Last week, I wrote about opportunities for us as a society to be on the lookout for in 2014. This new year will bring opportunities to step beyond doubts, fears, and assumptions so that we might discover new horizons. Circumstances will arise that challenge us to stay true to our dreams, to keep our focus, to step beyond illusions and façades in search of truth, and to remain diligent and persistent as we follow the call of a greater potential. 2014 calls us to work with one another rather than push against one another. We’re being invited into a new societal paradigm of co-creation.

Whether for us as individuals or as a society, visions and dreams give us purpose and direction. Yet perhaps even more importantly, they are vehicles for our journeys of becoming, vehicles for a greater potential to unfold. Whether or not they are accomplished doesn’t matter as much as who we become while on the journey toward manifesting them. You’ve heard many versions of this idea before, yet it bears repeating, especially in a societal context: It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Whether or not we reach the destination is not so important as what we learn and the shifts in mass consciousness and beliefs that evolve while we are pursuing the dream.

With this understanding, our job is to commit to the journey and let go of our attachment to particular outcomes. In the end, the outcomes may or may not be anything like what we initially envisioned. It doesn’t matter. In surrendering to the journey itself and letting the visions or dreams pull us toward it, we grow, we learn, we evolve. We live into our greatest potential, both as individuals and as a society. When we follow this path, things will shift, transformation will happen, and we will often end up manifesting an outcome far beyond anything we could have imagined initially.

We live in an interdependent world. We need one another today more than ever before. We cannot manifest our dreams and visions alone, especially not the bigger dreams and visions that are waiting for us as a society. It takes many people working together to accomplish big things. We all have different talents and skills. We all perceive things in different ways. As the saying goes, “It takes a village…” One person may be the face of the project or goal, yet the victories and accomplishments in realizing the potential belong to the team. Many people are working together, a few out in front, and many behind the scenes.

Each year offers new opportunities, and 2014 is no different. It’s up to us to accept the invitation and consciously step onto the path. We’re in this together. New potentials for a world that works are emerging every day at every level of society – in families, communities, businesses, geographic regions, countries, governments, multi-national corporations – and those potentials need us to be their stewards.

So what is the vision, dream, or project that calls out to you? Who else is working toward that vision? Who else is part of the team? And what is your role in the team? Are you a leader carrying the torch for others to follow, or are you one of the supporters helping with the essential details so that the bigger dream can manifest?

People are needed at every level. Pay attention to what is calling out to you and won’t leave you alone. Pay attention to the role it is asking you to play. Find what is yours to do and who it is asking you to be, and say “yes!”


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