I just finished leading a 4-day Manifestation Wheel workshop in The Netherlands. Among the participants were business leaders, coaches, artists, healers, and social change agents. It was incredibly exciting to see how their perspectives shifted when they began to learn how to let the future show them the way toward the manifestation of their project, goals, and visions.

While letting the future guide you may seem like an impossibility to some, when we engage with life as energy in motion and recognize that in the quantum field or in the realm of Consciousness there is no linear time as we know it, it is actually a quite simple intuitive process. Past, present, and future all co-exist in a simultaneous time dimension. Therefore, if we can remember the past, we should also be able to remember the future.

What we are actually remembering about the future are possible ways that the future could unfold based on the current and future conditions we are creating. Remembering the future can bring great insight, understanding, and direction to current projects, decisions, and strategies. The future can literally show you the way. If you are committed to transformational leadership or transformational coaching, this is an important tool to have.

So how does this work? First, wherever you are right now, sitting or standing, choose to let that spot represent this current moment. Then, walk to a spot in the room or outside that you choose to represent a future moment in time and space when a project has been completed, a situation has been resolved, or a dream has been manifested.

When you step into that spot, close your eyes and imagine that you are now in that time and space location right now. Your new “present moment” is that time and space location. Breathe into the energy of this time and space, notice where you are and what is going on, who is with you, what are you engaged in, who are you in that scenario and what parts of you are really show up there. From this place, remember how you got to this time and place. Who helped you? What steps did you take? What kinds of support did you need and receive along the way? What did you learn through the process? Ask whatever questions seem important and then remember the answers.

Then bring that information with you as you return to the spot where you started. What more do you now know about your situation, project, or next steps?

The process is as simple as that. You can even go stand in more than one spot to remember different times. Or if you are faced with a decision, you can let each spot represent a possible decision and discover what it would be like to have made that choice. (A full exercise on this process is available in my book, The Manifestation Wheel.

You may or may not get lots of concrete details, but most of the time you will receive at least enough information to help you know what your next step needs to be when you return to your current surroundings and situation. And the more you practice, the more information you are likely to gather. And through the process, you further develop your intuitive mind.

Letting the future show you the way can be one of the most powerful skills you have in doing transformational work. It is a foundation of Transformational Presence Coaching and one of the key concepts in my new book, Create a World That Works that comes out May 1st. Take a few minutes to experiment with this idea on your own. It doesn’t need to take a long time. In fact, the more facile you become with this skill, the less time it takes. In 10 minutes you can gather enough important information to show you your next step.

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