Do you ever feel like you know where you want to go but you just can’t seem to get there? The goal is clear, but it feels like you are just fighting one battle after another?

This is a common challenge for many people. Yet there is an easier way. It begins with noticing where you are putting your focus. Are you keeping your focus on where you want to be and what you feel called to achieve, or do you get lost in fighting with the challenges that come up along the way? Or, as the title of this article asks, are you focused on the other side of the river or do you spend your energy fighting with the crocodiles in the river?

The mass consciousness is currently grounded in an “opposition” paradigm – a belief that we must fight against something to achieve our goals. Even if our own inner wisdom tells us this is not true, the influence of the opposition paradigm is all around us. It’s in the air we breathe. It’s where the mass consciousness currently is.

When we operate from the opposition paradigm, our immediate response to the crocodiles is that we have to fight against them. If it appears that they are keeping us from getting what we want, they must be the opposition, right? However, as soon as we start fighting against them, we give them power. The fact that we engage in the fight sends a clear message to the crocodiles that they are really important and powerful. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be giving them any energy.

However, we can choose a different paradigm – a co-creation paradigm. We can acknowledge the presence of the crocodiles and yet remain focused on the other side of the river. By tapping into the power of creativity and staying connected to what is waiting for us on the other side, we somehow find the path around or through or over the crocodiles and keep moving forward. Otherwise, we fight the big battle with the crocodiles and then don’t have energy left to keep swimming.

I admit that sometimes the crocodiles in life can be pretty challenging. However, Transformational Presence is all about learning to co-create with everything that happens. Treating circumstances, people, or organizations as your opponent only gives them the sense of having more power and drains you of energy. Turn it around and look at them as your next co-creative opportunity. It may be a challenging opportunity, yet nevertheless see it as an opportunity. No matter what is going on in the river, keep your focus on the other side and it will show you the path to get there.


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