One of the many blessings of my work is meeting so many incredible people from different countries who are committed to making a difference in the world. As I write, I’m beginning the last week of a three-week teaching trip in the Netherlands and Poland. Although the trip includes five different multi-day courses and programs with a total of more than 100 participants from eight countries, a theme is emerging for the trip as a whole. What many participants have in common is that they are seeking and finding fulfillment, and recognizing that it starts in the heart.

In the 7-minute video below, I speak about the core or essence of Transformational Presence as it is showing itself right now. I say “right now,” because Transformational Presence and our understanding of it are constantly evolving. Right now, at the most fundamental level, our work seems to be about recognizing the longing of the human spirit for deep connection with self, with others, with life itself, and with a greater purpose.

From there, our job is to live, lead, and serve from an awareness of what really matters as a foundation for all to thrive. This awareness is critical at every level of society, from our personal lives to our families, our communities, our organizations and companies, our countries, and to the world as a whole. With this awareness, we can make those connections and fulfill our greater purpose in service of something bigger than ourselves. In this way, we do our part to create a world that works.


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