The future belongs to those who are creative, innovative, and original,
yet who at the same time have the ability to allow their creations
to evolve beyond anything they could have imagined.
Attachment to the forms we think our visions should take
limits the potential that is trying to unfold.

Stewardship, in its highest form,
means tapping into the greatest potential waiting to unfold,
and letting that potential show us the way forward.
Stewards of the future live in service of that ever-evolving potential
and have no attachment to specific forms or outcomes.

Stewards of the future are willing
to let what they have created dissolve
in service of the next evolution of potential,
even when the form it is to take is not yet clear.

Stewards of the future recognize the interconnectedness of all.
They understand that nothing is fixed, that nothing is permanent.
Everything is part of a flow from what was to what will be.
And what will be is, in fact, a part of the flow to what comes after that.
We live in a constant state of becoming.

What we are becoming is never fully known to us ahead of time.
As stewards of the future, we live in constant opportunity
to discover ourselves and our world in its becoming.

Somewhere out there beyond what we have known,
a new world awaits that is beyond our wildest dreams.
Stewards of the future intuit that world and live in service of its unfolding.

Are you a steward of the future?


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