Derek Sivers has been an entrepreneur, a musician and producer, a book publisher, and much more. He is probably best known for being the founder and CEO of CDBaby, an online CD store for independent musicians. An incredibly creative and entertaining guy, he delivered a wonderfully quirky three-minute TED talk in 2010 on “How to Start a Movement.” The talk has had almost six million views.

Using a very playful short amateur video clip of a summer “happening” in a public park, Sivers cuts to the essence of what it takes to get a movement off the ground. One key insight in his message is that the leader is actually not the one who starts the movement. It’s actually the first two followers! Watch the short film to learn more.

Both Derek Sivers’ captivating spirit and the uninhibited energy of the people in the amateur film are contagious. Every time I watch this video, my smile gets bigger. Enjoy the film!




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