We thought the day would never come! We submitted our application for Approved Coach Specific Training Hours for the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training program way back in early September 2012. Months passed – no word. And then there it was – a simple email on Wednesday morning informing us that the program had been approved!

Drum roll please…

As of February 5, 2013, the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching (TPLC) program now provides 72 hours of Coach Specific Training Hours – training hours that can count toward the education requirement for certification as a professional coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

[Wild cheers and applause are now welcome!]

If you are just starting out in coaching, our TPLC program now provides the full number of coach training hours required to become an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), the first level of professional certification offered by the ICF. The coach education requirement for the ACC credential is 60 hours; our program will provide you with 72 hours.

If you have already completed your initial 60 hours of training, our full TPLC program will provide the additional coach specific training hours required for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential. The PCC credential is the professional coaching standard recognized around the world. The coach education requirement for the PCC credential is 125 hours.

If your ICF credential is coming up for renewal, our TPLC Foundation course provides 52 coach training hours which will also count as CCEUs. Renewal of your ICF credential requires 40 CCEUs or Coach Specific Training Hours every three years. This program will meet that requirement in full.

Finally, if you are pursuing your Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential, our full TPLC program provides 72 coach specific training hours. If you have at least 128 coach specific training hours from your PCC training, participating in our program will give you the full 200 coach specific training hours needed to apply for your MCC credential.

The TPLC program is structured in two levels: TPLC Foundation and Transformational Presence Supervised Mentor Coaching.

The TPLC Foundation course is available either as a 5-day in-person program or a 7-month weekly teleclass program and provides 52 Coach Specific Training Hours.

Upon completion of the TPLC Foundation course, you may choose to continue on with the Transformational Presence Supervised Mentor Coaching course – ten 2-hour teleclasses providing an additional 20 Coach Specific Training Hours. The two levels together total 72 Coach Specific Training Hours.

There are many opportunities to join the TPLC Foundation course in 2013:

  • April 22 – 26 in Malmö, Sweden – sponsored by CoachWalk Academy
  • July 17 – 21 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada – sponsored by The Art of Excellence
  • October 2 – 6 in The Netherlands – sponsored by Het Eerste Huis
  • October 8th – new cohort of the 7-month teleclass version begins
  • October 16 – 20 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA – sponsored by the Center for Transformational Presence
  • November 4 – 8 in Bucharest, Romania – sponsored by Dan Manolache

The 5-day, in-person trainings for 2013 are all led by Alan Seale. The teleclass is led by Alan and David Robinson.

The next Transformational Presence Supervised Mentor Coaching Course will begin in January 2014.

You can find all details about the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training program here. Most of the sponsors offer an early-bird price, so choose the program you wish to join and apply early!

We are incredibly excited about this next big step forward for the TPLC program. Special thanks to all of our graduates who have helped us reach this milestone, and for all of the transformational leadership and coaching they are providing in the world.



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