It never ceases to amaze me how just taking a step can transform energy.  This is especially amazing to me when the primary energy has been fear.  Fear comes up a lot for me when I am about to take a step forward into something new–a new place to travel, a new way of working, a new project or program–it can be anything that I haven’t done before.  My ego-self is really good at lots of things and it serves me very well as long as it is within its comfort and security zone.  Yet when I am faced with change or something new, that confident self easily fizzles away.

But here’s the really amazing part–if I will just engage the unknown and take the step, the fear begins to transform.  That’s not to say that I won’t still be on edge, but as soon as I take a step into the new experience, I already begin to breathe easier.  I find myself saying, “Well, this isn’t so bad after all.” And sometimes I even find myself saying, “Why have I made such a big deal out of this?”  In fact, most of the time I end up wondering why I’ve made such a big deal!

Soul loves adventure.  Ego hates it.  Soul will go to great lengths to take us to new places and stretch us.  Ego will go to even greater lengths to keep us “safe.”  My job, it seems, is to remember this, and to acknowledge that this inner conflict is natural.  It’s just soul doing what it does, and ego doing what it does.  And it’s my choice as to which I will let have the final say.

Soul usually wins out.  I take a step forward, engage the unknown, and am ultimately so grateful that I did.  The fear transforms, and once again I ask myself, “So what was the big deal?”

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