice in 1993, when the word “coaching” wasn’t even yet used in a business environment.

Although always perceiving and coaching his clients from a “potential” point of view, his training with Alan Seale has further impacted this particular perspective. His clients include a wide range of individuals of different ages. Issues vary from personality “challenges” to career choices and (self) management. From time to time, his mediation skills are required when colleagues have difficulty collaborating, thus furthering synergy and team play in companies.

His mission in life is “to be a beacon on life’s path home.” Having traveled quite a lot in his private and professional life and often having had to create a home away from home, his personal challenge turned out to become his main leading principle in work. A fine example of the Principle of Correspondence. Due to his communicative and interpersonal skills, he has gathered a wide network that he freely shares with those in need of specific help.

As a coach, Ian helps clients uncover, manifest and further develop their potential. Based on his experience as a global traveler, corporate manager, and board member and city councilor, he coaches clients with issues related to personal and professional development and leadership. Helping uncover individuals’ drives and motives and how to fully and authentically engage and apply their talents is his main objective.

Ian lives and works in Amsterdam and has a private practice.

Ian can be reached on LinkedIn and via e-mail at info@ianvanlidth.nl.

Peggy MacArthur, CTPC (USA)

I have always viewed life through a non-traditional lens and made choices that have kept me on the margins – except for my roles in our family. My core values find their most congruent expression in nurturing those relationships that are dearest to me.

The sources of my professional path have been eclectic, even while working in human resources at a Fortune 500 company and being a conventional systems therapist. Chafing at established norms and customs, I turned away from those roles when I became deeply aware of how much they restricted the creative expression of my spirit!

My life partner and I both left our corporate jobs and moved to a remote hillside in New Hampshire, where the land nourishes our souls. We created Birch Corner Associates (www.birchcorner.com), coaching individuals and nonprofit organizations to live their truth, lead with clarity and make a positive difference in their circles of influence.

A major focus of my recent work has been coaching students and supervising the team of coaches in a two-year equine gestalt coaching certification program offered by Melisa Pearce of Touched By A Horse.

Having attended several of Alan’s workshops over the years, I found words to describe how I choose to BE in my life and work. From the interplay of the roles of Soul and Ego in choice and opportunity, I see now that my life decisions have always answered the question, “What wants to happen here?”

My soul mission is to heal, to make whole. I believe that individuals, groups and organizations have the wisdom within to heal themselves and my role as coach is to help them tap into that wisdom to discover their own answers. Certification as a Transformational Presence Coach® was a natural next step.

My formal education and training also includes a BA from Drew University and a MSW from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University. I was a licensed independent clinical social worker and practiced as a systems therapist. I am a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui System of Reiki Healing. 

Stephanie Marisca, PCC, CTPC (USA)

stephanie-200Stephanie Marisca has trained and mentored hundreds of coaches and is sought after by clients and organizations as a coach and trainer/speaker. She is particularly adept at empowering her clients to identify their blocks, and then gain clarity, direction and focus to effect positive change in both their professional and personal life with greater purpose and higher consciousness—to embrace their true greatness within.

Along with her credential as a Certified Transformational Presence Coach, Stephanie holds her professional life coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and is a Professional Certified Coach(PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is a master trainer, faculty member and mentor for New England Coaching and the iPEC Coaching Certification program. She is also certified in DISC, the Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment Scale and Energy Leadership Master Index.

Stephanie brings more than twelve years of experience in alternative approaches to self transformation into her work. She has earned certifications in a variety of holistic and metaphysical disciplines that highly inform her coaching practice. She is a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Working with individuals or facilitating groups, she offers her clients the tools for powerful transformation to occur.

For more information and/or to schedule a session, call Stephanie at 401-241-1684  or e-mail.

Beth Masterman, CTPC (USA)

Profile coming soon!

Nicki McClusky, CTPC, CPC (USA)


Soaring like an eagle over beautiful Washington State in the U.S., we’d see my homeland below. My early life was grounded in instrumental music (piano, sax, oboe), morphing into vocal music when my love of slow jazz emerged. Although majoring in Education, I sang my way through undergraduate school with a quartet, a 16-piece band, and singing lead roles in musicals. My professional life moved from teaching Kindergarten through Univ. of Cal. Berkeley choral music (M.A. in Music-Voice) for 12 years, into the world of becoming a private practice psychotherapist (32 years) as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Professional Counselor.   Even though I was devoted to healing and growth, my soul became restless in 2004: I wanted to help people “soar” once they mended their inner broken wings. Writing and photography became professional pursuits (10 books to date); when I discovered coaching in 2004, my heart took flight. I fell in love.

In my third coaching school, International Coach Academy, there was magnificent Alan Seale. Miraculously, “Communities of Practice” were offered where we could listen to and practice coaching. Building on my great foundation of coach learning through a school for therapists becoming life coaches, the Institute for Life Coach Training, I graduated from ICA in September of 2009 with as much exposure to Alan, Sheri Boone, and Karen Cappello as I could manage.   Continuing on with a dual practice in psychotherapy and coaching, I added life and spiritual coaching (for 8 years) to well-established voice coaching (32 yrs.).   Over 85 clients and 1,000 or so coaching hours later, I earned my PCC from the International Coach Federation.   Although many of my clients came into coaching through either the life coaching or voice coaching door, everyone eventually moved toward discovering, listening to and then speaking from the voice of his/her soul. It was a natural for me to take Alan’s wonderful TPLC training in 2010, completing the Mentor Coaching portion of his beautiful work in August of 2012.

“I awaken and empower.” That is and has been my soul mission. Having done the work to earn the right to “sit in the chair” or “coach on the phone,” my mission runs through me like a river, head to toe. One of my priorities is to live the principles of Transformational Presence Coaching—particularly living from my soul with ego serving as her hands and feet, living mindfully in choice and opportunity, living with aligned Intelligences (head, gut, heart), and coaching in a way that encourages us all to manifest our greatest potential. I bring this same energy to my joyful, deeply loving marriage of 47 years (with John), to my relationship with our 41 year- old magnificent son (Ben), and into the lovely relationship I have with his family.

Now, if you soar like an eagle over St. Louis in the Midwest of the U.S., you’ll see me continuing to evolve as aTransformation Voice Coach, assisting clients who want to transform the enormously powerful energy of their thought systems—their self-talk and their speaking voices—into that which allows them to reach their greatest potential.   Since this is the basis for all magnificent living, I “awaken and empower” entrepreneurs, professional speakers, coaches, and business people to live and speak from inspiration, love, and mindful speech—toward themselves first—and then toward and with others. Deep, profound transformation takes place through our exceptional coaching paradigm based in Consciousness, energetic power, and unbridled potential being realized/manifested in the world.

If you would like to contact Nicki McClusky, please call 314.432.2549 or visit her websites for further information about her services and products:   www.findyourvoicecoach.com, www.nickimcclusky.com.

Kristel Mulderink, CTPC (Netherlands)


Kristel’s website is www.hettalentklooster.nl

Saskia Neyt, CTPC (Belgium)

Saskia is an intuitive and transformational coach. For the last 17 years she has worked in all types of companies as coach and as consultant.

With a background as team-lead, project manager and account manager in both supply chain as ICT consultancy she has a broad experience in different types of businesses and teams.

She guides executives and senior management to find the real essence and align this with the core of what they bring in life and work.

Authenticity, heart-centered connection and passion are 3 things she brings in every coaching session or training combined with a lightness and humor which leads to real transformation.

Lidwien Opheij, CTPC (Netherlands)

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Liesbeth Overdijk, CTPC (Netherlands)

Liesbeth-Overdijk“Living your true authentic self is your best gift to the world.”

Living and working in Holland, it was actually in the beautiful surroundings of Morocco where I first heard about the wonderful work of Alan Seale. I experienced the instant knowing this is important for me. From that moment TPLC became a lively and meaningful part of my life. It was the beginning of a process of accepting life, allowing what wants to happen, without deliberately pushing for a result – a process of creating space to be a facilitator for something much bigger at work. Great changes in personal and working life took place.

I’ve enjoyed a colorful and dynamic career path. I began as a student at arts school, then became an arts history teacher, followed by years as a manager in the arts business. Reaching the age of 40, I answered the call for living my mission: working as a coach. After 15 years my heart is more than ever involved in my work every single day. Living my mission and working as a Transformational Presence Coach brings joy and lightness to my working life and to my clients who are amazed by the force of TPLC.

I also use another kind of energy work, being educated as a healer and reader and facilitator of constellations. My motto is: “working with what works.” Combined with the soul mission, “I uncover essence,” it seems that I had to end up at TPLC sooner or later!

Our work together as coach and client is about learning to trust yourself completely, to live the radiance of your soul, and open up to what wants to unfold. I invite you to connect with your essence and to step into your own power. From experience, I can tell how old forgotten dreams came true.

Important principles in my coaching are:

– Coaching is co-creating from a place of not-knowing, connecting with the source of possibilities, tuning in on what wants to happen, discovering, exploring, being surprised

– Accepting the world as it is, is the only way to transform. This includes being present for life (so life will be present for you)

– Learn from the future instead of the past; the past will bring forward old patterns, the future allows you to create new patterns

Contact Liesbeth Overdijk in The Netherlands.

Petra Peltenburg, CTPC (Belgium)

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Magdalena Poradzka, CTPC (Poland)

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Rosalie Puiman, CTPC (Netherlands)

rosalie-pRosalie Puiman believes in a world were all people live with sovereignty, compassion and awareness. Slowly but surely these qualities are spreading, and Rosalie contributes to that by supporting her clients in creating a Sovereign Life: http://rosaliepuiman.com/sovereign-living-what-is-it/.

Rosalie serves passionate people who feel driven to positively impact the world. Her coaching and teaching help them connect to their intuitive mind, open their heart and grow into their personal power and true potential.

Transformational Presence is at the core of her work and its possibilities still excite her every day. ‘Transformational Presence both challenges ànd supports my intuitive approach to coaching’.

As Rosalie is lighthearted and grounded, working with her doesn’t get heavy, even though it digs deep.

Before starting her coaching practice, Rosalie worked as an interim manager in Dutch government for almost a decade. Her many assignments in various ministries and municipalities taught her invaluable lessons about courageous communication, integrity and leadership, which she gratefully applies in her work.

Rosalie lives in Amsterdam with her husband Eiso and their daughter and son.

Please connect via: http://rosaliepuiman.com or rosalie@rosaliepuiman.com

Charlotte Rekko CTPC (Netherlands)

Charlotte’s contact info
Her website is www.bergkracht.nl 
Mary Riley, PCC, CTPC (USA)

Mary-Riley-NewMary Riley is founder and coach at the Center for Non-Profit Coaching (CNPC), a 501(c)(3) organization supporting professionals from the non-profit sector who want to increase their capacity for leadership and service. Mary works with a volunteer team of organization and life coaches to bring coaching to those who might otherwise not be able to afford such services. CNPC also engages philanthropic partners who want to support coaching for non-profit professionals and thereby strengthen the quality of not-for-profit efforts throughout the world.  CNPC clients, coaches and other partners include visionary leaders who seek to provide human services to clients in need, make advancements on behalf of the environment, enhance access to education, arts and culture, and support animal welfare, among other charitable and public services.

Mary has had a long career in the not-for-profit worlds of public education, human services, community outreach and healthcare as a project developer, grant writer and administrator. She completed coach training at New York University and at the Center for Transformational Presence. For more information about no- and low-cost coaching services for non-profit professionals and organizations contact the CNPC team at info@centerfornonprofitcoaching.org, 518-873-1023 or by visiting the website www.centerfornonprofitcoaching.org.

Katrien Rommens, PCC, CTPC (Belgium)

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Vincent Sark, CTPC (The Netherlands)

Vincent’s contact info
His website is www.transformationalplayground.com/


Marja Sas, CTPC, Coach-Therapist (The Netherlands)

Marja SasMy real lifetime journey of discovery and inner growth started at the age of 40 when I had a huge wake-up call. I was diagnosed with cancer. A difficult and also rich year followed, and I survived. This all happened within 10 months. These months were so intense in everything that happened and now, 14 years later, I can truly say that this experience taught and brought me so much. It made me aware of me, and that I always have a choice in what to do with and how to live my life. Now I can say that I found my essence, live from there and that my journey just continues.

As a coach and therapist– with heart and soul – I work with individuals and organizations to support them in finding and living their essence as well.

One of the discoveries on my own journey is that I so much love to work with people in times of loss and change. And that is what I do now. I work with you as the whole human being you are. I trust in the inner wisdom we all have, and work with that. This inner wisdom leads the way and we only have to follow.

Change is part of our everyday life, whether we like it or not. Change can be experienced from exciting to scary, from good to bad, from feeling stuck to feeling free. What do you do with changes in your life? How do you show up and how do you want to show up? Maybe there is a gap between those two and what if you could close this gap.

What if change leads the way? I’ll be your guide in this process of exploration and discovery. You’ll learn what change means for you and what can happen if you choose to start listening to the message of change.

In times of loss, we need compassion towards ourselves. What if we embrace our feelings that belong to grief, just like we embrace the people we love. When we love, we bond and connect from the heart. And after a loss we grieve.

What is your way of grieving? I hold space and walk along side of you on this journey. You’ll discover the need of grieving as well as what your own special way of grieving is. You’ll need time to explore and to discover, and you’ll need time to grieve. This is your way of learning to live with a loss and from here you can move forward.

What if grieving could be a natural part of your company’s vision? Just imagine that and also what it could mean for your company in times of change. Change can be exciting and it can be felt like a loss. A change in your company only succeeds if all employees can move forward.

What if you hold space for those in grief? Acknowledge the feelings of loss and give your employees time to grieve. I am your expert advisor in what your employees need and I’ll guide them in their process and on their journey. Your employees will explore and discover their way of grieving, and they’ll learn they have a choice in how to move forward.

Loss and change and the feelings of grief need care, attention and compassion so people can heal. It can feel as if the world around you goes on and on and you are not part of it. Going through the process of grief brings you to the point where you can step into something new.

Integrate grief in your life or your company. I also walk alongside of you in this part of your journey, so you can fully integrate grief in your life and in your work. From here you can move forward with whatever you want to do.

For more information, visit Marja’s website: www.marjasas.nl or email her at info@marjasas.nl

Ineke Schaper, CTPC (Netherlands)

More than 30 years ago Ineke discovered the effect and enormous impact of personal beliefs. She realized that her own ideas and convictions determine her perception of the world around her. And that this perception, shaped by her own background and experience, has conditioned her in a particular way. On a personal, deeper level she became aware of how people can really hate and fight each other because of a lack of awareness of this principle.

Ineke went looking for a fundamental different and new way to deal with problems and challenges in her life, a way that would rise above the conventional way. From then on it has been her deepest wish to connect to her inner being in order to create a more harmonious and better personal life and even more, to contribute to ‘a world that works’ as well.

She discovered a lot about her deepest longings, fears and goals in life, about how to use ‘limiting’ thoughts and feelings to connect to who she really is and how to create more happiness, success and fulfillment in her life. Ineke started a practice called ‘Act from the Soul’ to support others to connect to their inner being and improve their lives. She wrote a book about her experiences called ‘Doen vanuit Zijn’. The first two parts of this book have been translated in English, titled ‘Act from the Soul’.

At the moment, nature is Ineke’s main guide. She is a lecturer on nature as a source of inspiration to individuals and organizations/businesses. She finds going out for nature walks as a means of coaching very fulfilling and effective. She organizes walks and courses on the floodplains of the River Waal in the Netherlands. The participants go on challenging hikes along the river – hikes that are always different because of the rise and fall in waterlevels – using all their senses and the vast open space, learning from nature, literally and metaphorically. On their walks, usually in silence, the participants start to connect more to their own bodies and to the earth. They see and feel more and experience a bigger awareness. This often unfolds into an inner stillness and clarity from which new insights can arise, insights about what wants to happen, what life is asking from them and from where next steps can be taken.

You can find more information about Ineke at www.doenvanuitzijn.nl and www.actfromthesoul.com. Or contact her directly through info@doenvanuitzijn.nl.

Michael Schroeder, CTPC (Romania)

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Sandra Seibert, CTPC (Germany)

sandra-seibertI used to believe that change was terrifying and needed to be avoided at all cost. Today, I embrace change and transitions as powerful catalysts for transformation.

My name is Sandra Seibert and I can honestly say that change is my middle name. Since my early childhood, I had to face numerous major life transitions including international relocations and the arising conflicts of being torn between two different countries and cultures, dysfunctional family relationships, threatening health issues, as well as deep personal crisis. Through deep self-exploration, I experienced a profound transformation that helped me create a life in balance, joy, and harmony inside and out. And today, I see change as a gift, a treasured opportunity that invites me to look at my life in new ways and live authentically and aligned with my deepest values and heart´s desires.

Fueled by a deep passion to support others, I became a professional coach, specializing in supporting women from all walks of life who face their own life transitions or crisis, feeling stressed, overwhelmed, having lost touch with themselves over the years.

I am honored to currently holding an ACC accreditation from the International Coach Federation and the CTPC certification from the Center for Transformational Presence. My coaching service is complimented by my professional experience as an educator and systemic counselor as well as my rich life experiences.

I developed an inspirational and empowering approach for my clients to turn their challenges into opportunities for personal transformation so they can step into their greatness, discover and live their truth, experience breakthroughs, implement positive change, and create soul-inspired, authentic lives.

Specialties: Mastering Change & Life Transitions, Soul-Inspired Living, Leadership – Leading with Heart and Soul, Self Awareness, Stress Management, Personal Transformation

+49 152 33937290

Anna-Lena Smith, CTPC, PCC (Sweden)

anna-lena1“I had to let it happen. I had to change.” Evita Peron sang those words to her Argentinian people, and I could say the same. Outer circumstances do change our lives. My life has been a wonderful path of experiences: being a nurse in ICU for thoracic surgery working on the border of human life and death, then being a lecturer in the art of nursing. Outer circumstances soon led to being an expatriate in Manilla, Philippines. Here change turned into transformation. “I had to let it happen.” Trusting my abilities to hear the messages of my higher consciousness, I followed that guidance into a new life. Returning to Sweden, I stepped out of my passion for the art of nursing and felt as though I lost all I knew from that occupation. Yet my passion for life and death and transformation continued.

Soon after stepping into the art of professional coaching, I met Alan Seale. I participated in all of his workshops and became involved in the Center for Transformational Presence and spreading its work in Sweden. Today I am passionate about the quality of coaching education. I am a trainer at the CoachWalk Academy AB in Malmö, Sweden, as well as a teacher in Expressive Art Coaching.

For the future, I look forward to becoming a trainer here in Sweden in Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching and working together with colleagues in The Netherlands and the UK for continuing to develop Transformational Presence work in Europe.

Today I have transformed into a person who is learning how to master the art of mastery. This is what life is about for me.

I am Anna-Lena. I crystallize wholeness.

Anna-Lena Smith,

Marie Josee Smulders, CTPC, MS (Netherlands)

Marie-Josee-SmuldersMarie Josee Smulders brings a wealth of education, professional, and life experience to her work as a Certified Transformational Presence Coach. Early in her professional life she was a high school teacher and inspired her students to tap into their greatest potential. After raising three sons, she went on to study cultural and social science, exploring world-wide communication and cultural choices and patterns. She started her own company, “Labyrint Consultants” to help people become more aware of their own choices and developed a training program for people who were having difficulties in finding work. She is also a trainer for Diversity Joy in The Netherlands.

Through her work, she began to feel that there was a gap between mental coaching and energetic coaching. Having been educated in a “mental” system, she began exploring the “energetic” path. She studied shamanism through the Healing the Light Body school where she learned how to use and trust sacred space and how to work with energy in a healing process. She also travelled twice to Peru to study with the indigenous shamans there.

In 2006 Marie Josee and Gabriella van Rooij invited Alan Seale to teach in The Netherlands, and they have been hosting his personal development workshops and supporting the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training program in Holland since then.  Together they founded Stichting Seale in Holland. Through the coach training and the many workshops she has assisted Alan in, she found the tools and skills she needed to introduce this energetic way of working to her coaching clients.

Marie Josee shares that her soul mission is to bring heaven on earth. She lives that through seeking alignment every day in her own life and helping her clients do the same—facing their challenges, making clear and supportive choices, and seeing the path ahead. She is grateful to be able to serve as a Certified Transformational Presence Coach.

You can reach Marie Josee by email or by calling 0031 655 11 20 18.

Maciej Szturmowicz, CTPC (Poland)

Maciej Szturmowicz

Website: www.mindandsoul.center


Nadja Talpaert, MCC, CTPC (Belgium)

Nadja_TalpaertOne of my strongest beliefs is that every passing moment holds the opportunity to make a change in your live and that everyone has the key within to do so. Sometimes however you might benefit from a professional challenger who nails down and accelerates the tipping point.

Since I established Notice the Difference! together with my business partner Katrien Rommens (also Transformational Presence Coach) in 2010, I am dedicated to coaching managerial and executive clients on being an authentic leader and facilitating their transformation within. This fits perfectly with my own mission in life, which is to nourish the soul. My own personal career, both in business and HR, allows me to dance with the client easily in a variety of business environments and issues.

The work of Alan brought me closer to my own soul mission and allows me today to deepen the connection with clients on a spiritual level in order to invite what wants to be uncovered and see how things evolve from there.

I am a Master Certified Coach with over 13 years of experience in executive and business coaching. I hold a degree in communication and in business economics, a master in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and I am a certified Stress & Burn-out Coach.

I live in a very small village near Brussels (Belgium) with my husband, 2+2 kids and 2 cats.

To contact Nadja for upcoming workshops or individual coaching, via LinkedIn, or directly via email:Nadja@noticethdifference.be or visit www.noticethedifference.be

Donna Tarquinio, CTPC, CPMP, CFD, CA (USA)

Donna-Tarquinio-NewDonna Tarquinio is a passionate leader with an eye for beauty and a gift for inspiration. She combines her background of 20 years of success in executive management and information technology with her life-long passion for personal development and leadership management. She is a strong advocate for living an authentic and tranquil lifestyle filled with creativity and inspiration. After deciding to leave behind her secure corporate position and a six-figure salary and well-defined benefits, she committed her journey to redesigning her own life based on her true inner guidance and authentic well-being. Today, she is a catalyst for other individuals who desire balance and transformation from the routine hectic lifestyle to a life filled with creative discovery, inner guidance and inspired actions.

In 2008, Donna launched her own business, The SPA Flower, LLC to offer clients unique discovery experiences for combating stress, promoting balance and overall well-being. She combines her professional skills in the area of coaching, management, design and therapeutic practices to assist clients with living lives based on their own true nature.

Donna’s strengths lie in her ability to think outside the box, listen to client desires and create a path of discovery and transformation. She teaches her clients to “tune in” to what their spirit desires and create discovery experiences which promote a feeling of inner peace and overall well-being. Along with her credential as a Certified Transformational Presence Coach, Donna holds professional certifications in Program Management, Floral Design, and Therapeutic Aromatherapy as well as many other alternative therapy practices. She uses these combined tools to integrate healing experiences for clients to discover their deepest desires and take actions for living a life filled with passion and inspiration.

For more information on living an authentic lifestyle and to promote overall well-being visitwww.thespaflower.com or send an email.

Gabriela Tichelea, CTPC (Romania)

Gabriela Tichelea

Gabriela’s contact information

Website: www.7teamz.com

Katarzyna Tyszko, CTPC (Poland)

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Sander van Eekelen, CTPC (Netherlands)

Sander-van-Eekelen-200Sander van Eekelen began his professional journey after receiving a Master’s degree in Social Psychology at the University of Amsterdam in 1997. In the early years of his career he worked as a consultant in organizational change, focusing primarily on attitudinal and behavioral change in the not-for-profit sector. Later on, he worked as a manager in financial services and in the area of Human Resource Management. The emphasis in his work has always been a combination of organizational and personal development. In recent years, personal development (often times in an organizational context) has come to the foreground.

Sander recognizes his life purpose as being “to inspire and support others in creating and enjoying a meaningful and pleasant life.” In 2012 he realized that, in order to really live his life purpose, he was called to impact the lives of others more directly. He changed his career to coaching and training and created the Academy of Life. He is now fully dedicated to bringing change and growth to people and organizations.

Sander is especially interested in the subject of “transformation” in relation to “change.” He sees change as incremental improvement. Transformation on the other hand is more fundamental, takes place in a split second, and the previously existing form may be untraceable. Transformation works directly with the energy involved and takes place on a deep level.

“Sustainable success,” according to Sander, “whether personal or organizational, requires that we learn to lead ourselves first.” So, in his view, any successful change always starts with a transformation at the “being” level, after which a process of action steps in the “doing” are necessary to really anchor in new attitudes and behavior, thus making “change” visible. That inspiring combination of the “being” and the “doing” utilizing a potential-based approach, is the main focus of his work with individuals and teams.

As a Certified Transformational Presence Leadership Coach, Sander creates a safe and secure space for the client to explore and discover whatever is there. Among his strengths are his ability to accept whatever comes up and, if needed, to verbalize the exact words that strike home for the client. Time and again he finds that, “The less I ‘do’ and the more I ‘be,’ the easier shifts happen in and through my presence.” This allows whatever wants to take place to happen by itself through him and his client. And that brings a deep sense of peace, ease, and fun!

Sander feels deep gratitude to Alan Seale and his great work at the Center for Transformational Presence for deepening his awareness and strengthening his skills in this field.

Sander lives near Tilburg in the Netherlands with his wife and their two children.

You may contact Sander through e-mail or by telephone at +31 6 81005691.

Karl van Hoey, CTPC (Belgium)

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Gabriella van Rooij, CTPC (Netherlands)

Gabriella_van_RooijWhen I left school at the age of 18, I met my ex-husband, Joep, who was just about to set up a coffee corner and ice cream parlor. Though I had registered for a sports academy for gymnastic trainings, I started helping Joep set up his new shop and never left. From a small coffee corner, we expanded quickly to a bigger restaurant and then took over the family business from Joep’s parents. That included a restaurant that served 150 people, a bakery, a chocolate, and a catering company with 60 employees in all.

We worked night and day to make our business a success. At that time we thought being successful was very much about making a lot of money. Keeping the business running caused a lot of stress, so much stress for Joep that he even had to slow down in his work. During that time, I took the lead in the business and began to experiment with a new kind of management. After a course from Henry Palmer in Avatar and taking NLP training, I found a new way to lead from within. Change started happening in our business. Instead of just struggling and surviving, I started living and exploring.

Now, when I look back on my 30 years as director of our business and on my marriage, I realize how everything could have been easier and simpler. In our business, we made very high quality food and desert products and everyone was working under enormous pressure. They had no chance to be aware of their personal passions and dreams. How different it could have been if both my staff and I had been aware of our soul missions and of the soul mission of the company and let those missions guide us! I wonder now how our patisserie might have looked, how we would have approached our clients, and how we might have looked as a company. How might the daily work have been different for all of us? What could have been possible then?

My education to become an NLP Master in 1995 and the study at the Healing the Light Body School in 1997 further opened the door for me to intuitive leadership. The sale of our business in 2002 gave me the opportunity to travel to Peru for work as a volunteer and to travel with the indigenous shamans there. That work changed my life completely. It was not long after that I met Alan Seale and began learning from him. I recognized that his practical and transformational approach to life and leadership was something that the world needed. Since 2006 Marie Josee Smulders and I have been hosting Alan’s personal development workshops and supporting the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training in this part of Europe. In 2010 we founded Stichting Seale (Foundation Seale) to further support his work here.

Through Transformational Presence Coaching and assisting Alan in many trainings over these years, I have found the tools and skills I needed to introduce this energetic way of working to my family, my social environment, and in my voluntary work as a PUM expert. PUM stands for ‘Programma Uitzending Managers’ which is Dutch for ‘Manager Deployment Programme’. However, as we have long since ceased deploying managers only (we currently work with specialists and entrepreneurs, too), we nowadays apply the abbreviation with the addition Netherlands senior experts. I travel around the world, primarily to developing countries, and help entrepreneurs find their own soul missions and the missions of their companies. I introduce them to Transformational Presence principles and models and help them discover new ways of working and leading in their businesses. Through all of this, I get to fully live my soul mission: I inspire and connect.

Gabriella van Rooij
Eersel, The Netherlands
Telephone: 06-51312298

Gwen van Valkengoed, CTPC (Netherlands)

Gwen’s awareness and fascination for systems thinking started while studying organizational psychology. In her work Gwen focusses on developing individuals and organizations within the context of work. Over the last decade Gwen became to realize that the world and businesses are in a transition where old paradigms are being replaced for new ones. Where the way of working that seemed to serve us well over the last 70 years or so doesn’t quite seem to match the demands of our modern world.  Different navigation skills appear necessary to meet the complexity and volatility of our global and digital world. The work of Alan Seals ties wisdom of transformation, of systems thinking and of personal leadership to concrete insights and actions. Gwen is very grateful to the depth and wisdom of Transformational Presence work on the one hand and the practicality of it on the other hand. She uses Transformational Presence in her work as business consultant, coach and team facilitator.  Personal leadership in complex and changing environments is often the theme of her work with business and schools.

Caroline Veerman, CTPC (Netherlands)

Profile coming soon!

Sander Verhoeckx, CTPC (Netherlands)

Website: www.sluitsteenmanagement.nl

Phone Number: 0031-655788504.

Vivian Vleeshouwers, CTPC (Netherlands)

Profile coming soon!

Britt Weide, MCC, CTPC (Sweden)

Britt-ProfileBritt Weide is a co-founder of CoachWalk Academy AB in Sweden and now runs this company along with a company of committed coaches, supervisors, and Transformational Presence Coaches. CoachWalk Academy cooperates with The Center For Transformational Presence to present Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training in Scandinavia.

Britt is the first accredited Coach Supervisor in Scandinavia, and is a coach trainer and Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federaion. She has trained hundreds of coaches, managers and leaders in coaching, and has manifested a training program in Coaching Supervision in Sweden that has now examined over 30 skilled supervisors – coaches, leaders, managers, HR-managers, and teachers. Britt is very committed to her work as a coach and to the development of the profession. She is a member of the Swedish ICF board, working toward raising the quality and commitment to the profession by coaches.

Britt´s soul mission: “I light stars in hearts and align souls and egos.” Her open heart is present in all her work and she is excited about the possibilities that emerge when people embrace the wisdom of their hearts and align their souls and egos to be who they are. In that way, they can manifest their dreams and live their soul missions. Britt says, “Everyday I start with going to my point of stillness – then I open my heart. When I meet a challenge or a difficulty or feel that someone needs extra love, I open my heart. When my heart is open I can choose who I want to be and how I show up in life.”

Earlier in her life, Britt was a professional show jumper with horses and trained both horses and riders. Today she sometimes use horses in her coaching. “The horse is very sensitive to our emotions and spiritual challenges. They often mirror us and show us what we need to transform in our lives to get back on our track with our soul missions and who we choose to be. They also show us when we need to open our hearts. I´m very happy that my daughter is a rider and that we have a pony. Everyday he gives us unconditional love and teaches us in life.”

Britt has two life mottos that carry all her work. ”Please be gentle, I´m still learning,” from Robbie Williams in Advertising Space, and “Who you are is how you coach,” from Fiona Adamson. “These mottos help me to be happy and content in life. They support me, every day, in being gentle and kind to my self and to make conscious choices in who I want to be and live. I also love and live the quote of Rumi: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

I invite you all to open your hearts and meet me there.

Email: britt.weide@coachwalk.se


Karla Wieringa, CTPC (Netherlands)

Karla Wieringa PhotoIn 2004 I started my own company “Presentation & Performance.” Since then I am working as an independent trainer/coach. My work then was focused on helping individuals and groups to perform in a characteristic and convincing way. My professionl theatre background is inspiring and helpful by coaching the clients.

Since 2009 I have added “Personal Development” to my work, as so many questions came in my direction concerning the combination of life and work. I am happy to work for several companies (www.debaak.nl and www.cruyffinstitute.nl) and I work as a career-consultant with individuals and groups at van www.vanede.nl

My training and coaching follows the talents and spirit of people: everyone is talented and unique and has the skills to bring their gifts into the world. To accompany the clients on their ways to (re)discover the essence of themselves and combining these to the needs of the world I see as meaningful. Just by being open people seem to open up themselves. I can be a mirror on behavior and presence and I reinforce people’s talents.

As a creative, I like to develop and implement a course/training especially made for a company. Besides working with the wonderful TPLC tools, I am interested in and like to work with NLP, TA and Systemic Work. This I studied at ‘Phoenix opleidingen’ from 2007-2010. This background together with other courses and techniques provides a deeper and profound level to my current work.

Specialties : Coaching and Training in Personal leadership and development. Presentation & Performance means to Do & to Be. Applications, speechesCareer Counseling, CMI certified. Presentations. Creative theatre methods. Personal Branding.

You can contact me: www.karlacoaching.nl

Charlotte Wout, CTPC (Netherlands)

I have supported and coached people on many different layers for more than 23 years now. Along the way, I discovered that the thread throughout my career and life has always been to be dedicated to the unfolding true potential hidden inside myself and within each one of us, and to move from less confusion to more clarity by shifting paradigms.

Touching people’s lives in many different roles, Charlotte has been working as a senior manager, social entrepreneur, executive, and board member (in both corporate and non-for-profit environments). From this leadership background and her own life events, she questioned in an early stage of her life and career: “How do I relate towards topics like collaboration, leadership, teamwork, responsibility, acceptance, inner growth, loss and motivational issues?” 

She nowadays guides organizations, teams and individuals as an astute coach and sparring partner from her company called Bear In Mind™. The effort is always to increase the (self) awareness that is present everywhere and in each one of us. Addressing and awakening this awareness makes us agile, unleashes the existing authentic power, and allows us to choose effective behavior appropriate to the circumstances and situations as they present themselves.

What really drives Charlotte in her work is to facilitate teams and individuals to go beyond the chatter of the mind. The unique space where all questions have already been answered and where true self-leadership shows itself. Working with people from all sorts of backgrounds, reconnecting them to their own inner source of wisdom and holding them in their greatness, is her most valuable compass nowadays.

Charlotte’s own hunger to find a new way to live has taken her all over the world. She experienced from many teachings and trainings, to speak with Gangaji’s wise words, that the invitation was always there to shift the allegiance from the activities of the mind to the eternal presence of our being. Transformational Presence and Leadership Coaching gives her the concrete tools to experience that.

Among all sorts of certificates and diplomas like being a Certified Transformational Presence Coach, Charlotte has deepened her own personal development with the fundamental work of Byron Katie, a profound study of the Enneagram (Eli Jaxon Bear and Ginger Lapid-Bogda) and a deep-dive into how to recondition the brain and body (Dr. Joe Dispenza, quantum physicist). On her journey she also encountered the Hoffman process, became an NLP Practitioner, and participated in (Kundalini) Yoga, Art of Living, Mindfullness trainings, and several Consciousness Studies (Advaita, non-duality Leadership courses).

Charlotte has her home in the city center of Amsterdam, where she also obtained a university degree in Economics (University of Amsterdam). She lives there with her partner and other beloved family members.

Joanna Zawada-Kubik, CTPC (Poland)

Joanna Zawada Kubik

Website: www.coachways.pl

Phone: +48 601 968 917


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Coming Up in 2020

See the Calendar page for the full schedule of events.

Soul Mission * Life Vision Program in Netherlands (October 1-4)

Manifestation Wheel Program in Netherlands (March 26-29).

Transformational Presence Quotes

Do what you say you’re going to do. This is the single most powerful behavior for success.

— Danielle LaPorte (The Fire Starter Sessions)
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