One of the distinctions of transformational leadership is the ability to tap into emerging potential and partner with it rather than push against a problem. Pushing against is hard work and is not efficient. Flowing with the potential, on the other hand, allows you to ride a wave of energy that is created by what wants to happen.

Many of the people and organizations that I coach are working on big projects aimed at making our world a better place. Yet they can easily get caught up in focusing on the immediate problem or pushing against a circumstance or situation rather than flowing with a greater potential that will serve all.  When we push against something, we give energy to it. Therefore, pushing against the problem or situation actually gives it more energy. However, when we focus on the potential waiting to unfold and give all of our energy to supporting that potential, there is no longer any energy going toward the problem itself. Focusing on the potential can lead to a sustainable outcome. Focusing on the problem will usually only lead to a short-term fix.

So how about you? Are you pushing against a problem or are you flowing with a potential? The potential may be well-disguised by the problem, but the Hermetic Principle of Polarity tells us that the problem cannot exist unless the resolution or solution is not also somewhere present. What if the problem’s whole reason for existence was to show us something that wanted to happen? What if the problem was actually just a vehicle for getting us to a new reality?

This invites us to look at challenges and problems in a different light. Within every challenge or problem lies a new seed that is trying to grow. Our job is to recognize that seed and nurture it–to help it grow into a whole new reality or circumstance. That’s “flowing with.” That’s co-creating with potential. That’s helping to create a world that works by working smarter instead of harder.

Pay attention in the next few days to how you approach life. Do you see things as obstacles or challenges to get past or as opportunities to create something new? Try “flowing with” instead of “pushing against” and see what happens.

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