It’s been a hectic day and I found myself getting caught up in many things at the same time. Multi-tasking never serves me, but sometimes I forget. I get caught up in just wanting to get it all done, and done quickly. And what happens is that everything ends up taking longer and I’m exhausted and stressed. So today–somewhere between answering an email while recording my finances for the week while answering a phone call while reminding myself that I needed to send a document to a client–I remembered. Thankfully that was relatively early in the day. I paused, took a few breaths, went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea, and then headed for the porch to sit and enjoy the breeze for a half hour.

That’s right, I just stopped. What a gift. I enjoyed my tea, felt my body relax into the padded wicker chair, and took in the gift of simply being for a bit. When I finished my tea, I headed back to my office again. Yet this time I cleared my desk, looked at the next thing on my list, and then put the list away! I didn’t even want to know what else was on the list for today. I just wanted to focus on the next thing. That’s all. And so I did. And after that task got done, I looked at the list again, put it away, and moved on to my next project for the afternoon. And I breathed. And I breathed again. By mid-afternoon I actually started feeling rested, even though I had worked all day. Focusing on one thing at a time has its own meditative quality. Glad I remembered.

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