Tuesdays are Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training days for the teleclass version of this program. Today we were talking about the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence, which says, “As above, so below; as below, so above.” We did an exercise to experience this principle directly, and it brought great insights for many of the colleagues in the program. So I offer it to you here. Perhaps it will give you some insight into how everything is connected and how everything impacts everything else – especially how your choices and decisions make a bigger impact than you might have imagined.

Begin by bringing to your awareness a situation, challenge, or event that is happening on a global level. Perhaps it is the Euro crisis, or the Arab spring movement, or global warming, or something else. Whatever comes to your mind will be fine. Take a moment to feel the energy of that global situation. It is the energy that will be present on all the different levels we will explore. That energy might manifest in different ways at each level, but the energy itself is the same.

Once you have a good sense of the energy of that situation, then zoom in to a national level. What impact is that global event having on your country? Take a few moments to explore this, looking beyond what automatically comes to mind. How many different ways can you find that this global situation is impacting your particular country?

Then zoom in to the level of your community. How is this global situation impacting your local community? Then zoom on in to explore the impact of this situation on your family, and then finally on you personally. What do you discover about how an event happening somewhere else in the world is still impacting each of these levels of society, including you, personally?

Now we turn the exercise around and begin with a personal situation or choice. Bring to your awareness a situation in your own life or a choice or decision you are making. Take time to feel the energy of that and how it is impacting you on a personal level.

Then zoom out a bit to the level of your family. How is your family being effected by your personal situation?

Zoom on out now to a community level. How is the energy of your personal situation also showing up in your community? How is it manifesting there?

Continue by zooming out to the level of your country, and finally to the global level. How is the energy of your personal situation manifesting on the national and global levels?

What insight does this give you about your impact in the world? About how your choices, decisions, and actions actually have some impact far beyond your personal life?

Everything is energy. Every choice, decision, action, behavior, thought, and perspective is energy in motion. And that energy is constantly traveling. It cannot be contained. Therefore, who you are, how you show up in the world, and your thoughts, decisions, and actions have an impact on many levels in our world. What difference could it make if you kept this awareness all the time? What if many people had this awareness? What might change in your life if you considered that every choice and action was effecting far more than your immediate surroundings? We are all constantly contributing to the mass consciousness and creating the consciousness of our collective present and future. Imagine what could happen if we chose to be really intentional about our thoughts, decisions, and actions. Imagine the world we could create if enough of us were truly being conscious and intentional about who we are and how we show up to each day.

This is not a woo-woo, new age concept. It’s real. It’s the truth about how the mass consciousness is created. What do you choose to shift in your thoughts, decisions, and actions in order to help create a world that works?

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