I am on vacation this week–what a gift. I’m on the beach on the Gulf of Mexico side of the Florida peninsula, in a quiet little village on an island. As I write, I am looking out at the turquoise blue waves rolling up onto the white sandy beach. Heaven.

I come here every spring to rest and refuel. I am not one to just lie on the beach and bake in the sun. However, early morning and late afternoon on the beach are sacred times for me. In the early morning I walk about 2 miles down the beach to a favorite spot where I sit in the edge of the surf and meditate as the waves wash over my legs. Sitting in the sand, feeling the gentle gulf surf wash around me is my idea of the perfect start to the day.

The first couple of days, I always seem to have an agenda for meditation, so my “quiet time” is pretty busy! But by the third day I am finding my way into the rhythm of the waves on a much deeper level and letting that rhythm carry me. For the rest of the week, my main agenda seems to be to get empty.

Today is day 5, and morning meditation was pure bliss. I practice open-eye meditation on the beach, staring out into the distance and watching the sea come to me. It is very healing and very filling–a great metaphor for how everything I need in life will come to me if I am patient, and if I am quiet enough to recognize that it has arrived. Interesting how getting empty allows you to feel full–full in the most wonderful way–full of peace and grace–full of trust and surrender.

Being here reminds me of the importance of getting empty. Getting empty is more than just “down time.” It is more than just being quiet and meditating. I have to regularly pull the plug on my psyche and let everything drain out. And when I do, I make room for the new wisdom, understanding, and creative impulses to enter in. From this deep stillness and emptiness, as the new wisdom and creativity flood in, I am also shown exactly how to use what I am being given. It’s a receptive state of being. Getting empty is the first step of being filled up again.

In a few days I’ll go back home again. My schedule will get very full very fast–first with appointments, clients, and teleclasses, and soon with packing up our house for the move to Boston. But still every day begins with meditation. That’s been my ritual for nearly 25 years. I can’t imagine starting the day without it. Next week, as I sit in my meditation spot in my office, I must remember the sea. I must stay connected to the grace and peace. It’s up to me. I can do it. We all can do it. We just have to remember to get empty and let the new wisdom and understanding, healing and grace enter in.

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