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Stories of Purpose – How Two Men from Two Generations Live Their Soul Missions to Make a Difference Every Day 

Tenor Eric Ferring is an up-and-coming young opera singer with a strong connection to his personal sense of purpose or soul mission. He was a student of my husband, opera director Johnathon Pape, while pursuing his master’s degree at the Boston Conservatory. Soon after completing his graduate studies, Eric’s career began to take off. He…

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How Purpose Can Help You Navigate Unsettled Times

While the recent holiday season brought the chance to spend time with friends, engage in stimulating conversation, and laugh a lot, it also brought many conversations about what is happening in our country. Nearly every person expressed some level of fear, grief, anger, or frustration, and most were also at a loss for how to…

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Reflections for this Holiday Season

Shining Our Light in the Darkness In this season of deep darkness and returning light, of new birth and rebirth, of the miraculous and the mundane, of humility and gratitude; In this era of breaking open and disruption, of dismantling foundational systems and structures, of revealing what has been concealed and hidden, of overabundance of…

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Resting In the Act of Contemplation

Stillness. Quiet. Rest. Peace. Just writing those words, and then pausing to take a breath, starts to slow my system down. As I read those words over and over again, I get even quieter inside. And that quiet washes over me like a sweet balm or a healing salve after such a full and intense…

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Walking in Gratitude and Love

This week, we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States—a time to pause and reflect on the blessings of life and say “thank you.” For me, this year has been filled with rich experiences, abundant love in my family and in the Transformational Presence community, and the fullness of our work together.  As I reflect on…

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When You Don’t Know What To Say or What To Do

As the Trump presidency continues to unravel and partisan bickering and policymaking in the U.S. continue to intensify, I’ve lost count of how many times friends, neighbors, colleagues, and clients have expressed their frustration, exasperation, anger, fear, confusion, grief, and disbelief about the state of our country. Too often in those moments, I’m at a…

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Loosening the Ties That Bind

When I was growing up in Kentucky, my sister and I loved visiting my grandparents on their small farm. It was just an hour’s drive on country roads from the small town where we lived. Sundays were spent in the little country church next door that was the center of my grandparents’ lives. Many years…

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Alan Seale

Alan SealeAlan Seale, PCC, CTPC, MSC is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, leadership and transformation coach, and the founder and director of the Center for Transformational Presence.


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