Transformational Presence work is taking off on a global scale. I’ve just returned from almost a month of teaching and speaking in Europe that began with a World Café in Belgium and concluded with speaking at the International Coach Federation (ICF) Global 2012 Conference in London. Through these two events, Transformational Presence work took another big step into becoming a global movement.

The theme for the World Café in Antwerp, Belgium on September 16th was “Create A World That Works.” With more than a hundred participants from five countries, it truly was a “world” café. There were leaders, coaches, healers, counselors, journalists, business people, artists, retirees – people from many walks of life who wanted to know more about how they could make a difference in the world.

Following my opening interactive lecture, the participants organized into small groups to consider three topics in succession:

  • Share a story about a moment when you really felt you were a part of “a world that works.” What was different about that moment? What were you feeling? What was your contribution at that time?
  • What might the world, and your life, look like if we could approach every situation from Choice and Opportunity rather than from Drama and Situation? (I had introduced the Four Levels of Engagement in the lecture.) What could become possible? What could happen that would enable you/us to feel fully engaged and energized about creating a world that works?
  • What new insights are emerging for you here? What would it take to create a change in your daily life? What needs our immediate attention going forward?

The energy in the room was incredible with insights popping, ideas flying, new discoveries emerging, and participants networking with each other for projects going forward – all about creating a world that works. More than an hour after the event officially ended, participants were still there talking with each other and sharing ideas.

Fast forward three weeks to the ICF Global Conference in London. The roll call of countries in the opening session was an incredibly moving and inspiring moment as 900 attendees were introduced country by country – 56 countries in all. The three keynote speakers for the conference – Brené Brown, David Whyte, and Camila Batmanghelidjh – were all powerful and inspiring examples of Transformational Presence in their own, unique ways.

My breakout session, “The Deep Simple: Cutting to the Essence for Breakthrough and Transformation,” was one of six sessions offered right after lunch on the second day. I had hoped for a nice group, but I had not anticipated the overwhelming response of nearly 500 people (see the photo below). In this totally interactive and experiential session, the participants laughed, cried, discovered, uncovered, made breakthroughs, and expressed great gratitude for two Transformational Presence leadership and coaching models that they could begin using with their clients immediately. It was an incredible affirmation and celebration of the universal nature of Transformational Presence work – that coaches from all disciplines from all over the world immediately embraced these concepts and were eager to apply them with their clients. Since that day, I’ve received a dozen inquiries about bringing this work to new countries.

In the meantime, this past week, we launched a new teleclass cohort of the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching (TPLC) program. Next week 16 of us will gather for the first 5-day, in-person version of that training here in the U.S. In November we have our fourth TPLC training in Sweden, and in December, our first in the U.K. There are now graduates of this program doing Transformational Presence work in more than 20 countries around the globe. That is indeed something to celebrate!

From time to time, I pause to reflect on all that has happened over the past five years and how this work has expanded on a global level. It’s been a very organic process. Several years ago in meditation I began hearing two phrases over and over: “Global Coach,” and “Say yes to the service you are being asked for.” And so I said yes. And I continue to say yes. And things continue to unfold, opportunities continue to appear, and the work keeps evolving and growing.

At the opening night reception of the ICF conference, two coaches who were about to present for the first time at a global conference asked me what advice I had for them since this was my third time. I paused, because at first I didn’t know what to say. And then the words came easily: “If you live and breathe what it is that you are presenting – if you truly embody the essence of your work – then trust that everything you need in the moment will be right there for you. Stand in your authentic power and love and have a good time!”

Therein lies the essence of Transformational Presence – be the best that you can possibly be at who you are called to be and what you are called to do. And then stand in your authentic power and love to meet the world. It’s a very simple concept, yet not always easy! If you truly commit to living in this way, there will be times when you feel challenged in every fiber of your being. However, I can promise you that the rewards are huge.

Thank you for all you do to create a world that works. And thank you for being a part of our Transformational Presence global community.

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