This week we celebrate Earth Day 2015. April 22nd is the official day. That’s also the first day of the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training (TPLC) program in Seattle – our second of six TPLC programs in North America and Europe this year. I love the synchronicity of these two events falling on the same day.

Earth Day is a celebration of our planet and a call to pay attention to how we care for, nurture, and protect this amazing home that we share. The TPLC is a celebration and exploration of how we inhabit our world – how we “show up” in our work, life, relationships, and family – and how we can be a part of creating a world that works. One of the fundamental principles upon which Transformational Presence work is built is that everything is interconnected. Earth Day invites us to see the connections between how we live and the health and well-being of our planet.

One of our graduates and certified coaches, Katrien Rommens, recently sent me a link to a stunningly beautiful short video by time-lapse photographer David de los Santos Gil. The video captures the magnificence of flowers as they bloom into their fullness. As I watched, I couldn’t help but recognize that flowers do not question their reason for being, whether or not they are good enough, or whether or not they are “doing it right.” They just do what flowers do. They open to reveal their beauty and their “inner being” as they play their larger role in their particular eco-system.

In her email, Katrien wrote, “This movie is a metaphor of what happens to people through the TPLC.” The TPLC is a leadership and coaching development program. Participants learn many tools and approaches for doing transformational work in the world. However, they learn much more than tools and approaches. They are learning a way of living, a way of being with others, a way of showing up to life in their fullness that supports them in making the difference they feel called to make in the world.

David de los Santos Gil captures the magnificence and beauty of nature and life in this three-minute video. What a great way to celebrate Earth Day and the first day of a new TPLC cohort. Enjoy the video!



P.S. If you are looking for support in showing up to life in your most authentic and impactful way, my pocket meditation-in-a-book, The Power of Your Presence, can be a great place to start. This engaging little book provides a 20-minute meditation that you can do anytime and anywhere – while waiting for an appointment, during your train or bus ride to work, or as a morning or evening meditation. It’s also available as an audio book.


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