Perhaps you’ve read in some of my other blog posts that my partner and I are moving to the Boston area this summer. It’s an exciting move for us–a great new job for him, and a community of friends and colleagues already there for me. That’s a great feeling.

We sold our house here in Rochester in exactly three weeks. I wrote about that in a post on May 4th. However, we haven’t yet found our new home in Massachusetts. I’m sure it is there waiting for us, but we haven’t yet met it in person. We’re still in online house dating mode. Later this week we move to the in-person dating stage, and we trust that the sparks will fly when we walk through the front door of the right house.

I recently heard someone say that your house should be a place you love to come home to, a place where you love to wake up in the morning. It should in some way represent who you are as well as who you are becoming. I love that last part–who you are becoming. Because our last two homes have really called us both forth into our greater potential. We have each grown in who we are in part because of the energy of the spaces we were living in.

So we’re wondering what our next home will call forth from us. What is it about our next home that will inspire us to take our next steps in life?

You’re probably figuring out that home is really important to me. It’s not just a place to put my things and to sleep at night, or where my partner and my dogs are. Home is a sanctuary–a sacred place that nurtures and feeds my soul–a space where I work and where I play–a space that longs for me as much as I long for it. It’s a place that feeds me on many levels. And I, in turn, must also nurture and care for my home. It’s how the partnership works.

Interesting to think of relationship with home as a partnership. Perhaps that’s what we’re all looking for. What if life was about partnering with spaces, relationships, jobs, circumstances to create just the right “chemistry” that touches something inside of us and brings that part of us alive?

That’s what Johnathon and I are on the lookout for this week–our next house partner. We’re looking for that feeling of our hearts rising up from inside and saying, “Welcome home.” And then we’ll know that this house  is about to become our new partner for creation, growth, and manifesting potential. We’ll know that this house is about to become our new home.

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