Few would argue that making a significant difference in anything requires focus, commitment, and dedication to whatever you are working toward. Your personal presence – how you show up each day – makes a big difference. It matters how you approach things and the perspectives you bring. It matters whether you think intuitively, letting a greater potential guide you in service of something bigger, or you work in service of your own personal interests. It matters whether you primarily focus on getting a quick result or you look toward transformation and a long-term view. It matters where and how you choose to spend your energy, and how you work in tandem with others toward a shared purpose.

There are often many things that you could do and many roles that you could play to get a job done. But if you are going to do transformational work, it is critical that you are clear about what is actually yours to do and what is not yours to do. Even more critical is recognizing who you must be in order to do what is yours to do. Lack of clarity here can drain you of energy quickly. However, when you focus on what wants to happen and let go of all else, a wave of energy usually swells up to support you. Synergy and synchronicity come into play. Things start happening.  You serve as a steward for the greater potential wanting to unfold, and as it does, you follow its guidance for each next step.

However, even when you are riding a big wave of energy, harnessing that energy as it moves through you can require tremendous focus and concentration. That focus and concentration still taps your personal energy resources. So how do you ensure that you will have the personal energy you need in order to serve in the most effective and transformational ways?

This is a challenge for many people committed to leadership and service. We love what we do and are so committed to our work that “down time” keeps getting put off for later. Yet if we are going to serve over the long term, we must not only be focused, clear, and committed to our work – we must also be clear about what feeds and nurtures our own energy and spirit. And we need to know how to fill ourselves back up again in short periods of time since often that’s all we have. Regardless of how much we love what we do, it is critical that we pause to fill ourselves back up on a regular basis, preferably before our tank is depleted.

So what is it that refills your energy tank? Perhaps it is a walk in nature or time with your children or pets. Maybe it is a particular kind of music or art. Perhaps it is meditation, yoga, or massage, or maybe it is jogging, tennis, or basketball. Perhaps you need to be around certain kinds of people, or maybe you need time alone. Perhaps there are certain kinds of environments that feed your spirit. Everyone’s needs are different.

For me, it is unstructured time in the peacefulness of my home and its surrounding nature that replenishes me. And when I’m working away from home, it is time alone in nature or in beautiful surroundings. During workshops and trainings, I go to breakfast early before others will be there so that I can enjoy my morning tea and breakfast in stillness, hopefully looking out into nature. Regardless of where I am and what I am doing, I also make sure that I take time for morning meditation, even if only for a few minutes. That is where I anchor in Consciousness and intuitive awareness for the day.

Be clear about what you need to live, lead, and serve at your best, and then build that into your life on a regular basis. Find the balance between working and replenishing that supports you to live into your greatest potential. The world needs all you have to offer. Therefore, the world needs for you to do whatever you need to do to be at your best.

Replenish and refuel. It’s not a luxury. It’s essential to living your greatest life.


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