It’s Thanksgiving week in the United States, and as I reflect on this year, I’m grateful for the life I live, the people that make up our community at The Center for Transformational Presence, and especially those that I’ve had the chance to work with personally this year. I’ve just returned from teaching in Sweden, my last trip for 2012. When I think back to all of the places I’ve been this year, all of the people I’ve been privileged to meet and learn with, and the new doors that keep opening, I’m reminded of the importance of gratitude as a regular practice in doing transformational work.

Expressing gratitude is an essential part of transformational leadership and service. It’s not just that it’s a nice thing to do. It’s a necessary part of the energy flow. Expressing gratitude is a way of saying to the universe, “This is really working for me. What is happening right now is helping me be my best and give my best. Thank you.”

I believe that there is an evolutionary intelligence guiding us all the time. In my experience, that intelligence is always offering new opportunities to learn, grow, stretch beyond my comfort zone, and take my next big steps – steps that are both for my own development as well as for the evolution of the mass consciousness.

You have probably experienced working very hard for something or putting yourself out there in a big way and at some point wondering if it was all worth it. And then someone comes up to you and looks into your eyes and says “thank you” from deep in their heart, and in that moment you know that you are making a difference. It is worth it. Their appreciation and acknowledgment gives you energy and inspiration to keep going.

As transformational leaders, coaches, and people committed to serving a greater good, expressing gratitude helps ensure that all of the things that support us just keep on coming. Saying “thank you” helps complete the circular flow of energy. It’s an essential component of a full circle of energy exchange.

Transformational work is, in large part, about creating the optimal conditions in which transformation can occur. Our presence, intention, and actions certainly are important parts of creating that space. Yet it takes more than just our intentions and actions to create those optimal conditions. Transformational work is a co-creative process.  Our co-creative partners come in all forms, from people to ideas to emerging potential and conditions.

Acknowledge your co-creative partners every day. Express your gratitude every time synergy and synchronicity show up. Say “thank you” all day every day for even the simplest things. The circular flow of energy will just keep getting stronger and support will keep showing up in unexpected ways.

Gratitude. Make it a way of life and leadership.


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