Boo! It’s Halloween! ‘Tis the season for spooks and goblins, alter-egos and larger-than-life personalities, tricks and treats. It’s the chance to let your secret playful or dark side come out in a safe way. It’s all just pretend and it’s fun!

So it makes me wonder what could happen if we had a Halloween party in which everyone was invited to dress up as the hero or heroine that most fully represented who they could be if they lived their greatest potential. Who would you dress up as? What would that hero or heroine bring alive within you? And what might that party feel like?

And then I wonder what could happen if, instead of getting to play that character for just one evening, we had the option of continuing to wear that costume if we wished. We could all “try on” our greatest-potential costumes, see how they fit, and experiment with how it might feel to wear these costumes out in public. At the end of the evening, we might even choose to sleep in our costumes because they feel so good. And suppose the next morning, we realized that they weren’t “costumes” at all – it’s who we really are. So we just decide to live our greatest-potential selves from that moment forward. Walt Disney famously said, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” Just imagine.

In doing Transformational Presence work, although we don’t actually dress up in Halloween costumes, we actually play with these ideas all the time. We frequently visit the future or the greatest potential waiting to unfold, embody that energy, and bring it back to the present moment. This simple practice shifts perspectives on whatever might be going on, and invites greatness into every situation or circumstance, relationship, and role we choose to play.

Suddenly the idea of dressing up in a Halloween costume and taking on a character’s persona for an evening takes on a whole new meaning! What if this Halloween you could actually, in a fun and playful way, experience your own greatest potential by trying on that costume just for a night – or for a couple of days – or for a week – or …?

Boo! It’s Halloween! What costume will you choose? What greatest-potential self will you step in to? Who could you practice being in order to make your greatest mark in the world?


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