Winter Sunrise

Holiday Greetings to All!

 On December 21st, we celebrated the Solstice –
the return of the sun in the northern hemisphere,
and the longest day of the year in the southern hemisphere.
It’s a celebration of the Light.

On December 25th, Christians will celebrate the birth of Jesus,
a powerful teacher of love and compassion.
Many paintings portray Jesus as radiant light.

 On December 8th, Buddhists celebrated Bodhi Day –
the day that the historical Buddha
experienced enlightenment.

 In the last few days, the Jewish community
has been celebrating the miracle of light –
an oil lamp burning for eight days without being replenished.
Light that does not go away.

Each one of us has a light inside of us.
And no matter how challenging life gets,
that light does not go away.
It may get covered over with lots of “stuff,”
but it’s still there.

Get in touch with your inner light.
Practice shining your light into the world,
especially when things are going really well.
Learn how your light works,
so that even when times are tough,
you can still shine your light brightly.

Let the message of this season be:
Shine your light.
Share your love.

If we each just do that,
we might actually create a world that works.

Many blessings,

The Center for Transformational Presence

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