Mark Vandeneijnde left a lucrative career in a large multi-national organization to start Inner Voice Calling, his own coaching and consulting company, because he believed that business could be done a different way. Mark was convinced that if the heart were allowed to play a central role in business decisions and operations, new doors of potential would open.

Just over a year ago, Mark and two filmmakers set out on a journey across North America to interview a diverse group of people who he felt could bring great insights into the benefits of more heart in business. In this beautiful, 13-minute film, he takes something that is often misunderstood or even taboo in the business environment and shows us that, in fact, operating from the heart just might be the single most important breakthrough an organization can make. His aim with this film is to touch the hearts of organizational leaders and to inspire them to step up to the exciting possibilities that are waiting when the heart gets a bigger place at the corporate decision-making table.

Mark is a graduate of the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training program and has also participated in a Manifestation Wheel intensive retreat. He is living the principles of the Center for Transformational Presence and I am very excited to share his illuminating film with you. I am honored that the film opens with an interview with our own David Robinson and closes with excerpts from an interview with me.

Enjoy this beautiful heart-based film and see what new insights or thoughts arise for you.



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