The first copies of my new book, Create a World That Works, with Foreword by Cheryl Dorsey, are being shipped this week. This is my fifth book, so I know this feeling of great anticipation very well. Yet somehow this time, it’s different. The early endorsements have a different feel, too. For many years my work has been in the realm of personal development and self awareness. This book takes that work to a new level, introducing new paradigms of leadership and service – new ways of thinking and of being so that we can show up in our full authentic presence to make a difference in the world. It’s a book for visionaries, leaders, coaches, healers, educators – anyone committed to making a difference in their world.

What is “a world that works?” For starters, it’s a place where people listen to one another beyond the words – where there is open communication between cultures, governments, and businesses – where there is a willingness to hear and consider different ideas, approaches, value systems, and ways of thinking – where there is an understanding that no one has the whole truth.

In a world that works, there is a common understanding that everything is connected and that, therefore, everything impacts everything else. People are willing to feel as well as think. They take personal, business, and government integrity seriously and accept responsibility for all choices and actions, both those that turned out well and those that they regret. There is also a common understanding that everything will not change overnight, but still we must start now.

Create a World That Works is a guidebook for developing Transformational Presence – an authentic personal presence that, by its nature, creates and sustains the optimal conditions for transformation to occur – a personal presence that is grounded in asking the question, “What wants to happen here?” – a personal presence that is a result of aligning actions, habits, thoughts, and behaviors with soul, evolutionary intelligence, and the greatest potential waiting to emerge in service of a greater good.

I am honored that Cheryl Dorsey, president of Echoing Green, penned the foreword. She wrote: “In watching closely how societal change agents walk through the world, I am fascinated how aligned their make-up and actions are with Alan Seale’s transformational framework. Whether they are tackling gender inequality in the largest slum in Africa, leveraging the capital markets to promote business opportunities for poor shopkeepers in Latin America, or confronting the achievement gap in America’s classrooms, these visionaries exhibit a worldview, a sense of purpose, a focus on impact and power source that propels them each day to ever greater levels of awareness and action. They answer through their very being the questions infused throughout Create a World: How do you choose to show up? What is my relationship to change? What if?”

Ervin Laszlo, philosopher of science and systems theorist, wrote about this new book: “Create a World That Works shows how you and I, every one of us, can transform to be the architects of the world we can now create.”

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, well-known for his appearances on Oprah and as a new thought leader, wrote, “Seale weaves together the co-creative principles governing human culture in ways that will alter how you embody and express the evolutionary intelligence within yourself and the Universe. Few are the guides to this terrain who possess the intuition, compassion, and brilliance for activating the developmental potential of the human spirit.”

John L. Petersen, publisher and editor of FUTUREdition, the e-newsletter of The Arlington Institute, wrote, “There’s a new world fast approaching that will require new humans – individuals who have mastered the practicalities of operating in a full-spectrum, physical-spiritual environment. This guidebook is a manual for becoming someone new. It will help you navigate the now accelerating transition and prepare you for engaging the new reality.”

Do you have a dream that won’t let go of you? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Do you have a vision of what would create a world that works? Please share your ideas here by commenting on this post.

This new book offers you tools and ways of thinking and being that will help you manifest your dream and make the difference you are called to make. I invite you to join us at the Center for Transformational Presence, to read Create a World That Works, and step into your own Transformational Presence. The world can’t afford for you to wait any longer.

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