Most mornings, I am up before the sun. That’s not so hard to do these days here on the north shore of Massachusetts! The sunrise is not so early and the days are pretty short! But even in the summer, I am often up very early. There’s something wonderful to me about watching the sun rise on a new day. Somehow I feel like the day is truly mine to create when I am present for the first morning light. Shortly after the sunrise, I settle into my meditation spot for a few minutes to ground myself in the potential of the day and invite its energy to surge through me. It’s a brand new day that never existed before, yet in some way I feel like I’m greeting an old friend and today we get to start fresh again together.

It just happens that the winter arc of the sun is far enough south that, at least for a couple of months, I can also watch the sun set from my desk chair. Even as I write now, the sky to the southwest is temporarily painted in stunning shades of pink, orange, and mauve. Its beauty makes me pause from my writing to just be present with the moment.

There is something very soothing and healing about being in tune with the rhythms and cycles of the earth. For me, it feels like a surrender to a larger flow and rhythm. Sometimes I’m really good at that surrender; sometimes not so much. Yet I do notice the difference when I am in that flow. Then the day and I are co-creating together. When we’re in sync, it’s amazing.

You have no doubt experienced being in a flow yourself. How did it happen? What allows you to slip into that flow? How do you get in sync with yourself and with the potential of the day?

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