It’s been an incredibly busy year. I’ve made four teaching trips to Europe with one more to go. My fifth book came out in the spring. I am blessed with a steady stream of  wonderful coaching clients. And I moved my family from Rochester, NY to the Boston area. There has been very little down time, and quite frankly, I’m tired! I am really looking forward to a quieter December and at least two full weeks off around the Christmas and New Year holidays.

In the last few days, I can feel my body wanting to slip into a slower pace already. However, there is one more big teaching trip to go. As I was lying in bed for a few extra minutes this morning watching the sun come over the horizon, I found myself wondering where I was going to find the energy for one more trip.

And then I came downstairs to my office, cup of tea in hand, and two Dachsunds at my feet, and settled into my morning meditation spot. The dogs know the morning routine well and quickly settled into their places, one in my lap and one by my side. My meditation begins with the same ritual every morning–a ritual of connecting with my soul and reinforcing a strong vertical alignment within my being and with the greater Consciousness. This morning was no different. I looked into the beautiful mandala that has been a focal point of my meditation for years, and breathed into the vertical column of energy that seems to bring me into a sense of connectedness with all that is. The connection happens quickly, and the meditation grounds me in my soul and soul mission. After a few minutes, I am ready for the day.

As has happened many times before, I was quickly re-energized from the meditation and felt excited about my day ahead, the clients I would work with, the writing I would do, and the new opportunities that I trusted the day would bring. Indeed, a little later, when I opened my email box, there was an invitation to take the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training to yet another country. My weary self said, “I just want to rest,” while my soul shouted, “Yes!”

Once again I was reminded where the energy comes from for my work. It comes from my soul. When my soul is engaged and my soul is fed, the passion for the work is boundless and there is a huge wave of energy to ride. On the other hand, if I just focus on being tired, I can easily disengage from my soul and have to push myself to get through the day. Not only is it not fun–it’s also exhausting!

Of course we all must have down time–time to recharge, rejuvenate, and just rest. That is very important, and I know that the time is coming for that. However, in the next few weeks, I still have work to do and projects to complete before the holidays. When I realign with my soul and soul mission and tap into the passion I have for my work, I find the energy I need. I’m once again excited about this next trip. My soul gets to go on the road again and do what it loves best–creating spaces for transformation, and helping others learn to do the same thing.  I get to watch people transform and discover new ways of working with those they serve. I get to witness incredible “aha” moments. And I will get to know a new group of people and welcome them into the Transformational Presence community.

In December, I’ll give myself the much-needed rest. I’ll enjoy sitting by the fire and reading a good book, and taking naps, and letting each day unfold slowly and quietly. I really look forward to that. Yet I also look forward to next week in Sweden leading the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training program and letting my soul sing! Yes!

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