Transformation is a fundamental shift in state of being. In quantum physics terms, you would say it is a shift in vibrational frequency and/or pattern. So what is our role in facilitating transformation that can serve a greater good?

The most powerful transformation happens as a result of an experience. It is an organic process that comes from the inside out. Therefore, our role in facilitating positive  transformation is to create the optimal conditions that would invite an illuminating experience.

It is easy to get caught in thinking that there is something we must make happen. That’s the horizontal or “just fix it” approach. Instead, we’re talking about working in the vertical or “energetic” approach–working with energy instead of form. How do we create the optimal energetic conditions for a transformational experience to unfold?

Creating optimal conditions is much like tending a garden. First you make sure that you are planting the best possible seeds–clear and focused ideas and intentions. And then you ask, “What would be the best environment for these seeds to grow?” and you begin creating that environment. Some seeds need a lot of light, some prefer shade. Some seeds need a lot of water, others prefer dryer soil. Some seeds grow best in rich, fertile soil, while others prefer more sand.  After you plant the seeds in the proper soil, you have to pull weeds, feed the garden with proper nutrients, and nurture the seedlings into mature plants. In other words, you have to create a positive environment.

The transformation you are seeking also probably needs certain conditions. Your job is first to recognize what that transformation is that is wanting to happen, and then to create a space where people can have an experience that would invite the transformation.

If you try to create a specific experience for people–to control their reactions and response–your actions can come across as being manipulative or artificial. However, if you create a structure, condition, or space that allows people to have their own unique and powerful experience, amazing shifts can happen–often shifts beyond what you could have imagined.

When you realize that there is a transformation that wants and needs to happen for a greater good, consider how you might invite that transformation to occur. Be clear in your intention for transformation to unfold, and then let go of any attachment to the details of that transformation, how it happens, or its outcome. Trust that if there is something that is wanting to happen, and you are supporting that potential with creating the best possible conditions for it to unfold, things will happen. Energy will move, perspectives will shift, doors will open. And as they do, your job is to ride the wave, keep listening to what wants to happen and the unfolding transformational process, and keep “tending the garden.”

What is the transformation that wants to happen in your life or leadership? What is the conversation that you can invite, the learning space you can create, the safety for exploration that you can foster? This is where facilitating transformation begins.

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