Happy New Year! 

Each new year offers its own gifts and invitations,
and 2014 is no different.

 From a numerology perspective, 2014 is a “7” year.
The “7” vibration represents hope, reflection, introspection, focus,
contemplation, graciousness, perseverance, and inner wisdom.

 2014 invites us to seek truth, to dream, to explore.
It invites us to step beyond what we think we know –
to let ourselves discover new horizons
beyond anything we have imagined.

2014 invites us to step beyond illusions and façades
and discover both what is real
and what will serve a greater good.

2014 invites us to touch the breath of life within us,
and to let ourselves be breathed
by a greater evolutionary intelligence.
Some might call that God or Spirit,
others might call it Mystery or Source.

 2014 invites us to recognize
that we are all connected by the great matrix of life –
that the universe is a web of relationships –
and that only through relationships and communities
built on trust and respect
can we create a world that works.

May we say “yes” to the invitations of 2014.

All blessings,

The Center for Transformational Presence

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