Lately I’m experiencing the power of working with life as energy in motion in practical and amazing ways. At the beginning of April, my partner accepted a new job in Boston that will start September 1st. We had already been in the flow with this new job for several months since he had initially applied for this job, feeling the energy and potential that was unfolding through this possibility. In fact, there were two job possibilities for him in different parts of the country, and we kept tapping in to the wave of potential to feel where the energy was the strongest. It became clear to us that Boston is where we were being called, so we continued to align ourselves, our thoughts, and our intentions with the greatest potential that wanted to unfold in Boston. All of the communication with the potential organization in Boston that was considering hiring him continued to affirm that this is what wanted to happen. They really wanted him and little things kept happening to show us that Boston was where we were to be for the next chapter of our personal and professional lives. There was and is a huge wave of energy moving and we were and are committed to riding it. We continue to stand in our own Transformational Presence and continue to create the optimal conditions to allow things to continue manifesting. We realize that it’s all about how we are showing up to each day and to what wants to happen.

On April 9th our house in Rochester went on the market to sell. Looking ahead to a summer schedule that was already very full, it was hard to imagine how a move to a new city was going to fit into that schedule as well. But we saw the block of time – late June to mid-July – when a move could work. So we set the intention that we would have entered into a sales agreement on our house here in Rochester, at a price we felt great about, by the end of April, and that we would be in our new home by early July.

In the last week of April there was a flurry of activity with people looking at the house and the offer came in late Saturday afternoon, April 30th. By 10:00 that night we had a verbal agreement on the price, and the signed contract came through Sunday afternoon, May 1st. We had sold the house in exactly 3 weeks for just 2% below our asking price.

In the midst of all of that, the launch event for my new book, Create a World That Works, was on Sunday afternoon, May 1st. So we were celebrating two great events! Energy was flowing and new doors were opening.

As we look for our new home in the Boston area, our mortgage broker had initially told us that, due to the new federal rules for mortgages, we would not be able to close on a house there until my partner had started the new job. That meant that there would be several months in between moving out of our house in Rochester and being able to move into a new home in Massachusetts. When we heard that news, our response was, “Somehow this is also going to work itself out and we’ll be able to go right from one house to the other.” We didn’t know how that was going to work, but we just kept holding that intention.

The day after we accepted the offer on our house in Rochester, the mortgage broker in Boston told us that he had found a special conditions clause that would allow us to close 60 days before his new job began. We move out of our house in Rochester at the end of June and can close on a new home any time after July 2nd. The manifestation wave continues to flow!

So that’s where we are now. We just keep riding the wave as we head to Boston tomorrow to find our new home. We’re inviting the perfect home for us to introduce itself in the next couple of weeks, and I am confident that it will.

There are so many details that have fallen into place in amazing and synchronistic ways. We have held the intention that everything was going to flow and that everything about this move would move along in a timely way and with ease and grace. So far, that is definitely the case, even down to an amazing story about how I found the perfect broker who would be able to sell our house quickly for a good price. This whole experience is reinforcing the power of thought, intention, and alignment with potential. There is clearly something that wants to happen here, and we are partnering with that potential to bring it to reality.

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