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Remembering Who You Are No Matter What is Going On

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, “How do you stay present, focused, centered, and grounded when life gets overwhelming?” Whether there are incredible opportunities coming your way or enormous challenges or disappointments, how can you stay fully present and show up as your best self in your life and work? How…

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Thanksgiving Greetings – Unexpected Gratitude

It’s our Thanksgiving week here in the United States. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year because of its universal nature. While it began with the early Puritan settlers in the 1600s, it’s no longer associated with any one particular religion. It’s a holiday for everyone – a time for expressing gratitude for the…

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“E Pluribus Unum” – Out of Many, One

The Latin phrase E pluribus Unum, literally translated as “Out of many, one,” was the original motto of the United States, adopted by an Act of Congress in 1782. The motto refers to the emergence of a single nation out of the union of the 13 original colonies, and is emblazoned across the Great Seal…

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Manifestation, Gratitude, and Celebration

Manifestation, gratitude, and celebration – these are the themes for us this week in our new home and offices for the Center for Transformational Presence. The big move is complete! Our new home is about 45 minutes north of Boston, 15 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, and 10 minutes from the historic seaport town of…

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Packing Up Treasures, Pulling Up Roots

In just a few days, we will leave our home and office in Sleepy Hollow on the North Shore of Massachusetts and move a bit further north to the rural environs of Newbury. Throughout the packing process, I've been particularly aware of the treasures and stories of our lives and work, as well as the…

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Alan Seale

Alan SealeAlan Seale, PCC, CTPC, MSC is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, leadership and transformation coach, and the founder and director of the Center for Transformational Presence.


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