It’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote a post on this blog, and today seems to be the perfect day to get back to it. If you have been reading this blog, you know that I’ve been in the middle of a move of my home and office from Rochester, NY to the Boston, MA area. Today is exactly 3 months from when I first put our house in Rochester on the market to sell. And today we are hanging pictures in our new house on the north shore in Massachusetts.

This whole process has been an amazing flow – there was such a wave of energy of “what wanted to happen” to bring my partner and I to this new home and the new life that awaits us here in Massachusetts. From the day that Johnathon applied for the job at Boston Conservatory which he subsequently got, we intuitively knew that we were going to be moving. It was very exciting for him because he would be creating a new program of his own – a really great opportunity for him. And it was exciting for me, too, because of the professional community that I already have in the Boston area. Through the whole process, from the initial application, through the interview process, and through the house-hunting saga, we just kept listening to what wanted to happen and paying attention to what was being shown to us.

When I put the house in Rochester on the market on April 9th, I knew we needed for things to move quickly because of work and travel commitments we already had for later in the summer. So we held the intention that we would have an offer on the house at a very good price by the end of April. That offer came in and we reached an agreement on Saturday evening, April 30th. We found our house on the north shore on Saturday, June 6th and the sellers accepted our first offer. They also agreed to a July 1st closing. Our mortgage bank had already told us that closing a deal normally takes at least a month, but that they could make it work for us in 3 weeks. When we had a glitch with closing dates and money transfers from New York to Massachusetts, the sellers of our new home agreed to give us early occupancy for the house so that we could still move in on July 1st. We then signed all of the papers on the 5th.

I followed my intuition for hiring the moving company (E-Z Movers in Rochester) and they were incredible. I have made many moves in my life, but never have I had an entire crew that was so fantastic, going way beyond their “job” to make sure that everything was just right.

Things here in our new home are falling into place quickly – many neighbors have stopped by to introduce themselves and bring cakes or goodies, the right people for services are showing up, the boxes are all unpacked after only a week, and it is really starting to feel like home. I have a beautiful, large office with a wall of windows as well as windows on two other sides, all looking out over beautiful gardens, lawn, and into the woods behind the house. I feel incredibly blessed.

Manifestation can be a way of life. It’s how I live, and how my partner Johnathon lives as well. We just keep listening and watching for the next potential that is waiting to unfold, and then we follow that energy. As long as we live in that way, amazing things keep happening. This is what is means to partner with potential.

When you notice the next potential that is bubbling up in your life or work, start listening to it, feeling its energy, sensing where it wants to go and how it wants to unfold, and then become the steward for that potential. Be intentional and purposeful about how you live and work. It’s an extraordinary way to live, and a transformational way to lead.

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