This evening I taught the fourth of six classes in the Soul Mission teleclass series.  It was a wonderful session with beautiful discoveries for many participants. I came out of the class realizing again how important it is that we are the guardians for our souls–that we guard and protect their greatest interests, passions, and desires. I am also realizing as I write that being the guardian of your soul doesn’t mean “protecting” your soul. The soul is quite capable of taking care of itself as it has such great awareness of a very big picture. It will find its way, either in or out of form. Yet what we must guard are its best interests, its passions, and its motivations. Life can easily distract us from that all-important aspect of our being and lead us to believe that things like others’ expectations, societal pressures, and “success” are what really matter. Deep inside we know differently, yet we don’t always have the courage to act on what we know.

So the soul needs a guardian, and we are the best guardian there can be for our own souls. Pay attention to your soul. Nurture it. Listen to what it needs and respond generously. For your soul is your greatest asset. It is your life force.  Honor it.  It’s the only one you have.

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