Sunrise Over Bar Harbor, Maine, USA (Photo: Alan Seale)

Sunrise Over Bar Harbor, Maine, USA (Photo: Alan Seale)


Looking back over 2015, I began this year writing about hope and vision—that if hope is going to be more than just a wish, we must have a clear vision of what life could actually look like when our hopes have come true. With all that has happened in the world this year—from the horrific to the incredible—it seems fitting to come back to hope and vision as we step across the threshold into 2016.

We are living in confusing and unpredictable times. So many of us have devoted our lives to creating a world that truly works. Yet at times, even the most dedicated of us can feel lost and have no idea what the next step might be.

A few days ago, I remembered this poem by filmmaker Nic Askew.

From Unimaginable Depths

From the unimaginable depths
of human darkness
exists an almost
shard of light.

So vague that it
might remain unseen.

But it’s from such a shard
that hope is born.

And from hope, possibility.


From hope, possibility. What do you hope for in the New Year and beyond? Not just for you and your future, but for us—for our future. What is the possibility or vision that your hope inspires?

Our future is up to us to create. Not “us,” as in, “Hopefully someone will lead the way.” It’s up to “us,” as in you and me leading the way. There are some parts of our future that are for me to help create and other parts that are for you. It’s not only up to you and me—there are and will be others to help, others who have similar callings. Yet it is up to each one of us to do our part.

My vision—what I feel called to help create:

  • A future where there is honor and respect for the human spirit
  • A future where we as a human collective live in service of something larger than ourselves
  • A future where the heart intelligence is recognized and respected as the captain of the ship and the intellect is acknowledged and honored as the truly extraordinary crew
  • A future where the collective consciousness is shaped by a deep sense of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all

My commitment: To do my part in service of that vision. To continue writing, teaching, speaking, consulting, and coaching, supporting those who are committed to making a difference to:

  • Further develop their “presence” skills by expanding their capacities for awareness, perception, understanding, creativity, resilience, and compassion
  • Take their next steps in transformative action.

How about you? What is your vision for our future? And what commitment are you willing to make now towards creating that future?

As we cross over into 2016, may we—you and I—continue visioning a world that works for all.

May we—you and I—accept the roles that we are called to play and say “Yes.”

And step by step, may we—you and I and all of us together—find our way.

All blessings,

The Center for Transformational Presence



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